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Must Read: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)- Season 1 Episode 28 – Stories


“No,please don’t.” I begged.

“Try saying that five minutes after I begin.” He said, pulling off his suit jacket and walking a short distance to drape it over a chair.
“No Richard,please, I don’t want you to.”
“It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not.” he said sitting on the edge of the bed, his hand went to my tee-shirt and he began pull it up.
“No!” I shrieked “Stop Rich.”
“Shhhh! Don’t scream, we don’t want your watchdog thinking I’m murdering you in here, do we?”

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. “Are you okay, Tishé? Do I need to get the Police or something?”
“Yes, Tishé is fine.” Rich called but Vivian wasn’t satisfied.
She called again, “Tishé?”
“Tell her you are fine.” He instructed.
“But I’m not.” I replied him. I really didn’t like this feeling of helplessness with my hands over my head like this.

“Let me do this and I will consider ending our contract.” He said, after a frustrated sigh.
I frowned, not trusting him a bit to keep to his word.“You will consider it, doesn’t mean you will agree to end it.”
“Well, the second option is she gets the Police, they barge in here and see me eating the hell out of your cvnt. Worst case I get arrested, but of course you know I will be let go five minutes later when they learn who I am and you will still be mine after everything…… what’s it gonna be?”
He held my gaze, and I knew it was true. He was too powerful and I had to be careful how I did this. I really didn’t need to get on his bad side.

“I’m fine Viv, Rich and I are just talking.” I called out.
“Okay.” She replied
“Good girl.” His said with his usual smirk.
“I hate you so much.” I found myself saying.
“No you don’t.” He chirped easily, resuming pulling my shirt up to reveal my breasts. He continued to pull it up over my shoulders but left it when it was halfway ofr, so that it covered my face, I was blind.
“Rich!” I protested.
“Yes, Tish?” He said
“Why cover my eyes?”
“Its part of the excitement, darling.” He said as his hands closed over my exposed breasts.
I shuddered as he began kneading my breasts hard but not rough. Round and round, in circular motions and I m0aned.
“Please let me see you.” I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth, what should I care if I saw him or not? I should just lie down and take whatever he was giving, without making him think I wanted it also but the words were out there and I couldn’t take them back.
“No.” Was his firm reply
It would be hard, just lying here and taking this without m0an!ng or squirming and just trying to act passive, as if unaffected when his hands on my breasts were already getting the desired effect. I was beginning to ache pleasurably at that spot below my belly.

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Clamping my nip.ples tightly between his fingers, he held my full supple breasts firmly kneaded my breasts round in circles and rubbing them against each other.

The b0s0m massage increased the s£nsat!ons in my groin and I bucked, jerking against my will as sudden spasms of pleasure shot through me.
A groan escaped my throat as I felt his lips on my belly, kissing and caressing my skin with his lips, licking my skin.
The ache in the pit of my belly got more intense as he rubbed his lips over my body and I feared I would cvm just from his lips on my body and hands squeezing my breasts.

