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“What?!” I yelled, staring at the boy in
disbelief. “That
inconsiderate, deceitful, arrogant, liar is
your brother!?”
“Well, if you have to put it that way.” He
I couldn’t believe it, this boy seemed so
different and yet, so the same. I mean
whenever Adams was with just me, he
was really nice. Adams was only an butt0ckz
when we were at school and around
other people. I just ditched school to get
away from Adams and all his bullshit and
now I’m stuck in a car with his younger
brother? Great!
“Yah, so you can call me either Adams’
little brother…or if you want Brandon,
since that’s my name.”
“Oh, yah…I totally forgot to ask what
your name is.” I said feeling a little bit

He laughed lightly at that while turning
the engine back on. It looked like he was
about to say something, then a knock on
his side window turned our attention
outside. A blond girl was standing there
with her arms crossed staring at Brandon
curiously, before eyeing me. Her hair
reached down to her shoulders in perfect
bouncy curls. Her eyes were light blue
and her skin was a soft ivory color. She
was wearing a cute pink
blouse, which only added to her adorable

Brandon rolled down the window, “Hey
Docas!” He said, though she just stood
there, not saying anything.
“What’s your problem?”
“Ummm…let me see,” she spoke with
attitude but her voice was so small and
cute she wouldn’t be able to scare a
baby. “You were supposed to meet me

outside the school half an hour ago. I
started walking and then I saw you
parked here…with Jane? Since when did
you start hanging out with her?”
“Since…half an hour ago.” He replied
with a chuckle.
“Oh. Well are you going to let me in?”
She asked.Brandon nodded as he depressed the
automatic door
locks. Dorcas smiled at us as she opened
the door and jumped into the backseat.
“I’m Dorcas,” she said, waving at me with
a giddy look on her face.
“Oh…nice to meet you, I’m-” I began
before she cut me off.
“Jane, I know I’ve gone to school with
you for years.”
“Oh…I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’m not at all
offended. You don’t really pay attention
to anyone at school.” She spoke
nonchalantly before adding, “Well, that
was until this week anyways.”
“Yah…apparently.” I replied. “Honestly, I
never even noticed. I always thought
everyone was ignoring me, I just found
out today it was the other way around…”
“What!?” She yelled in surprise while
Brandon pulled the SUV out of the Mart
parking lot and back onto the road.

Dorcas leaned on the edge of her seat
while poking her head between me and
Brandon. “You thought people were
ignoring you? Oh my God! Come
on Jane, you are like the most beautiful
girl in the whole school, I mean if you
actually wore clothes more
your age and got all that hair out of your
face, you’d be like model material. I
don’t understand why you try to hide
yourself all the time, I mean if I had
your beauty, I’d be flaunting it!”

My face began to flush red at her words –
it was hard to believe she was speaking
the truth. Every time I looked in the
mirror I felt nothing but disgusted, I
never really thought I was pretty much less beautiful and her saying I looked better than all the other girls at the school had to be a lie. I was nothing compare to Tabitha with her perfectly curved body and bronze coloured skin. “I mean if you actually did something with yourself every morning,” Dorcas shook her head as she spoke, “every guy would be kneeling down to you, worshipping the ground you walk on!” “Dorcas, she doesn’t need to change anything, she’s perfect the way she is!” Brandon interrupted her, “Now sit back and put your seat belt on!” He demanded. “Urgg!”

She whined, “Fineeee.” Her head disappeared back into the back of the vehicle as I turned my head and looked out the window. I was exhausted, I still hadn’t gotten any sleep aside from my little nap in History class and my knees were still scratched up and full of dried up blood.

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The fact that Adams had embarrassed me completely in front of half the school was still stuck in the back of my mind, and not only that but for the first time in my life I was actually skipping class. “Janee?” Brandon spoke softly, his seductive voice vibrating in my ears as I turned my eyes towards him. “Are you okay?” “Yah, I’ve just had a pretty eventful day, that’s all.”

