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I looked in the mirror and was completely
stunned. I had never imagined in all my life
little effort it would take to make me look like
this. I had gotten so used to wearing old baggy
clothes and things that covered my body and
my curves. I hadn’t even noticed how much my
body had developed in the last few years.
I was wearing a pair of jeans my auntie had
bought for me last Christmas that I had never
touched before. They were hip hugging skinny
jeans that were very low and just covered my
butt. They were tight against my hips and thighs
making my short legs look long and thin. I wore
black belt that matched perfectly with my
hugging black halter top that ended a few
above my navel. The halter top had built in
support for my b0s0m which made my cleavage
look amazing in the low-cut shirt. I felt like a
I didn’t over do the make-up to make me look
a street Lovepeddler or anything but the light make-
up I
did wear really accentuated my features. The
pink blush I wore made my high cheekbones
erotic and the deep charcoal eye shadow I had
put on made my light brown eyes pop out. I
no eye liner but I did put on mascara to add
length to my eye lashes. The natural coloured
lipstick I wore somehow managed to make my
look bigger and more Angelina Jolie style but
quite as intense.

Then there was my hair – for once it wasn’t
straight and covering my face. Instead I had it
big waves that flowed perfectly down to my 


Framing my face giving me a more confident
compared to my usual hiding behind my hair
waif appearance.
It was hard to believe the girl looking back at
in the mirror was in fact…me? She didn’t
resemble me in any way and yet every move I
made she mimicked. But it was me. It was the
new and improved Jane Anne Raine, the girl
who would not take any bullshit from any guy.
The girl who would show what exactly he
out on. Pay-Back is a Bytch.
“Jane! Are you coming or are you planning on
walking to school?” I heard my brother yell at
from down the stairs.

“OK, I’m coming!” I yelled back at him as a little
smirk appeared on my face.
“Alright Jane, what is up with the new look?”
Richard asked me as we pulled out of the
Ever since I had come down the stairs he had
been staring at me with well, a weird look on
“What do you mean?” I tried to play dumb.
“You know what I mean.” He said sternly, “You
look like you’ve come straight out of a playboy
magazine.” He shot me an accusing glance.
“Hey!” I gave him an insulted look though I
of took it as a compliment. Most of the girls in
playboy magazines were hot chicks! Mission
accomplished I thought evilly to myself. “I’m
wearing clothes!”
“And they look like they are painted on you –
might as well be Unclad!” He fumed.
“You’re just jealous.” I tossed my hair in the air
dramatically and grinned at him.

We pulled up to Kevin’s house as Richard
began to
laugh and he said sarcastically, “Yah, that’s it
Jane, I’m so jealous of my little sister!” And
rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at me.
Boys are so immature!
“You will be when you see all the attention I
I said jokingly and he just smiled back.
Kevin walked up to the truck and opened the
passenger side door but instead of just
jumping into the truck like he usually did he
stopped dead
in his tracks as his eyes fell on me. He gasped
and I watched as his eyes widened and his
mouth dropped. Like a typical guy he
recovered with macho man grace and
immediately his eyes were scanning my body
from head to toe. He didn’t move at all, just
took it all in. The only sound that escaped his
lips was, “Woah.”
I raised my eyebrow at him and said, “You
close your mouth before you get your gross
pervert drool all over Richard’s truck, I doubt
appreciate that very much. And by the way if
keep looking at me like that I’m going to have
charge you a viewing fee for the visual for your
spank bank!” Then I winked and did perfectly
executed hair toss.
Damn, I’m good! I thought to myself.
“Yah dude! What the hell’s wrong with you?”
Richard asked as he stared at his friend utterly
appalled at
his display of lewdness.

As if finally realizing what he was doing Kevin
closed his mouth, gave his head a shake and
jumped into the truck. The whole ride from
Kevin’s house to school was totally creepy!
sat there and just stared at me pretty much the
whole ride to school. We were just pulling up
the school when Richard finally noticed Kevin
completely eye-Bleeping me.
“Hey dude, what is your problem this
Richard almost yelled trying to get Kevin’s
Kevin’s head snapped up as he looked over at
Richard realizing for the first time where he
was and
who he was with. He cleared his throat,
“Oh…Sorry, it’s just…” He looked back over to
as his eyes once again scanned my body.

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Jane, You are looking hot!”
I smiled back at Kevin trying to be seductive
though my brother killed it when he said,
the hell dude? That’s my little sister!” And
slapped Kevin upside the head!
“Sorry Man.” Kevin put up his hands
“but it’s true.” He said the last part under his
breath before he scrambled out of the truck to
avoid another shot to the head.
I slid over to the passenger’s seat and was just
about to jump down as well when suddenly
appeared in front of me. “Here, let me help
He offered. He grabbed me by the waist and
pulled me out of the truck and placed me down
the ground.

I stared at him a little shocked at first, but
you blame me? I honestly was not used to this
kind of attention! And to be honest I got off on
the power! I also knew that with my new look I
had to revamp my personality. I needed to act
more like Tabitha but less like a Sluut and more
like a tease. A fine line to be sure but one I was
confident I would master. That had been my
plan since I woke up this morning, I was going
to change and take part in the world out there.
No longer would I be that shy girl isolating
herself in her own little bubble.
“My Hero,” I said teasingly to Kevin.
“Gag!” My brother joked as he met up with me
Kevin at the front of the truck.

