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Must Read: Lost Of Virginity- Season 1 Episode 18 – Stories


We began to ascend the stairs leading to
house when we were abruptly stopped by Jessica. She stood on the top steps with Tiffany
on one side of her and Sammy on the other.
Jessica had her arms crossed looking down at
with her annoying scrunched up face. She kind
reminded me of a ferret.
“And what do you looosers think you’re doing
here?” She asked us while Tiffany and Sammy
mimicked her stuck-up facial expression.
“We’re coming to the party Jessica, so move.”
Dorcas jumped in before I could say anything.
“Ha! I don’t think so. This is a senior’s only kind
of party.”
“We were invited.” Dorcas said mimicking their
stuck-up tone.
“I don’t care who invited you, you’re not
here.” Jessica insisted.

“Derrek invited us and this is his house so get
hell out of the way Jessica!” I finally jumped in
I took another step up. I was now standing face
to face with Jessica, staring at her with glaring
She looked at me with amusement, “Ohh look
here girls, Shy-loner girl thinks she’s tough.” She
laughed as Tiffany and Sammy joined in
anything Jessica said like two obedient lap
“Well, first of all little girl, Derrek would never
caught dead talking to a sophomore never
inviting three of them to his party.”
The front door opened as the noise from inside
surrounded us, people’s laughter, music, joyful
yelling; all the sounds that indicated a teen
We all looked over to the door and saw Derrek 

coming out of the house. He was wearing the
same clothes he had worn at school today. Blue
jeans with a Pittsburgh Steelers hooded sweat
shirt on and even though I would have drowned
in that sweater it was tight against his overly
large muscles. At this point everyone sitting on
the porch was now watching us closely.
“Your right, Jessica.” Derrek said in his deeply
low voice. “I didn’t invite those three
sophomores here.” He paused for dramatic effect.

“I knew it-” Jessica began before Derrek
caught her off.
“I invited Jane here. Why the short-stuff and
nerd boy came is beyond me.” Derrek said
while eyeing both Dorcas and Brandon.
“Derrek!” Jessica said with amusement. “You
know ‘nerd boy’ is Adams’ brother!”
Just hearing his name brought a sharp pain into
my stomach. Anxiously I looked around hoping
would just appear out of nowhere. I knew it
was a
tad psychotic, I mean I was supposed to be
to get over him and yet he was the only thing I
could think about. He was the only reason I
came to this party, wishing and hoping that
maybe he would be here. Maybe I’d be able to
least see him if not anything else.

“I don’t care!” Derrek replied to
Jessica making her giggle.
“And you know we’re standing right here!”
Brandon announced angrily as both Jessica and
Derrek looked back down at Brandon with
disgust. Seriously, those two were perfect for
each other, both the most stuck-up, ‘think
they’re the best’ kids in McLasgidi.
“Whatever, we’re leaving!” I said through
gritted teeth. “Let’s go guys.”
“Wait!” Derrek called out. “You don’t have to
Jane, I invited you!” He said it like it was a
good thing, like I wanted to be there and would
ditch my friends just to go to his ‘party’.
God, the nerve of some people! I thought
I turned around to face him, “I’m sorry Derrek,
it’s either all of us, or none of us.”

He looked over at the seniors watching us and
then at Jessica who had the ‘Yah-right-like-
he’ll-fall-for-that-one’ look on her face. Derrek
then looked back at me, “Fine, you guys can all
Jessica’s mouth dropped as she turned to look
Derrek, “But Derrrrekkkk…” She whined.
“Shut up Jessica!, you’re annoying!”
I took one step toward the house before
and looking back up at Derrek. “And say you’re
sorry to my friends.”
“What?!” He snapped back.
“Say you’re sorry for calling Dorcas ‘short stuff’
and Brandon ‘nerd boy’, or to hell with it…We’re
leaving.” I challenged him.
He rolled his eyes, “Fine.” He looked at both of
them and then muttered “I’msorryokay.”
around us gasped in surprise as they stared at
Derrek. Though his words were all connected
together making it hard to understand them
properly I knew it was still a huge achievement
get Derrek to even remotely say it.
Jessica stared at Derrek completely stunned
before she threw her hands in the air and said,
“Unbelievable!” She ran into the house, Tiffany
and Sammy tagging along behind her.