He nodded in response as his free hand reached over to me and gently rubbed my shoulder. The feeling of his touch brought a warm s£nsat!on to my heart. It was nothing like the way I felt when Adams touched me. When Adams touched me I wanted to pounce on him and rip off all my clothes in the process! Brandon made me almost want to cuddle in his arms, hear that sweet gentle voice whispering in my ear. “Yah! I’m still back here.” Dorcas’ little voice broke through my thoughts as Brandon removed his hand from my shoulder. Just then the realization dawned on me as I looked at Brandon and then Dorcas. “Are you two….” dating, I wanted to say, but instead my voice trailed off. Dorcas began laughing while Brandon just looked amused before he began to talk. “No, Dorcas wishes we were!” “HA-Yah right B, I wouldn’t date you if my life depended on it!” Brandon smiled while adding, “Me and Dorcas have been friends for years, she’s more like my sister than anything.” “Oh…” I responded, “Here’s another question…Why aren’t you guys at school?” Both Brandon and Dorcas looked at each other before turning their attention back to me. Dorcas was the first one to speak. “We’re both ahead in all our classes and whenever we get to far ahead we take a day off school and go have some fun.” “What were you guys planning on doing?” I asked. “We were going to take Brandon’s boat out go for a little spin.” Dorcas answered me. I tilted my head to the side before adding, “But you aren’t anymore?” “Oh…” Dorcas mumbled before looking at Brandon and then back at me. “I just thought-”
Brandon cut her sentence short as he
looked at me in surprise, “Did you want
to go for a boat ride?” He inquired.

“Of course I do!” I answered with
“Well that settles it.” Dorcas’ voice was
perky as she clapped her hands together.
“To the Boat-Mobile!”
Brandon and I both began to laugh in
unison, before repeating Dorcas’ words
together with more enthusiasm
“To the Bat-Mobile!”
We pulled up to the harbour, finding a
free parking spot that was only a few feet
away from the docks. I was going to state
how lucky we were to find such a
good parking spot empty when I noticed
a little sign in front of us that read
‘Private – Brown’. Seeing the name
right away reminded me of Adams as it
took me a second to realize that Brown
was Brandon’s last name as well.
“You own your own parking spot?” I
asked with a huge smile plastered to my
“Well, it’s my parents – just like the boats
my parents’.” He replied.
“And they don’t care that we’re taking it

Dorcas laughed as we all got out of the
vehicle. She came to my side and
whispered, “Like they’d noticed.
They probably wouldn’t even notice if
their own house was on fire.”
I lowered my eyes as Dorcas and I
walked around the SUV and met up with
Brandon on the sidewalk while
making our way towards the docks.
“Really? Why?” I
This time Brandon answered me, “My
parents are out of town a lot, so busy
with work it’s pretty much like
Adams and I live on our own.”
“Yah, My parents are the same…” my
voice was full of understanding.
We finally stopped in front of white Adria
1002 motor boat. I looked it up and
down while nodding my head in
acceptance. “Not bad, not bad.” I said
admiring the boat. “2x 125hp Yammar
Diesel?” I asked while following Dorcas
and Brandon onto the boat.
“Sure is.” Brandon answered, “You seem
to know a thing or two about boats.” He
stated. “I read a lot.”

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Dorcas giggled before she decided to test
my knowledge, “What year?” she
questioned me.
“2005” I replied without hesitation.
“Hey Brandon, maybe you and I aren’t
the smartest kids at school. Apparently
we have some hidden competition.”

Dorcas yelled toward Brandon who was
now untying the boat.
A little smile appeared on Brandon’s face
though he didn’t reply to Dorcas. I
watched him as he headed up
the stairs and towards the steering
wheel. “And we’re out of here!” He
yelled towards us as he started up the
motor. We pulled out of the docks as we
made our way out onto the water.

We slowly began to gain speed as the
warm breeze brushed through my hair. I
hadn’t been on a boat for years and I had
almost forgotten how nice it felt as the
wind blew against my warm skin. It was
such an incredibly hot day today which
only made the boat ride
that much better. I stared out the boat
watching the water smashing against the
sides before rolling over and turning into
light waves. The sun beamed down on us
as the boat conjured winds that kept our
bodies cool.

Dorcas looked as if she were trying to
talk to me but the boat’s motor
overpowered her voice as I sat there
watching her mouth form into different
shapes. Though I couldn’t hear her, I felt
bad for not responding so I merely just
nodded my head at her as I turned
around again to look out the side of the
boat. I watched the ripples on the water
as we slowly began to stop. We
were now out of the harbour and as
looked over to see the town of McLasgidi

it barely looked like
anything other than a line of green.
I watched as Dorcas stood up and
stretched her arms out, “Need any help
with the anchor?” She called out to
“No,” He called back, “It’s already in!”
Brandon appeared in front of us, he was
now wearing a pair of green swimming
shorts that reached just past his
knees. His chest was bare, showing off
his slight muscles. He wasn’t anywhere
near as muscular as Adams but his skinny
body and small abs were just as
“Today was the perfect day to take the
boat out,” Dorcas smiled as she waved
her arms in the air in attempt to soak up
the sun. Suddenly Dorcas began to strip
her clothes off as I quickly turned my
head away; trying to prevent myself
from seeing anything I wasn’t intended
to. I heard Dorcas’ giggle from behind
me, “Calm down Jane.” She spoke with
amusement, “I’m wearing a bathing suit.”
I turned around just in time to see
Dorcas standing on the edge of the boat,
“Last one in is a rotten egg!” She
joked as she leaped into the air before
doing a perfect dive into the water,
barely even making a splash.
I made my way over to where Dorcas
had jumped off the boat and sat down,
allowing my legs to dangle off the
edge. Dorcas resurfaced as her gaze met
mine. “Aren’t you coming in?” She asked.
“No…I think I’ll pass for now.” I replied.
“Me too.” Brandon said as he came and
sat down beside me.
“Fine, but you don’t know what you’re
missing out on!” Dorcas called out before
she dunked back under the