I whispered back only loud enough for Richard
to hear me, “You’re just jealous.” He growled
frustration but there was a playful smile on his
“I guess there’s no point to stalk him anymore,
huh Jane?” Kevin said pointing over toward the
I looked over at what he was pointing at and
almost lost my ability to stay ‘cool’ and
‘confident’. Adams was walking toward us
my heart to sink and my body to heat up
nervously. I could hear the rapid thumps inside
my ear as my heart beat faster and faster.
“Hey Jane.” Adams called out, “Can we talk?”
His voice made the hair on my neck stand up,
in the good way.

I was just about to say something like ‘not right
now Adams,’ or really anything that would be
deemed stuck-up enough when something
with speed in front of my eyes. I heard a loud
smacking sound that quickly turned into a
crunching noise. It took my eyes a couple
seconds to adjust to everything and my mind to
process what had just happened. Richard was
standing in front of me still shaking with rage,
while Adams la!d sprawled on the ground…out
“Richard!” I yelled while trying to get past him
Adams but he held me back. I watched Adams’
eyes slowly open but only one eye seemed to
able to complete the task. His right eye was
already beginning to swell shut.
“Take this as a warning Adams Brown, if you
go near my sister again I swear to God a black
eye will be the least of your worries!” Richard
down to him. His arms were wrapped around
holding me back but I had finally stopped
struggling and just stood there watching. Half
school had now surrounded us and began to
What a mob scene! I thought while watching
the students staring in shock, while the other
were screaming:
“I know…I’m sorry!” Adams yelled out. He was
still laying prone on the ground but had now
pushed himself up with his hands.

“Sorry for what Adams?” RICHARD yelled back.
I couldsee the white hot anger in my brother’s
“Starting rumours about her around school?
You’re apologies mean nothing, just stay the
away from her, got it!?” Richard’s breathing was
raspy he was shaking in anger.
“Adams Brown, Jane Rainie!” A loud voice
broke through all the commotion as everyone
turned around to see our principal pushing
through the crowd. Everyone began to scatter,
leaving only me, Richard and Adams standing in
the clearing.
Adams half lying-half sitting on the ground with
puffy eye and Richard was standing above him
bruised knuckles.

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“My office, now!” Mr. Verlock’s voice echoed
loudly all around us. His jaw was clenched in
anger as he stared at first my brother and then
Adams. “I don’t suspect you had anything to do
with this Miss Jane?” Mr. Verlock asked while
looking over at me. At first he was a little taken
aback by my altered appearance.
“No!” Adams and Richard yelled in unison.
“Fine, you two…go, now!” With that the trio
disappeared leaving me standing in the parking
lot alone, still a bit shaken up.
“Ja-jane?” A voice I had recently gotten quite
accustomed to reached my ears and soothed
me down. I turned to face Dorcas with Brandon
following closely behind her. “Oh my God! It is
you, holy! Look at you. You look hot, you Sekxy
thang! Love the hair and your-”
“Is it true your bro just knocked mine out?!
crazy! Your brother must be pretty strong I
mean it was would take an elephant to knock
Adams down.” Brandon interrupted Dorcas.

“Oh yah! We just saw Kathy and Sheila from
and they told us Richard came out of nowhere
just smashed Adams in the face!” Dorcas cut in,
voice fast and excited like it always was.
enough, Brandon had that same tone to his
as well.
“Yah and Sheila said that Dorcas was lying on
ground bawling his eyes out! And-”
Dorcas cut Brandon off again, “And Mr. Verlock
came and tossed kids out of his way!”
“Woah! Okay, calm down you two!” I had to cut
them both off. They were eagerly staring at me
with anticipation. “First of all, yes Trent
punched Adams in the face-I’m pretty sure he’s
going to
have an ugly bad black eye, secondly-no, Adams
was not crying and Mr. Verlock did come but he
didn’t toss any kids around.” I took a breath and
continued. “Two minutes later and already the
truth has been completely distorted!”
Brandon suddenly looked bored and Dorcas
disappointed. “Aww…I think the fake truth was
more fun.” Dorcas whined. I laughed at her
we began to walk toward the school.

As we walked through the school yard and up to
the front doors I couldn’t help but noticed all
people that were staring at us. Every single
person we walked by would look at us and then
whisper something to their friends and then
would all stare. It was starting to make me feel
uncomfortable. I felt vulnerable and exposed
as I
tried pulling my belly shirt down by the hem to
cover my bare skin. Every time I attempted to
my shirt down it was making the top portion of
my shirt expose more of my cleavage.

Yeah that won’t make people stare much! I
my eyes.
“Why is everyone staring at us?” I whispered to
Dorcas as we walked into the school.
“Us?” Dorcas laughed, “Their not staring at us,
staring at you!”
“What-me?” With my new look I banked on that
would get Adam’s attention but I honestly
expect this. I was so concerned with getting his
attention and ignoring him, I didn’t plan for the
attention from the others.

