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Yes, Vicky you do owe me, he
said as he pushed her to her knees in from of him
when he reached toward his trunks she stopped
him and pulled his
trunks down to his feet. She touched his J0yst!ck
and caressed
his mighty weapon and then licking his J0yst!ck with
her tongue
until it was as hard as possible. Vicky, inserted his
J0yst!ck into
her mouth and she started to sU-Ck his J0yst!ck and
pushed it
into her throat, when Carlo said now to take one
step further in your
lesions on s*x, try to swallow my J0yst!ck down your
throat, you must learn to control your gag
reflex and your breathing. Breathe through your
nose. Change
the angle of your throat until you find what is
most comfortable for you. Try to swallow my
whole J0yst!ck down
your throat. Vicky worked diligently to follow his
instruction. She was able to swallow more and
more of his
J0yst!ck, but she needed more practice, but Carlo,
how fast she improved and soon he was pouring
molten lava
into her throat. Vicky swallowed without any
problems this time and again she had another
orgasm. Carlo’s knees
bucked because he came so hard. He could
remember coming
that hard for his wife or for any other woman.
Vicky and Carlo, la!d down side by side holding
each other
and stoking each other with their finger and lips.

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A at the same time they French kissed with a
great deal of passion.

Vicky, I have been thinking that maybe I could
help you with
your soccer skills, that is if you would like some

Carlo, that is so nice of you and I have a very big
game this
Wednesday after school. If we win it we go the
semifinals of
the state cup. when can we start?

Late this afternoon if you
like. I will take you home so you can get your
soccer gear on then we will go the park near your

So everyday
for at least an hour Carlo gave Vicky private

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When her game came on Wednesday, Carlo was
there for her.

Vicky, was inspired in her play and even though
the other
team had more talented players, Vicky scored two
goals and set up the winning goal. final score
Vicky’s team 3 ? 2.

Carlo, got to see what areas he needed to help

Since the following weekend was their trip to the
soccer tournament in California. Carlo helped with
her soccer
lessons. The following afternoon after an hour of
soccer training, Carlo, took Vicky to his house so
could shower and then swim with him. After they
got out
of the pool, Vicky, went into the shower again,
she was teasing her cl!t, when quietly Carlo came
into the shower
and started to soap her back. Carlo, you are being
a very
naughty boy. What has gotten over you? You
have been pushing me away and now you are
rubbing your body over

Vicky, if you are uncomfortable I will take my
separate. When Carlo said that Vicky grabbed his
J0yst!ck and
started to apply liquid soap on it, stroking it until
it was
hard as a steel rod, then she got on her knees
and inhaled
it into her mouth, after she washed the soap off.
his J0yst!ck down her throat until all of it was inside
her mouth. Carlo, F***ed her mouth moving his
hips back and
forth while Vicky slide her mouth back and forth
trying to
keep up with Carlo and finally just let him control
penetration of her mouth. she let him down deep
in her throat just like he had taught her to do.
she felt his J0yst!ck
swell and she knew he was about to Pour and still
she was surprised by the power of his ejaculation.

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After the first
blast was shot into her stomach, she pulled his
out to her mouth so she could taste his Pour,
she loved how good he tasted.


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