His mouth travelled slowly up my body, approaching my breasts and I couldn’t wait to have his wet tongue and mouth on my ni.pples.
“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” He murmured against my skin. “Your skin is so smooth, I could eat you all day….. You’re like silky, brown, chocolate. So soft, so smooth, so beautiful, and so fvcking sweet…” He kissed a spot on my belly, concluding the kiss with a small bite and I whimpered. “You really don’t understand the effect your body has on my senses…. I wish you did.”
“Ahhh…” I m0aned as his mouth suddenly closed over one Tip while he kept kneading the other one, its nip.ple still firmly clasped between his fingers.
I now understood how the blindfold added to the excitement. I never knew what part of my body he would feast on next and it almost drove me crazy.
His lips closed over the tiny nip.ple and he sU-Cked hard, sending more sparks through me and my body jerked some more. He began alternating between sU-Cking hard and his tongue flickering the nip.ple
I groaned, writhing as I pulled on the restraints wishing I could also feel him. This wasn’t fair. Him giving me all this pleasure while I had nothing to run my hands over. I really wanted my hands over his hard muscled body.
“oooh…..Rich….” I m0aned, as his wet tongue began slurping over a larger area of my b0s0m. He took my whole areola into his mouth, his tongue running over the area in circles.
Just when I couldn’t take any more assault on that b0s0m, he turned his attention to the second b0s0m, sU-Ckling on it as hard as he had done the other one without mercy while I writhed and m0aned in absolute pleasure as the bursts of pleasurable sparks flowed through my body.
He stopped suddenly, and lowered the shirt off my eyes, watching me and unsmiling, he said. “Enjoying yourself, aren’t you?”
“No.” I lied when all I really wanted was for him to go on till my body gave in to this sweet torture, but instead I said, “I don’t appreciate being tied up in my room.”
He smiled, amused and obviously seeing through me. “Liar.”
He pulled the shirt back up to cover my face again and I began to protest but stopped abruptly as he suddenly grabbed my pvssy.
He grabbed the whole mound along with it’s outer lips and pulled, squeezing hard as he held it firmly and sending pleasurable sparks through my cl!t that was being tightly pinched in between the outer lips of my pvssy.
“That’s for lying.” He said.
“Oh my …” I whispered out of surprise, no one had ever pulled my pvssy this way before. It felt so damn good.
“You like?” He murmured and I kept mute. He knew I liked it but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction by replying and I wouldn’t lie also.
“I see you, tiny little cl!t.” He murmured to no one in particular. “Hiding from Papa?”
If I wasn’t writhing from the pleasure of him squeezing my pvssy, I might have wondered at his strange discussion with my cl!t.
He let go of my pvssy and I shuddered as my cl!t tingled pleasurably as a result of the recent assault on it.
“Did I ever mention that you have the perfect pvssy? Beautiful…..” His voice trailed as I felt him spread my pvssy open
His tongue lightly met my inner labia, just a feathery touch and I stiffened. I had never had my pvssy eaten before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Of course I had heard it was a really pleasurable experience, I’d also watched enough po.rn to know that it drove girls crazy but still, I was quite unsure about it.
As if Rich felt my apprehensiveness, his hands left my lips and travelled up my skin, over my spread legs, up my hips to rest at the indents of my waist. He began rubbing and massage my soft and sensitive skin deeply “Relax Darling. I won’t hurt you.”
His lips began kissing my inner thighs, kissing the soft skin hungrily, licking and even biting lightly. He attended to both thighs, his hands all over the lower parts of my body.
He rubbed and massaged over my waist,my thighs and my butt0ckz cheeks. His hands were everywhere while his lips attended to my skin.
I was helpless to the m0ans that came of their own volition as I kept jerking at intervals. Rich was doing something to me,I’d never felt before, it was like all the nerve ends in my body had just been awakened.
My K!ttyC@t ached and throbbed and I wanted him badly to attend to it but I would die before I told him so.
So I writhed and m0aned in sweet, pleasurable agony as he continued his ministrations upon my body.

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But when his lips began approaching my crotch, the place where the p@nty line crossed, my body acted on its own. Unable to take anymore of his teasing, I wriggled my butt0ckz, so that his lips brushed over my K!ttyC@t.
“Naughty Tishé….don’t trick me into sU-Cking you off so soon…. We still have a while to go before that happens…..well, except you tell me you want me to sU-Ck your pvssy.

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I nodded frantically. I knew I said I would die before saying anything but I sincerely wanted to feel his mouth on my aching pvssy. I wanted to cvm so badly.
“I want to hear you say it Tish. Do you want me to eat your Pvssy?”
“Yea I do.” I replied.
“Say…eat my fvcking pvssy, Rich.” He whispered,his fingers sliding smoothly over my wet vulva down to my butt0ckz where his finger lingered.

“Eat my fvcking pvssy, Rich.”I whispered, losing all my resolve and quite disappointed in myself by disappointment could wait until after I’d reached
“But I’m not hungry.” He said. “Not yet. I still want to play around with your pvssy, like this.”


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