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Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 25


Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)

Knock, knock.

I didn’t wait for any response as I opened the door and moved in. The room was glowing with a dim red light. I closed the door behind me. I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve had many s’e’x’u’a.l SinParties before, but not a three.some with l£sb!ans.

Emon was wearing her pants and bra, while Margaret was wearing her night gown that covered just her nip’p’les. The both were kneeling on the bed kissing passionately. I could see the tongues as each was trying so hard to sU-Ck the others tongue.

Margaret slowly unhooked emon’s bra as the kissing continued. Those fine firm brea’st were let lose and they jiggled freely. She moved her hands to the bare bre’a’st and rubbed them, gently pulling on the nip’p’les forward and allowing them to get back. Then she moved her head down slowly, using her tongue to tease the throat of emon on the process. Emon threw her head backwards, shut her eyes and held Margaret tightly on the head like her live depended on it. She fondled the bre’a’st in her hand, held it in a way that the ni’p-pl-e protruded in her hands. Then she moved her tongue there and tickled, then started sU-Cking the ni’p’le like it was a di”ckk and she was giving it a b’l.’ow ‘jo’b. Emon lifted her arm and rested it on the wall as margaret moved to the second b’r’e’ast and did same to it.

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I stood staring at them, motionless as my d’c’kk kept pulling against the walls of my boxers. My first instinct was to join them, but they were so engrossed with each other that I just had to watch.


Margaret moved her tongue down emon’s stomach. I could see the muscles of her stomach cringe and contract in ecstasy, she started m0an!ng softly. She teased the belly button as she moved her hands and caressed her thighs, stroking her pubic hairs lightly.

I was so turned on by what I was watching. I’ve seen scenes like this on po’r’n movies but nothing compares to seeing it happen live in the same room. My d’kk was throbbing as I could feel it move upwards and downwards with the rhythm of my heart beat. I was sweating slightly.

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Margaret raised one leg of emon and rested it on her shoulders as she kissed and teased her legs, down to her thighs. She twisted the leg inward slightly and expertly turned emon to lie on her belly. She kissed her back thighs, up to the butt0ckz and sq££zed them on the process.

Emon was twisting her head from side to side as margaret turned her again, gradually raised her legs apart and buried her head in between her legs. Emon m0aned softly as margaret sU-Cked and teased her. She moved her hand and stroked her belly on the process.

I moved and sat at one extreme of the bed.

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My d’i-ckk was so hard that the tip was already showing on my laps as my boxers could do little to hide it. Margaret didn’t seem to notice me as she kept teasing her partner’s c’u’n’t, moving her hips and head in rhythm as if there was a song being played for her inside the c’u’n’t.

Emon threw her legs wider apart, resting a leg on the wall and the other freely on the edge of the bed. She slowly reached for and started caressing my laps and inner thighs. Her hands were so soft, smooth and soothing. It was gentle and comforting, yet it alarmed all my s£nsu@l senses. I adjusted my position to be at her arms reach. She dipped her hand inside my boxers and started stroking my d’I’ickk as she kept m0an!ng softly to the sU-Cking of margaret.

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