“Honestly Janee…how can you be
wearing that?”
Brandon asked as he pointed toward my
black jeans and dark blue long sleeve T-
shirt with the Care Bears on it. I had a
tank top under the shirt which only made
the whole outfit that much warmer.
I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t
know…I guess I’m used to the heat.”
“Dorcas was right though, you know
about how you seem to try to hide
yourself all the time.” He spoke
quietly while staring into my eyes, “I
mean why don’t you take off some of
those layers and let the sun
touch your skin for once?”
“Brandon Brown!” I pretended to sound
offended, “You just want me to strip for
you, don’t you?” I teased.
“Well, I wouldn’t so much mind that
either.” He joked back as I playfully
punched him in the shoulder.

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“You’re going down for that, Jane!” He
laughed as I jumped up to my feet and
tried to run away. I barely got three feet
away when I felt Brandon’s arms wrap around my waist before
pulling me up off my feet. I watched as
he continuously walked closer to
the edge of the boat as my struggling to
get free increased in intensity and
fervour. I felt his grip on me
slipping as the feeling of victory rose
through my body, I was almost free. Just
as I thought that, I felt both mine and
Brandon’s body leaving the boat.
I gripped Brandon tightly as gravity had
taken over and we dropped into the
water, making a huge splash.

The ice cold ocean against my burning
hot body was shocking at first; even so, it
was unbelievably refreshing. I opened
my eyes under the water, realizing
Brandon and I still had our arms
wrapped around each other. I could feel
my cheeks flush pink and was glad
that no one could see my face properly. I
pushed Brandon away from me as I
swam to the surface in dire need of
oxygen. As my head surfaced into the
warm air, I heard Dorcas’ bursts of
laughter only a few feet away.
“So apparently you guys are coming in!”
She teased as Brandon came up for air as

The second Brandon’s head poked up
from the water I pounced on top of him
playfully, trying to push him back under
the water. Brandon splashed the water
fiercely, making it harder for me to get
to him. I could see Dorcas watching us
with amusement before I splashed water
in her face as well. Dorcas swam over to
us and joined in, all three of us, against
each other in a raging water fight.
We continued to attack, push, and splash
each other, and every so often jump on
top of someone for a good
half an hour or so. Somewhere within
the playful fighting I managed to lose my
Care Bears shirt, leaving
me in only my white tank-top and black
jeans. All three of us finally lost all
energy to move as we pulled
ourselves back up onto the boat.

“Nice Bra Jane.” Brandon teased as he
looked over at my see-through white
“Shut up Brandon, maybe if you didn’t
toss me into the water with all my
clothes on.” I tried to sound mad,
but you could hear the light-hearted ness
in my voice.
Weirdly enough I wasn’t embarrassed to
be seen in my tank-top like that.
Honestly, I didn’t even care, I don’t
know if it was because I was getting use
to Dorcas and Brandon or if it were
merely because I was too tired to
All three of us lay on the boat floor,
trying to regain our energy. A little while
later, we finally got up as Brandon went
and pulled up the anchor, Dorcas and I
headed into the boat in search of a
bathroom. Dorcas had a skirt she was
going to let me wear seeing as my
jeans had grown two times bigger and
were now falling off me. I stared in the
mirror after I finished changing.
When Dorcas said she had a skirt, I hadn’t
thought she meant a little piece of fabric.
The white skirt just managed to cover my
butt, making me look like a
young Lovepeddler. I was wearing my white
tank-top that was now see-through
revealing my black bra.
“Are you still in there?” Dorcas called out
from behind the door.
“Dorcas!” I screeched back, “I look like a
freakin’ Sluut!” I opened the bathroom
door as Dorcas’ eyes scanned my body. Her mouth dropped open as she
stared at me in disbelief.
“Okay, you can just have that skirt
because now that I’ve seen how good it
looks on you, it’s never going to
be the same on me.” She said with
disappointment, “And Jane, You don’t
look like a Sluut, if your outfit were black,
then maybe. The white gives you an
angelic look.”

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