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Hi everyone, my name is Linda Ikedi and I am 11 years old. I will like to share with you all, something that happened in my home a
few days ago. This interesting event changed the relationship statues between every member of my family for the better and I hope
sharing it with you all will help millions of families across the country.

First of all, let me give you all a brief introduction of every member of my small family of five.
My dad is Mr. Benson Ikedi, he is the Managing Director of Dew Luck Nigeria Limited. A dedicated man to his job he is and hardly
spends time with his family, always traveling and when in town, spends days in his office and evenings in meetings.

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My gentle mum, Ifeoma Ikedi, has the biggest boutique in town. She misses her husband and obviously cannot handle fast growing
children. My dad’s fussiness and excessive picky nature has caused my sweet mum to regress into a psychological shell of loneliness
and negligence.

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Ada, my elder and only sister is 18yrs old. She is a 100 level student in higher institution but spends most of her class hours with her good for nothing boyfriend, Mike, who sees her as his bank account. I sometimes wonder what she sees in him since he obviously is nothing but a source of distraction to her.

John is my elder brother, he is in SS2. Recently he is always seen under a big mango tree in an isolated area of the town, smoking cigarette and talking about girls with his friends. I am hoping he does not repeat class this year because his grades are very poor and he is doing nothing about it.

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All these, my dad does not have an idea.

I am the last kid of the family and everybody sees me as just a baby, I sometimes think that nobody really cares about me.


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  1. ed sheeran instagram

    September 4, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    this is something i have never ever read. very detailed analysis.

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