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“Brandon?” I finally asked, “I thought, well, I
thought you two were just friends?”
“We are…that’s the thing.” She said as her eyes
fell to the ground. I could see the sadness
within them as I began to understand her
situation a little better. “We are just friends.
We’ve always
been friends. He barely notices me, it’s like he
only sees me as…like…I don’t know…one of the
“Oh.” Was all I could manage to say. I mean
what was I suppose to say? It’s not like I was
used to that kind of thing. I’ve never had to try
and console someone before. But at the same
time I
knew how she felt, to like a guy who didn’t
care, didn’t feel the same way. I saw the sorrow
in her
eyes and I felt that same emotion within me.
Dorcas attempted to brush it off, “It’s okay,” I
gave her a skeptical look. “Really it is, it’s been
like this for years and I’ve grown used to it.”
Although she sounded confident her eyes
betrayed her anguish.
“Have you ever told him?” I questioned her.
She shook her head before speaking in barely a
whisper, “No…”
I continued to interrogate her, “Why not?”
“You wouldn’t understand,” she mumbled.
“Try me.”
She sighed heavily, “Have you ever liked a guy
so much that when you were apart your heart
just aches, like you were an addict and he was
your drug? But when you were together you
knew you could never truly be together, sure
you could talk, laugh and hang out but you
could never actually be in his arms. Do you 

understand how much pain it causes me to love
a guy and never know whether or not he loves
me back?”
I almost wanted to nod my head at her but I
managed to prevent myself from doing so. It
was like Dorcas had been actually speaking on
my behalf, like she had been relaying
everything I truly felt deep down. The strong
feelings I felt
towards Adams that I always hid, I always tried
to avoid and ignore them hoping they would go
away. No matter what Adams did to me, how
much he embarrassed or hurt me the good
memories always seemed to overpower the

“Then why don’t you just tell him how you
feel?” I asked, knowing that it was easier said
than done.
“Because!” She cried out, her eyes began to
swell up with tears. “I’m scared! It hurts so
much thinking that he might not feel the same
way that I
do, just imagining that tears me up inside. Can
you imagine how much more it would hurt if I
knew for sure that he didn’t feel the same way?
It would destroy me!”
“But what if he does feel the same way?” I said
as my voice became higher, I was completely
shocked that she had liked Brandon for so long
and still managed to keep it a secret.
“That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.” She
simply replied.
The sound of the front door opening forced
both Dorcas and I to turn around to see who
the intruder was.
Speak of the devil, I thought to myself as
Brandon’s tall and slightly lean body appeared
in the doorway. He walked over to us before
flopping down on the opposite couch as me and
Dorcas. A concerned look flashed across his
face as he noticed Dorcas’ slightly watery eyes.

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“What’s wrong?” He instantly sat up and looked
at her, his face full of concern.
“Nothing.” Dorcas lied, “One Tree Hill got to
me again.”
If I hadn’t truly known what was bugging Dorcas
I would have fallen for her lie as well. For such
a cute, innocent looking girl she was an
accomplished liar! Or maybe it was her cute,
innocent looks that made her such a good liar,
either way the concern that once covered
Brandon’s face had vanished and was replaced
with a smug little smirk.
“Awww! You mean I missed One Tree Hill.” His
voice was full of sarcasm.
“Oh shut up!” Dorcas rolled her eyes obviously
she caught on to the sarcasm.
“What?” He pretended to act offended jokingly,
“I thought you said it was on at nine o’clock, not
eight!” His voice had a hint of humour in it
clearly teasing Dorcas.
“Honestly Brandon?” Dorcas tried to sound
disappointed in him but her voice had that
same light-heartedness to it. “Every week it’s
on at eight and every week I tell you that and
yet every
week you somehow manage to show up an
exact hour after right? Coincidence, I think
I sat in silence watching Dorcas and Brandon
continuously harass and tease each other. I also
noticed some flirtatious eye rolls and cute
smirks directed towards each other. I couldn’t
believe how I never noticed it before, the way
they talked to each other and looked at each
Maybe this afternoon I hadn’t really noticed it
because Brandon had been paying so much
attention to me. I thought maybe it was
because he liked me because maybe he had
interested in me. It wasn’t until now that I
realized he was only being nice to try and cheer
me up. Maybe he just felt bad for what his
brother had done earlier and felt obligated to
make it up to me.

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Either way, as I sat there watching Dorcas and
Brandon one thing was for sure; the feelings
Dorcas had towards Brandon were definitely
mutual. I also had a feeling that it wasn’t going
to be very much longer before they both
admitted their feelings to each other. Whether
I had to force it out of them or not, it was going
to happen. It was
just plain stupid for them both to be hurting so
much while thinking the other didn’t feel the
same way when it was obvious they both
wanted more than a friendship.
“Earth to Jane!” Dorcas’ voice came from
behind me which was weird because I swear
she was just sitting beside me only moments
I turned around to see both Dorcas and
Brandon standing behind the couch staring
down at me
expectantly. “What?” I asked as confusion
covered my face.

Brandon laughed, “Man Jane when you zone
out, you really zone out, Huh?”
I still stared up at them completely confused. I
honestly didn’t remember them moving or
even talking to me for that matter. But then
again I was
pretty lost in my own thoughts and Brandon
was right, when I zone out I barely notice
someone standing right in front of me yelling
in my face.

Dorcas rolled her eyes at me while a smiling
laugh appeared on her face. She walked around
the couch, putting her arm through mine and
pulling me up to my feet. “We said were going.

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I need to
take off before my Mom gets home, which…” I
followed her eyes to a large clock the hung just
above the T.V, “Should be any time now, so
At first I was kind of confused as to why we
were leaving before her Mom got home but I
decided not to ask, instead I just followed the
two out of the living room, down the hall and
out the front
door. We were just walking down her front
door steps when a Red Cadillac pulled into the
driveway blocking Dorcas’ beetle in.
“Shtt…” Both Dorcas and Brandon said under
their breath.
“Well so much for our great escape plan. Now,
presenting the wrath of Mrs. Kindle.” Brandon
said looking over at Dorcas and then smiling,
“Have fun, I’m out of here!” He ran down the
stairs and
jumping over the white fence that separated
Dorcas and Brandon’s houses.
A tall blonde lady got out of the car; she was
wearing a long black skirt that went just past
her knees with a matching black blouse. Her
hair was pulled back into a perfect bun with
only a few strands of hair that fell gracefully
along her face.
She had a gentle, kind face though there was
something in her eyes that showed she wasn’t
very happy at the moment.
“Uh-oh.” Dorcas said while grabbing me by the
arm and pulling me with her as she tried to
make a run for it.

“Dorcas Kindle!” Dorcas’ Mom’s voice echoed
through the air as Dorcas came to an abrupt
Dorcas turned around while forcing a smile on
her face, “Yah mom?”
“Don’t try to act stupid Dorcas Kindle, you know
what this is about!” Her mom finally reached us
as she stood in front of Dorcas – her hands on
her hips, barely even acknowledging my
“Where were you today after your morning
classes young lady!?” She asked sternly with a
very parental tone.

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