“Yah, look…” Dorcas pointed at a group of girls
who were looking at us, “The girls are glaring at
you with jealousy. While the boys…” Dorcas
pointed to a group of boys who looked like they
were pushing their chests out. “Are checking
out and trying to get your attention.”
“They are just embarrassing themselves…” I
as I watched a boy try to puff up and wink at
I shuddered.
Yeah that was nice! Ick!
“That is just normal male vs. female behavior,
you may have gone to school here your whole
but you might as well be the ‘Hot New Girl’.”
Dorcas stated.
“Well then why aren’t you being a crazy jealous
Bytch and why isn’t Brandon acting like a
zombie?” I questioned her.
“Because I know your personality and I know
aren’t some slutty home wrecker.” Dorcas
winked at
“Like Tabitha.” We both looked at each other
“And I’m not a drooling Zombie because I’m
not a
shallow asshole.” Brandon said finally jumping
into the conversation. “I will admit Jane, you
look really pretty-but looks aren’t everything so
don’t let all this go to your head.”
“She won’t!” Dorcas defended me, “But we got
to go
and get ready for class, we’ll see you at lunch?”
“Yah for sure!” I replied. Dorcas and Brandon
waved bye to me as they headed in the
I tried to ignore all the people staring at me as
made my way through the school and to my
locker. I was glad to find that the hallway where
my locker was had been pretty much empty,
which wasn’t much of a surprise. My locker
wasn’t very far from the principal’s office and
most students tried to stay as far away from
Verlock as possible.
12-32-08, I thought to myself as I began to
unlock my locker. I opened the door and began
scrounge around for my books.
“So the rumours are true.” An amused
voice startled me as I look behind my locker
and saw Derrek. He was another one of my
brother’s friends, one of the guys that hung out
with Richard, Kevin and Adams. Derrek was a
different than them though, he was the captain
the football team and the most stuck-up butt0ckz
of them all! He was such a prima donna! He
talk to anyone at school unless you played
football or if you were a cheerleader. He
he was Brad Pitt and wouldn’t even waste his
energy with any of the girls at Kersha High.

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Every girl throws herself at him and he merely
swooshes them away like an annoying little fly.
So when I closed my locker door and saw
Derrek leaning up against the lockers, his arms
folded against his chest eyeing me up, I was a
bit surprised. He was taller than most of the
guys at school and his muscles bulged out of
anything he wore. He honestly looked like he
was on steroids but everyone knew he wasn’t,
he was just so obsessed with himself that he
spend every spare second he had working out.
He had perfect black hair and gorgeous grey
eyes, if it weren’t for the fact that he was so
unbelievably huge then he would probably be
less scary and much sexier.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Derrek Harley. I’m sorry
but I’m lacking football skills, also I’m not and
never will be a cheerleader so you’d better jet
before anyone sees you talking to me.” I said
to him as I opened my locker again and blocked
his view from me.

He laughed loudly as he push my locker shut
and moved in front of it so I couldn’t get in. “I
never expected Jane to be so judgmental,
aren’t you supposed to be one of those sweet-
n-shy type of girls?”
I rolled my eyes and simply replied, “People
“So I see,” I watched him as his eyes began to
survey my body with a half smirk glued to his
face. “Never would have thought Richard’s little
sister could look so Sekxy.”

I could feel my face take on the form of
“Is there a reason why you’re here because if
not could you please move so I can grab my
books and get to class?”
“Feisty, I like it.” He then winked at me.
“Eww.” I began to turn around but as I did so I
saw Adams coming out of the Principal’s office.
Plan A in motion, I thought as I turned back
towards Derrek. “I mean, Oww-la-la?” Okay,
that’s sounded stupid but who cares it didn’t
really look like Derrek was paying much
attention to what I was saying seeing as he was
too busy staring at my b0s0m.
“Anyways, I was actually going to invite you to
my party tonight. You can be my ‘Special’
He continued to have his conversation with my
b0s0m. Again he winked.
Eww, I thought to myself. How do girls see him
as attractive, he is far too muscular and has the
biggest ego! “It’s a school night and I know I’m
going to have a lot of homework.” I said that
part without thinking; it was the real Jane
coming out.

I heard Adams’ footsteps getting closer, “I
mean, yah whatever as long as there’s alcohol.”
I then flirtatiously ran my hand across Derrek’s
chest, “and you.”
EW-BARF! Did I say that? I may have to boil my
hand later!
“I’ll be there…So you better come Jane, I’ll be
waiting for you.” With that he moved away
from my locker, grabbed my butt0ckz, patted it and
swaggered away.
I felt disgusted and totally violated as I opened
my locker and made gagging noises.
“Hey Adams, wait up man!” I turned around to
see Derrek trying to catch up to Adams.
“Screw off dude!” I heard Adams yell at Derrek
before he disappeared down another hallway.
Well, apparently I made Adams jealous, I
thought to myself, mission accomplished! I
leaned against
my locker, gathered my books slammed my
locker shut and almost skipped to class .

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