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Dorcas left me standing in the bathroom
alone as she disappeared out onto the
deck of the boat. I stood in the same
place checking myself out in the mirror. I
looked like a completely different
person. My wet hair was pulled back into
a messy ponytail revealing my face for
once. While usually all the clothes I wore
hid every curve of my body, these
clothes enhanced them.
As I stared into the mirror I felt
completely exposed and Unclad, although
at the same time a new born confidence
grew inside me.
I felt kind of fake and made up. Like this
apparition wasn’t me; I looked as if I
were trying to be someone else. I finally
made up my mind and decided to wear
the little skirt and see-through tank-top.
It’s not like I really had any other
options. I made my way up onto the deck
of the boat, making my way over to
Dorcas and
Brandon. I could feel the boat slowly
begin to stop as Brandon found his usual
berth at the docks.

Neither Dorcas nor Brandon noticed me
as I stood against the wall, almost hidden
by the shadows. Both of them seemed to
be staring wide-eyed at something on
the dock. From my position I couldn’t see
what they were staring at. It wasn’t until
the icy voice rang through my ears
freezing both my body and heart
motionless. I could feel my knees
weaken beneath me as I fought to
remain upright.
“Hey lil’ bro, you didn’t tell me you were
taking the boat out. I’ve been waiting
around here forever dude!”
Adams’ voice echoed through my ears.
As much as Brandon’s deep, Sekxy voice

brought a shiver down my spine it was
nothing compared to the way Adams
voice made me feel. Sure Brandon was
nice, even sweet and he was my safest
bet knowing that he would never hurt
me. Adams on the other hand made me
feel a way no other guy ever can ever
could or ever will. Adams husky voice
vibrated my ears, calling me towards him
like a siren song as if I were under the
spell of a love potion.
Adams…I…didn’t…it didn’t even…cr-
cross my mind.” Brandon stuttered as he
stared down at his brother in shock.
I could feel my legs began to move
though it felt as if I were floating as I
made my way out of the shadows
and toward the edge of the boat. My
eyes slowly found their way to as my
heart clenched inside my chest almost
causing me to throw up. The pain that
was brought on by seeing him standing
there forced my eyes to well up with
unshed tears as I stared down at his oh-
so perfect body.

His square set jaw was scrunched up into
a playful smirk as his perfectly messy
hair blew lightly around
his head from the ocean’s breeze. His
outrageously perfect muscles were
outlined through his size too
small t-shirt. It was incredibly Sekxy
seeing as the shirt was white and made
his flawless, bronze skin stand
out like a rose in the middle of a field
full of weeds.
Everything about Adams was perfect, like
he were a gift from the God’s sent to
earth to punish girl’s the worse way
possible – heartache. If that was the case,
then so far he is doing an absolutely
wonderful job. Just standing there –
seeing him made me want to fall to my
knees, face in my hands and cry until
every last tear was drained from my
body. I couldn’t imagine how any guy
could possibly make me feel this way,
how he can force me to sink so low as to
wallow in my own pathetic misery?
I could feel the lump rising into my
throat as I swallowed hard. I wasn’t going
to cry, not this time, I was not going to
give him that satisfaction! No, I was going
to hold my head up high and act as if I
didn’t care, it was the only way. I knew I
was strong and it was now time to prove

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“Oh…don’t worry Adams we were just
leaving!” I yelled out toward him as I
walked over to Brandon and
wrapped my arm around his neck.
I watched as Adams smirk quickly
disappeared at the sound of my voice,
his face shifted into the look of
shook at what I’m guessing was the
realization that I was on the boat. My
smile widened as I noticed
Adams eyes scan my body from head to
toe, stopping briefly at both my mini
skirt and then see through shirt.
“…Jane…?” He whispered in disbelief. He
looked back and forth between Brandon
and me as his confusion was quickly
replaced by anger. “Brandon?!”
He yelled angrily.
“What…” Brandon asked, pretending he
didn’t know what Adams was talking
about even though we all knew he knew
exactly what this was all about.
“So is that how it’s going to be little bro?”
Adams face was flushed beet red, his
entire body exuding rage and unbridled

“Oh get over yourself Adams!” I shot
back as I jumped off the boat and onto
the dock. My mini skirt inched
up a little giving Adams a quick flash of
my underwear.

I felt a little embarrassed and could feel
my cheeks begin to redden. I managed
to hide my embarrassment by waving my
hand in front of my face pretending it
were the heat that flushed my cheeks
pink. “It’s not like we were ever
“I never said this was about you!” He
retorted back.