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“You know this is going to ruin my rep! ”
Derrek groaned.
“Well, I guess that’s just a risk you’re going to
have to take.” I smiled at him while waving
and Brandon to follow me. “Party time…” I said
“I’ll show you guys around, follow me.” Derrek
said as he began to walk into the house. We all
followed him as the door opened and once
we were drowned in the noise. “It’s a pretty big
house so try not to get lost!” Derrek yelled
the noise.
I knew it was pointless to try and respond to
he would never hear me so I just nodded.
Derrek began to scream over the music again.
“There are drinks in the kitchen, the bar
downstairs, there’s a keg in the dining room,
some hard liquor in the cabinet in the first
bedroom up the stairs. If you’re planning on
getting lucky tonight my bedroom and my
are off limits. They are probably the only doors
locked and if I find anyone in them, they’ll get
Shtt-kicked! Girl or boy.” He finally stopped
yelling as he turned around and looked at us.

“Any questions?!” We all shook our heads. “I’ll
grab us some drinks, what do you want?!”
“I’ll just have a cooler, maybe?!” I yelled back.
“Me too!” Dorcas added.
Derrek looked at Brandon waiting for him to
answer, “I’m the B.R” Brandon finally
“Okay? So beer it is!” Derrek disappeared
Brandon could correct him.
I finally took the time to look around and well,
everyone was wasted. As my eyes peered
us when I realized I wasn’t just checking out the
party but actually looking for someone in
particular. Every time I saw a tall brown haired
boy excitement rose inside me, although I was
quickly disappointed because it never turned
to be him. I wanted to forget about him so
because the constant disappointment was
becoming unbearable. I shook my head trying
get him out of my mind.

I tried to distract myself by concentrating on
something else. At the top of the stairs I saw a
couple boys putting a mattress down and
about ready to ride it down the stairs; both
had a bottle of hard liquor in their hands. At
bottom of the stairs was a group of teens (boys
and girls) cheering and encouraging them. In
corner of the foyer was a chair that was
by a half Unclad girl giving some guy a horrible
dance, her rhythm was completely off from the
music and to any sober person she looked
and a tad pathetic.
I could slightly see into the dining room where
game of “Strip Poker” was being played. I
to Dorcas and Brandon waving them closer to me
so I didn’t have to yell, “Is it just me or is this
party a little…”
“X-rated?” Brandon finished the sentence for
“No, this is how parties normally are…aren’t
they?” Dorcas questioned. “I mean I see it in the
movies all the time!”

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I shook my head trying to keep my eyes
from all the half Unclad girls, “Yah, that’s just it
Dorcas, you see it in movies! I don’t think normal
teen parties are actually this bad.”
“Yah, but Jane, this is McLasgidi. 90% of the
girls here are sluts!”
Brandon nodded, “Dorcas does have a point.”
“Well…It’s still disgusting.” They both nodded in
agreement though it kind of looked like
was enjoying the ‘view’.
My head snapped up when I felt someone grab
butt0ckz as I quickly turned around to face a drunken
guy. He was another senior, not the most
of the guys but he was still a football player. He
was a little chubby with reddish burnt coloured
hair, freckles and these piercing green eyes.
eyes were so red and bleary from the vast
quantities of alcohol he consumed.

“Excuse me!” I said pushing his hand away from
“Awwww, com’ on S£x…E ” The boy slurred.
“I think there’s a game of strip poker in the
dining room. Umm,why don’t you go join them.”
“Nahhh!” He yelled before stumbling over and
falling to the ground. The beer that was once in
his hand smashed against the foyer floor. I
could hear Dorcas and Brandon laughing behind me as I ignored them and tried to offer him my hand.
“Here, I’ll help you up.” I insisted.
“Orrr!” He yelled arrogantly again, “I’ll -hicup-
helps you’p downn!” He then grabbed my hand
before I had a chance to respond and pulled
to the ground as I fell on top of him. Dorcas and
Brandon’s laughter roared out of control as the
boy’s arms wrapped around my body and
sq££zed me tightly against him as I struggled
hard to get out of his grasp.
“Liam!” Derrek’s voice echoed through the
foyer as
he marched toward us with his arms full of
“What do you think you’re doing with Jane,
let her go guy, she’s mine!”
I’m his? I thought to myself, I’m definitely not
‘his’, I am for nobody, I’m a person not an
object. I was going to start yelling at Derrek for
saying that. When Liam quickly let go of me and
crawled away mumbling apologies to Derrek, I
decided to let it slide.

