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Must Read: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)- Season 1 Episode 14 – Stories


I nodded.

“I’m extremely possessive Tishé, I don’t share. I will get jealous if you get so much as a glance from someone else. Do you understand?” He asked and I nodded.

“ You must have realised that I am quite quick tempered and impatient… I just can’t deal with a female that keeps flouting all my rules so I’ll just say it now, the next time you give me a reason to be jealous, you’re out.”
I nodded… I nodded even though I didn’t really understand how I could keep people from staring at me? I wondered how I could keep someone from being interested in me….he was being quite unreasonable but I couldn’t say anything.
What personal issues might have made him this way, so overly possessive. Something really f.u.cked up must have happened to him.
I was just a paid mistress and he was like this. It was no wonder he couldn’t keep a real life girlfriend. I doubt it would be easy finding a girl who would endure his sort of temper, jealousy and all the damn rules.

He was looking away from me now, doing something on his smart phone, still hard faced as he was still obviously pissed.

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I felt a need to defuse the tension. This night had started off pretty badly and I felt a need to do something.

Maybe if I s£duced him, here in his car ….? I doubted I would be successful as he was so damn hard to read.

I decided to at least try.

I began by lowering the zip in front of my dress, till I was showing a more of my ample cleavage.

Then I called him quietly. “Rich…..”

He turned and his eyes dropped down to my exposed cleavage and stayed there.

I put my hand to the zip and pulled it lower, slowly as he watched.

The lacy string lingerie contraption enveloping my breasts came into view and I saw take in a rushed breath.

I almost smiled in triumph.

He looked up at me and I gave him ‘come and me’ eyes.

Leaning forward to him, I practically shoved my cleavage in his face as I whispered, “I’ve been quite bad, are you going to punish me?”
Without a word, he touched a button and the partition separating us from Joe slid up.

“Take it off.” He whispered.
I guessed he was talking about the dress, so I obeyed.
His eyes stared at me hungrily.
Laying back on the seat, I spread my legs apart and heard another sharp gasp as he saw it was crotchless and my clean shaved K!ttyC@t hung in full view.
Wetting a finger seductively, I found my pleasure organ and began touching myself as my other hand fondled one b0s0m.
Turning my head to the side, I watched him watch me. The heat in his eyes as I enjoyed the pleasure I gave myself.
I hopes he would touch me this time, and bring me to release but something told me I would have to ask him for it.
“Would you like to me here, right now?” I whispered.
He smiled but it was one of those ones that didn’t reach his eyes. “I would but I won’t….. I’m quite content watching you like this.” He said leaning back in his seat and my heart fell.
I was on my own here.
Turning back, I closed my eyes and decided to use my imagination a bit.
As I circled my finger over the sensitive bud, I recalled my night with Rich. I recalled the look and size of his di’ck. How it had filled me up perfectly and hit me in the right spot.

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I recalled his finger in my butt0ckz, how it had felt to have his in my butt0ckz, going in slowly and pulling out, aided by the lubricant, it had slid so smoothly, pleasuring me in indescribable ways.
“Ahhh, yes.” I whispered, replacing the hand in my K!ttyC@t with the one that had been on my b0s0m while moving my wet fingers that had been on pleasuring my to my butt0ckz.
“I’m f.u.cking my butt0ckz for you, Rich.” I whispered and I heard him shift in his seat.
I was tempted to smile as I knew how uncomfortable he would be.
“Do you remember how it felt? Cause I do…. Ahhh.” I groaned, the feeling of Bleeping my butt0ckz and pleasuring my cl!t was so good.
“I remember your huge…..”

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“ it!” He snapped pulling me over to his side roughly. “Get on your knees and sU-Ck me off.”


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