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I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I didn’t even stop to grasp for air, as I felt a battalion of soldiers were chasing me from behind. I just kept running. Infact, if I was on the same track with Usian Bolt at that particular time, I’m quiet he won’t surpass me, no matter the techniques he uses.

After running about a mile, I looked back to observe if I was still being chased. I saw no sign of the armies. The coast was clear. I looked at my palms and saw blood dripping out of them. I had sustained injuries in my attempt to jump over the babwire. My jean and white shoe were already stained with blood.

”where’s is Mayson?” I wondered while still grasping for breathe. I saw no sign of Mayson, I was quiet sure he ran towards another direction entirely.

”I gast leave this environment sharp sharp, if those men catch me, my own don finish o” I said to my self.

I stopped a bike and headed straight to my hostel. My heart kept beating so fast as the Bike rider zoomed off, it sure wasn’t a sight to behold or witness.

”na so soldiers for carry me go barrack, con give me better beating. Choi! The fear of soldier is the beginning of wisdom o” I wondered as I felt the cool breeze on my body while the bike man rode to my destination.

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I tried opening the gate to my hostel, but it was locked from the inside with a padlock. It was just about 3pm and it was still early to lock the gate for the day. I therefore had to knock the gate using a stone.

”who be that wey wan break our gate na” I heard someone say angrily as he moved towards the gate.

”na me… Temy open” I said.

”Ok, I dey come”

The gate was opened. I hurriedly walked towards my hostel, to avoid any eyes from observing my bloody outlook at that particular moment. I was brought back to reality by Emafidon, who was already locking the gate yet again.

”Temy, see blood for your body. Oboy! See your clothes. Na wa o. How manage. Wetin happen?” Emafidon inquired.

”Oboy, nothing o, na just small issue wey happen like that” I said, as I tried to leave that environment as fast as possible. But still yet, Emafidon persisted.

”wetin happen. You go fight?”

”yes I go fight o” I lied to prevent further investigation

”sorry o” he said, consoling. ”I hope say, you
beat am anyhow. No loose guard o. You gasto dey strong”

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”Na so o” I said, as I went straight into my room to take my shower. At last I was free from Emafidon investigation.

I cleaned up, ate and relaxed myself. I la!d on my bed on the bed watching Iron Man 3 on my laptop. During the process, I got two missed calls from Juliet.

”shidd! My phone’s on silent. And this babe been try call me. I better call her back asap” I said inwardly. As I tried to dail her number, I heard a message beep on my phone. It was from Juliet. I opened it hurriedly to see the contents inside. I was shocked by what I saw and it went as follows:

”so you’ve been fighting with people on the street. I hope you didn’t kill anybody. I know you’re a cultist. And I’m very sure you’re a confused human being”.

I kept wiping my face with my face towel as I kept re-reading the message that appeared on my phone.

”No, this can’t be Juliet. Abi person hack her phone. She can’t.. She no fit send such crap to me. But how did she know something this crazy happened today?” I said rhetorically. I then decided to dial her number yet again.

I called her but she did not pick. Her phone kept ringing and still yet she practically ignored it. It got to a point when she started to busy my calls.

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”what the fu-Ck is going on” I tot as my head kept pounding in rage. I had just escaped about 4 wild jungle men of the Nigerian army holding AK47 rifles and yet, another issue as taken form again.

”who knew about this incident?. Who snitched? It can’t be my friends cause those facts she mentioned aren’t accurate it gotta be….”.

My brain hadn’t processed it’s final answer when I angrily closed my laptop and wore my short jean. Shutting the door behind me.

”Emafidon go see my red eyes today. I swear.”

I knocked loudly at his door.

”who be that”

”Na me Temy, fall out”

”wetin happen na”

”you dey ask me abi, first fall out.” I beckoned at him.

Emafidon came out, Staring at me in anger

”wetin happen, why you wan break my door”

”wetin you tell Juliet”? I asked.

”wetin Juliet tell you” he replied me.

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