I laughed a fake seductive laugh, “You
don’t have to say it, Babe…It’s written all
over your face.” I whispered into his ear
as my fingers ran through his perfectly
smooth hair. His chocolate brown hair
felt like fluff from the heavens.

mind yelled.
I forced myself to come back to reality
while forcing
Adams out of my mind. I brought my
face up closer to his as if I were about to
kiss him and the second he closed his
eyes getting ready to kiss me back, I
shoved him hard in the chest. I gazed at
Adams as he tumbled over and fell off
the dock before splashing
into the water.
I could hear Dorcas’ laughter from
behind me as I watched Adams head
emerge out of the water. His perfectly
brown hair dripped water down his face
making him only that much more
irresistible. An unknown emotion
crossed over his face as he stared
up at me while swimming over to the

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Dorcas grabbed hold of my arm while
pulling me away. I could still hear her
laughter as I glanced over my
shoulder trying to get another look at
Adams. He was just starting to pull
himself back up onto the dock as
he watched us disappear out of sight. The
look on Adams face was stuck in my head
haunting me. Most people say payback
feels good and that its fun, if
that’s true then why did I feel so shitty?
I was so lost in my own thoughts that I
had barely noticed Brandon trailing a few
feet behind Dorcas and I.

It wasn’t until Dorcas’ voice broke
through my daze that I realized that
Brandon seemed almost upset.
“What is up with you two!?” Dorcas finally
stopped dead in her tracks and turned to
look at both me and then
Brandon. “K honestly, that was probably
one of the funniest things I’ve seen all
year and you guys aren’t even laughing.
Instead you two are sulking!”

At the exact moment me and Brandon
looked straight at each other as I finally
realized that I wasn’t the only
one who felt guilty, which only made me
feel that much worse. I lowered my head
in shame as I started down at the
ground. I didn’t want to tell Dorcas that I
felt like a Bytch for pushing Adams in the
water or that the look on Adams face
pretty much destroyed me.

That would only prove how much power
Adams had over me.
Brandon was the first to speak, “I don’t
know, Dorcas…
It’s just I’ve never seen my brother look
so vulnerable and hurt.” Brandon spoke
quietly as he walked over to me and put
his arm on my shoulder. “Not that I
blame you Jane, I mean what my brother
did to you is way worse, I’m just not used
to seeing my brother like that.
I’m still just a little surprised.” He tried
to comfort me and yet it wasn’t working,
I still felt as bad as ever.
All three of us climbed into the SUV
silently, this time I sat in the back seeing
as I was no longer in the mood
to talk. I may have been overreacting a
little bit, I
mean all I had done was push Adams into
the water. It wasn’t like I embarrassed
him in front of half the
school or anything that extreme. But
still, the fact remained the same, the
look of betrayal and vulnerability that
masked Adams’ face was heart

I stared out the window of the SUV,
watching as we passed by houses, cars
and people though I barley
saw anything. The only imagine I could
see was Adams with his face covered in
the ocean’s water, his hair dripping
wetness down his cheeks and his deep
brown eyes staring up at me, pleading
for forgiveness.
“Alright Jane, we’re here.” Brandon’s
voice interrupted me as I looked around,
realizing we were now parked outside
my house.
“Oh.” I said as I grabbed my back pack
and tossed it over my shoulders.
“Well…uh, thanks for taking me out on
the boat, I really did have fun.” I said
while forcing a smile. I opened the door
and I began to descend from the vehicle.
“Oh!” Dorcas said pretty much jumping
into the back of the SUV and wrapping
her arms around me while her
blonde curls bounced up and down. “I
had so much fun with you today! It was
so nice actually having a
girl around for once, I’m usually just
stuck with Brandon but today was fun!

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And don’t worry so much about the
whole Adams thing I know you and
Brandon are like all upset about it and
for absolutely no reason I might add! But
seriously, Adams deserved it, no
doubt and he’ll be over it by tomorrow,
so don’t fret.”
Dorcas was talking so fast I could barley
even manage to understand a word she
was saying. “But honestly, we
should hang out again! One Tree Hill is
on tonight, I really love that show you
should seriously come over
and watch it, P.S you don’t have a choice
in the matter I’ll pick you up at 7:30.
Okay?” Dorcas pulled me back into a hug
before I could even answer her but her
crazy excitement made me laugh.

Honestly, how could anyone manage to
talk so fast?
“Dorcas, remember – stop and take a
breath!” Brandon laughed as he pulled
on her shirt and hauled her to the front
of the vehicle. “I’ll see you at school
tomorrow Jane, I really did enjoy
hanging out with you.” His rough Sekxy
voice was sincere as he looked
over to me as a little smirk played its
way onto his face before he pulled out of
the driveway.
Dorcas stuck her head out the window as
they began todrive down the street, “I’LL
PICK YOU UP AT 7:30!!”
She yelled out.

I smiled to myself as I began to make my
way to the front door of my house. Even
though there were multiple emotions
running through my body, the fact that
those two could still make me laugh
continued to amaze me.
“Jane..” I jumped out of fear, as my
heart stop for a second.
“Richard!” I yelled and hit him in the
stomach with my backpack, “You scared
the crap out of me!”

Richard folded his arms as he stared up
at me and spoke
sternly, “We need to talk.”

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