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Must Read: Legend Of The Fucckers (18+)- Season 1 Episode 6 – Stories


The excitement of fvcking a Russian girl was even better than the fvcking itself. I had wondered what it would be like to fvck a white girl, then fvuck a French, Russian, Dutch, Iitalian and other European countries. I was planning to boast of the escapades when i will return to Nigeria.

-You may start your ethic class later.

The Deputy Jesuses may also remind me how i will go to hell for what i did but first of all, finish my escapades. I am sure by the time you finish blamiing me, i must have gone for confessions. It pays to be a catholic-

These and other things were racing on my mind like Valentino Rossi on Catalunya racetrack.
A warm mouth enveloping my d!ckk returned me from my reverie and i started m0an!ng. She sU-Ckked and sU-Ckked enveloping the entire length of my d!ckk inside her warm mouth.

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Some lose spermz wanted to explode but i held on to them.

I wasnt going to disgrace Africa by releasing so easiily.

I kept m0an!ng until i could hold it no longer. Mother Africa will understand that i have tried my best. I stylishly pulled my d!ckk out from her mouth and rushed her bare bre*asts with my mouth. I sU-Cked the already hard Tips, changing from left bre*ast to the right while she m0aned and held the back of my neck wiith boat hands. After a few minutes, i slipped my left middle finger into her Well, it was still a little dry so i had to fvck her with the finger until the red walls of her vegee became wet. Then i moved my lips downwards towards her belly, galloping past her belly button down to the base of her waist. I removed my middle finger from the already wet Well and inserted two fingers. I moved the fingers in and out with a rythmed tempo making sure that i hit the cl!t on my way in and avoiding it on my way out. My style must have worked wonders because she started vibrating like Nokia 3310 which the owner has refused to pick up.

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She climaxed and poured some wet oily liquids out of her Well. She then lay back and motioned me to come inside her.
I did her that favour as i slowly crawled on all four like a dog and entered inside her like Mazi Omenuko. She let out a soft scream as she held my back strongly, urging me to fvck hard. I Pumped in and out until we climaxed together.

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She lay on the bed while i lay on the floor tiles trying to recover my strength.

– At this stage, i was praying for the day to break so that i will go home and take the pills they gave us at the asylum camp to prevent all STDs-
Some minutes later, she called me to come to bed and i did.
” You are the best fvcker in the World” she said.

-An award i was not going to argue about. Afterall it came from a witness-


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