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Jean had called Carlo to make an appointment to
talk to
him. They met at the country club and had a
drink. Jean explained the problem that she and
her husband not being
able to go with Vicky to California with her soccer
Jean asked this as a special favor of one of her
people, Carlo.

Well Jean you know I think the world of
Vicky, but I wouldn’t feel right, what if
something happens during the trip.

Carlo, we will give you
legal permission to do what ever is necessary if
she gets
hurt or sick and we will give you a release from

Jean, I just don’t have the time, I cannot do it.

Ii was trying not to bring this up but you don’t
leave me
any choice, Carlo, remember that night when I
came over to
your house to see how your wife was doing after
the death of your daughter, well as you
remember she was at the
church and it was only you at home. You had
been drinking and offered me a drink. i felt so bad
for you, since she was your only daughter and as
I remember she was about Vicky’s age when she
died. Well I felt so bad i hugged you and we both
cried and cried and the next thing I know we
are in your bed making each other feel better by
making love. You were so out of it I am not sure
you would remember what happened. But, before
I left you thanked me for
helping make you forget about all the pain you
had buried
in your soul.

Jean, you bring up a very painful time, which I
had put out of my mind. well, I guess I owe you a

favor and yes I will play
Uncle for the week end, but after that we are
even, right?

Yes, Carlo we will be even. But as a way to let you
two get
to know each other better so you will be more
with each other, I would like you to come to
dinner at our
house. I will fix you that special veal chop dinner
you like so much. Carlo, don’t forget to bring your
swim suit.

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The following Saturday Carlo showed up at 5:00
p.m. sharp.

Guy, opened up a bottle of French hard apple
cider and
poured Carlo a generous portion into a chilled

This top of the line hard cider was what Carlo liked to
prior to dinner. Everyone was already in their
gear and Carlo went in to change into his. After
he changed
Carlo dove into the deep end of the pool. He was
no sooner
into the pool when Vicky showed up and dove
into the deep
end right after him. Carlo watched Vicky get out
of the pool and he was stunned to see how she
had filled out. last
year she was a pretty girl, this year she was a
beautiful, s*xy** woman. By god.

Vicky’s bikini was a master piece of
S#xual stimulation, it left little to the imagination.

She noticed him for the first time and said hi Uncle
Carlo and proceeded to dive back into the pool,
but first pulled the
very thin material of her bikini out of her slit
between her
legs, she did this very slowly allowing him to
watch her
expose her K!ttyC@t for a moment. Carlo felt his
blood pressure rise to the boiling point. Vicky
swam over to Carlo
and then put her arms around his neck and gave
him a soft
kiss on the lips. Uncle Carlo, I missed you so
much after our little
splash in the pool at last year’s company picnic,
where have
you been keeping yourself?

Vicky, I was hiding from you,
you little tease. My doctor told me to stay away
from you
because you make my blood pressure go sky

Uncle is
that any way to talk to your niece, well almost
niece, my
almost uncle. You are my favorite uncle. Did you
know that?

Carlo responded to her flirting by tossing her into
the air and away from him; head first, but upside
down. she hit the
water like a sack of potatoes. The impact stunned
her but
she quickly swam underwater and grabbed his
legs and
yanked him underwater. they came up for air in a
mass of
tangled limbs. Before Carlo could get his bearing,
pushed him under water and at the same time
she clamped
her lips over and stuck her tongue between into
his mouth and grabbed his tongue with hers. as
they went underwater
Carlo was so stunned he didn’t know what to do
but her
proactive tongue was so insistent he had to
respond in kind.

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as they came up for air they pulled apart and at
that moment, Jean walked up and told them
dinner was ready.

Carlo watched Vicky dry off and she asked him if
he would dry her back. he enjoyed the closeness
of her body and after he dried her, she took it
upon herself to dry his back.

At dinner Carlo opened a bottle of fine, expensive,
red wine that he had brought with him. the wine
was 10 old and was so smooth that even Vicky
though it was incredibly good. Since jean had
purchased prime veal chops
the meal was a good as the wine. by the time
they had finished the second bottle of this fine
wine, Carlo was feeling no pain and his resistant
to Vicky’s charm was low.

So when she dared him to see who could dive the
greatest distance into the pool. Vicky was an
excellent soccer player
and in great shape, but Carlo
was at one time a professional
soccer player and was still in great shape, so it
was so close they called it a tie.

Then she dared him to see who was the
fastest to swim from one end of the pool to the
other. Carlo
was winning when Vicky cheated by grabbing his

Carlo proceeded to duck her and would not let her up
until she
had swallowed a mouthful of water. Vicky came
out of the
water like a rocket, spitting water and her body
sU-Cked up
to his, allowing him to feel the heat of her body
and her lovely, firm breasts. She beat on his chest
and called him
a monster uncle, but laughed as she said it. Carlo
put his
arms around her so she couldn’t hit him and this
in pulling her closer. When this happened she
could feel
his hardness between his legs, pressing between
her legs.

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Vicky felt her K!ttyC@t throb and lubricate. She was
attracted to Carlo they had a special chemistry
that made them very comfortable talking to each

Carlo was such a nice, kind man and so friendly.

He had a
Wonderful, sense of humor, but he always treated
her like
an equal. He never talked down to her.

After they got out of the pool and dried off they
sat and talked to her parents. Jean, listened and
picked the right
time to talk about Carlo sail boat. She asked him if
he still
needed a first mate. Carlo said yes. I have not
been able
to sail for months. Carlo, I have a first mate for
you this
person graduated top of the sailing class last
year. Jean,
who are you talking about I have even run ads
and am willing to pay, but no takers, well lots who
don’t know anything. Carlo, she is sitting right
next to you. Vicky, I
didn’t know you could sail. This is great i cannot
wait to
get my boat into the water.

Vicky, do you want to be my
first mate?

Sure Carlo, I love to, I love sailing.

Well Vicky
are you free this Saturday?

Sure, Carlo what time? How
about 8:00 a.m.? Sounds great, is there anything
I need to bring? Only your swim suit, sun screen
and a towel.

I will have the food prepared in advance by my favorite catering service. So met me at the marina at dock k7, at
8:00 a.m. sharp.

The weather report says that the winds should be
ideal. We will
sail to a beautiful island about 40 miles from the
marina. It
is privately owned and the owner is a friend. The
trip will take all day and we will be back late. Jean
is that ok with
you and Guy?

Carlo, just take good care of our baby and
see that no harm come to her, that’s all we ask.

We trust you and
it is ok for her to spend the day sailing with you


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