“No thank you?” Derrek said as he grabbed me
my waist and pulled me up to my feet.
“I’ll think about,” I replied before turning to
Dorcas and Brandon. “Thanks by the way! My two best
friends stand by and laugh at me as I get
molested by Liam. I have to wait for the stuck-
asshole to come along and save me!”
Derrek chuckled, “Hey, I’m standing right
Brandon butted in, “Yah isn’t it fun to be Shtt
talked right in front of your face?”
“Whatever Dude, I’m wasted. I honestly don’t
a Shtt.” Derrek then handed me a red coloured
cooler, then handed Karis the same kind and
passed Brandon a beer.
“You’re cocky like your brother, huh?” Brandon
“Anyways…” Derrek started talking again. That’s
when I realized the music had calmed down a
– we were actually able to talk without
at each other.

“I’m stealing Jane for a bit, you two go enjoy
yourself. Look around, get Unclad. I really don’t care.”
I looked at Derrek like he was nutty, “Umm,
don’t I
get a say on whether or not I want to come
Derrek then looked down at me as if debating,
then finally he replied with one word “No.” He
wrapped his arm around my shoulders and
much dragged me along with him. We went
through the dining room in which I really wish
hadn’t almost everyone sitting around the table
had next to nothing on except one guy you
looked rather proud of himself. He must have
been winning most the games because the only
thing he wasn’t wearing was his sweater whilst
everyone else had piles of clothes beside

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“Derrek, dude you got to get in on this!” The
clothed boy called out. Derrek merely waved
hand dismissively to him as he brought me
through a doorway that led to the kitchen. The
kitchen was huge! It looked like it belonged in a
restaurant rather than a home. All the
were made of stainless steel that matched
perfectly to the black marble counter tops.
“Did you want another drink?” Derrek asked
me as
he walked up to one of the two fridges and
opened it. The fridge was full of alcoholic
beverages from top to bottom and nothing
I was going to say no when I looked down and
realized my cooler had less than a sip left in it,
instead I said “Sure, same thing.” He grabbed
another red cooler from the fridge twisted off
cap before passing it to me. “So what, you guys
don’t eat around here?”
Derrek sneered, “Obviously we do.” He replied
snobby, “the food is in there.” He pointed to
other fridge as he rolled his eyes at me.
“Jane?!” A voice I recognized all too well
pierced my ears as I turned around to be face to face
with…my brother!
“Oh…Uh, hey Richard.” I said nervously as I
to take giant nervous swigs from my cooler.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing
He yelled at me.
“Richard, calm down. She’s with me.”
Richard turned to look at Derrek with wide eyes,
could see the anger boiling up inside him as his
hands began to clench.
“Richard, stop it!” I yelled out, “I’m seventeen years
“No exactly Jane, you’re only sixteen years old!
No sixteen year olds come to this party never
my little sister!” He growled as I chugged the
bit of the drink down. “And what’s that in your
“It’s nothing!”
“You’re drinking?!” He ignored me.
“So what you drink all the time!”
“I’m twenty.”
“Yah and you drank when you were sixteen,
“This is not like you Jane, what has gotten
you!?” He demanded.
“Nothing has gotten into me, just leave me
alone!” I yelled at him as loud as I could, I
everyone was now staring at us. My cheeks
to redden with both anger and embarrassment
as I
ran out of the kitchen. I didn’t know where I
going but I continued to run knocking already
tipsy people to the floor as I passed.
I finally made it to a set of sliding glass doors
as I
opened them up and ran onto Derrek’s lawn. I
guessing it was his back yard because I didn’t
recognize it from earlier. I continued to run
through the grass until I couldn’t go any longer.
I fell to my knees as tears began to burst out of
my eyes – I felt so embarrassment and so angry at
brother. I was already depressed about
going on between me and Adams. All my
emotions exploded at that moment as I sat
kneeling in the grass bawling my eyes out.
“Jane…are you okay?

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