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“What!? Oh my god, seriously? Derrek Harley
invited you to his party…You know it’s like a
seniors only party and sometimes maybe one
two junior cheerleaders are allowed in but I’ve
never, ever heard of any sophomores being
invited!” Dorcas rambled on.
Once the lunch bell rang I met Dorcas and
in the cafeteria, we found an empty table to sit
after getting our food. I told them about the
scene with Derrek and my Academy Award
winning performance. Did they give out awards
not barfing when touching a slimy guy I
wondered? Dorcas went crazy and began
firing questions. I didn’t understand any of her
questions because she went supersonic and
dogs could hear her. Sheesh! Brandon was
completely uninterested and whipped out a
“Transformers” comic book and ate his lunch. It
takes a brave man to eat spaghetti without
wearing a napkin in his shirt.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not going.” I
replied dryly as I took a fork full of spaghetti
shoved it in my mouth. I tried keeping my eyes
either my food, Dorcas or Brandon because
I looked around the cafeteria all I saw were
staring back at me. It had already been half a
and everyone was still acting the same way,
which was either glaring or drooling.
“What!?” Dorcas yelled. If some people weren’t
staring at us before they definitely were now.
lowered her voice, “You have to go…I mean if
do everyone in school will be so jealous of you. 

You would be like a Goddess!”
“Yes Dorcas because I really need more
attention.” I
said with sarcasm before looking over at
for his opinion. Dorcas looked at him too,
he seemed so engrossed in his comic book he
didn’t even noticed until Dorcas punched him
in the shoulder.
“Ouch-What was that for-” He look up at Dorcas
and then to me. “Oh…Um, well it is a school
so-” I saw Dorcas sneakily pinch his arm. “Ouch!
mean…Yah Jane, you should go.”
I laughed, “Smooth Dorcas…Very smooth.”
“Oh…You saw that…Tee-hee” She smiled her
completely innocent but knowingly evil smile.
“Anyways, if I do go-I’m not going alone!” I
finally gave in.
“Of course not! Me and Brandon will come with
you!” Dorcas looked at Brandon and smiled.
“No!” Brandon said while looking at Dorcas and
then looking back at me. “No I’m not.” He
looked over at Dorcas again. “You can’t make
“Yah but there is no reason why I have to go. I
mean I’m sure you and Jane will have so much
fun there. You don’t need me…you’ll have all
those senior football players to hang off of.” I
heard Brandon’s faint voice arguing with
“Yes I do!” Dorcas stated. “Right Jane?! We
Brandon with us! It just wouldn’t be the same!”
Her voice reached me loud and clear.
I opened the bathroom door and looked into
bedroom where Brandon was standing at the
of my bed in front of Dorcas with his arms
Dorcas was sitting on my bed looking up at him
with a teasingly cute smile plastered to her
which instantly sent a jolt a jealousy through
Even though both Dorcas and Brandon were
completely oblivious to each other’s feelings,
more we all hung out, the more I saw the
love between them. It was the kind of love I
longed for, the kind where they needed no one
the world but themselves.
“No it wouldn’t, you have to come Brandon…or
I’m not going” I said jokingly, even though in
mind I was secretly hoping Brandon would back
out and force Dorcas and I to stay home as
“Shush, both of you!” Dorcas jumped to her
feet and
playfully pushed Brandon. “You two are both
going. We are all going to this party tonight
whether you guys like it or not!”
“Since when did you turn into a big party
Brandon questioned her.

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“Since I realized all of our lives are completely
boring, isolated and full of video games, comic
books, novels and homework. It’s time for us to
have fun for once in our lives…thus we are
to this party tonight.” As Dorcas spoke she had
hands on her hips trying desperately to sound
tough and demanding; it was so cute!
“Speak for yourself.” I said while rummaging
through my closet praying to the fashion Gods I
would find one dress that wasn’t puffy, pink, or
full of cartoon characters. “I don’t live a boring
life and even if I did, how would you know, you
just met me.”
“Actually Jane, you just met me, I’ve known
you my whole life.” She stated matter of fact,
“and secondly, you’ve lived sixteen years
without any friends so I’m sorry but there is no
way your life
could have been at all eventful.”
“Ugh…Thanks for reminding me what a huge
I am.” Suddenly a saw something black at the
end of my closet. A dress I hadn’t seen or
touched since my Mom gave it to me.
it was the dress she had worn out to J0yst!ck-tail
parties. Once she grew out of it she handed it
down to me though I never imagined I would
wear it.

I felt someone’s arms wrap around my
as I stood there staring at the dress. “But
not a loner anymore! You have me and
Brandon…and…apparently Derrek too!” Dorcas
in my ear, I could hear Brandon in the
begin to laugh. DOrcas unwrapped her arms
around me as she turned to face Brandon.
so wrong about Derrek!?”
“What? You mean other than the fact that he
like a giant on the nad juice?”
Brandon tested her, “Well let’s see, he is a
complete butt0ckz, he treats girls like Shtt, and he-”
“He sounds just like your brother, but you still
love him.” Dorcas fought back.
“Enough you guys!” I cut the argument short as
turned around to face them, the black dress in
arms. “Nothing is going on with me and Derrek,
“Ha-Ha.” Brandon taunted as he pointed his
finger at Dorcas and stuck out his tongue.
“Oh grow up Brandon!” Dorcas barked at him as
she walked over to me, “what’s that?” she
asked as her eyes scanned the dress in my
I looked down at the black dress, debating on
whether or not I even wanted to show it to
them. I
knew if Dorcas saw it she would force me to
wear it against my will, yet I did want to wear
it…I think?

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I looked up at Dorcas to find her sticking her
tongue out at Brandon with her right hand’s
index finger and thumb in an L shape,
obviously standing for ‘Loser’.
“Dorcas!” I said while laughing, “You tell
Brandon to grow up and yet you’re standing
here doing the same thing.”
Brandon started laughing next as Dorcas
turned to
face me with a surprised look on her face. “You
weren’t supposed to see me doing that.” She
admitted as a smile crept onto her face.
I looked down at my watch, 7:40pm. “Okay, are
you guys ready? If we’re going we should really
get a move on.” “I’m not…I’ll just stay here.”
Brandon said as he
sat down on my bed. A large smile crossed his
face, his perfect pearl white teeth shimmering
underneath my bedroom light.
“You wish mister!” Dorcas said while running
to the bed and jumping up on it forcing
Brandon to bounce up and down. “We’re ready
Jane, are you?”
I held up the little black dress, analyzing it one
more time. “Almost…I just need to put this
We pulled up to Derrek’s house in Brandon’s
black SUV and well, the house was packed. We
could barely find a place to park in his overly
large driveway, which actually resembled a
parking lot. Derrek’s house was huge, one of
biggest in all of McLasgidi, which is another
reason for Derrek’s overly conceited attitude.
father is the owner and CEO of a multi-national
corporation. His mother is a famous artist,
winner of prestigious awards and whose work
starting from 10k in price.

The best way to describe Derrek’s house would
be that it’s a mansion, which is saying a lot
seeing as McLasgidi is more of a rich folk town.
We all grew up with large houses, everything
given to us
and a lack of parental supervision. Though
there are a few exceptions, like my family, my
parents are away on business most of the time
though they have strict rules. They at least
make an effort to parent us when or if they
ever find out we broke a rule.
“No parking, I guess we better just go.”
said interrupting my thoughts. He tried to
disappointed but I could hear the hope
in his voice.
“Yah there is! Right there, between the red
Corvette and blue Mustang.” Dorcas said
pointing her finger eagerly at the empty spot.

Both Brandon and I sighed in disappointment
he pulled into the parking spot and turned off
I could hear music blaring from Derrek’s house
I looked over saw a bunch of seniors from
standing on his porch passing around a pretty
large bottle and chugging it straight. Then on
steps were more teens passing around what
looked like a bong. The most disturbing sight
one kid kneeling in the grass puking while his
friend stood by laughing.
My gut was telling me this was a bad idea and
nerves began to act up. “I don’t know Dorcas,
maybe we should just leave. I don’t think I
to wear this dress either so let’s just go-”
“No” She cut me off, “Let’s just go in there,
have a
couple drinks-loosen up a bit and in an hour if
you guys still want to go…then we’ll leave.
“Fine.” Brandon agreed.
“Alright…” I replied afterwards.
We all opened our doors slowly manoeuvering
of the vehicle while trying not to hit the cars on
each side of the SUV. I turned around to see
reflection in the blue mustang’s window.

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I was reminded of Richard’s comment about
me looking like I belonged in the play boy
mags. I left my hair in its flowing waves though
I added a
little more to my make-up, changing it from
casual to a more party going look.
Then there was my dress, it was a short skirted
dress with a ‘V’ shaped halter that pushed my
breasts together. The back of the dress had a
low plunging backless style to it, which left my
back bare. I wore black stiletto’s that matched
my dress perfectly and made my legs look
longer. I will admit, the whole outfit was a little
over the
top revealing and maybe a touch swanky but at
the same time it was Sekxy.
“You have to let me borrow that dress
sometime, I
love it!” Dorcas came from around the vehicle
Brandon following behind her.
Dorcas’ outfit was a lot more…well, Dora .
Though her dress was shorter than mine and
completely strapless, the light pink color of it
made her look cute rather than swanky. That
one thing I idolized Dorcas for; she could wear
most revealing clothes but still managed to
them look cute. I mean who does that? If I’d
her get up I would have been arrested for
indecent exposure!
“You can borrow it right now, I’m going home!”
turned around to try and get back into the SUV
when Dorcas grabbed my hand and pulled me
“In your dreams Missy, let’s go.” She said while
walking toward the house and pulling me

Brandon came to my side as we all walked
the huge parking lot styled driveway. “That’s
thing you’re going to have to get use
stubbornness.” Brandon spoke with
“Or I can just change my mind about becoming
friends with you two and make a run for it.” I
“You wish!” Dorcas joined in.
“Yah, sorry Jane but you’re stuck with us now.”
Brandon added and I smiled.
Sixteen years I had never had one friend and in
two days I made friends with probably two of
best people in McLasgidi. They weren’t stuck
they were fun, they didn’t care so much what
people thought and I could already tell they
the type of friends you could trust with your

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