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The sound of his voice instantly stopped the
tears from forming in my eyes, any thoughts
that were once circulating through my mind
had vanished. The moment I looked up and
into his warm brown eyes the world around me
disappeared. Even with his right eye
completely bruised black he was still gorgeous.
I barely even
acknowledged the sudden rapid thumping in
my chest.
I roamed my eyes over every inch of his
perfectly sculpted body. I had been waiting,
wishing to see him all night but it wasn’t until
that exact moment
did I realize how much I needed him, how
much I craved to be securely wrapped in his
masculine embrace. It felt like my head was
getting light as
if maybe I was going to pass out, that’s when I
realized I had been holding my breath – I let it
I watched Adams as he knelt down beside me.
His arm reached out as he cupped my face in
his hand. The second his skin touched mine, my
whole body exploded with goose bumps as a
shiver ran down my spine. Using his thumb he
gently wiped away the left over tears from my
cheek as I reached up and pressed my hand
against his.

His other arm snaked around my neck and at
first he hesitated for a brief moment before
pulling me closer. I could feel his warm breath
against my
lips and it smelt of sweet strawberries with a
hint of spearmint. The alcohol that was now
circulating through my veins dismissed any past
anger I had toward him because at that
moment all I wanted was to press my lips
against his and
taste that sweet intoxicating smell that was

radiating inside my brain and attacking my
I removed my hand from his as I coiled it
underneath his arm and grasped on to his back
before pulling him closer to me. Our lips were
now so close I could feel his lightly brush
against mine which instantly forced my lips to
begin to tingle. My body began to heat up with
anticipation – it felt like hours before our lips
finally met although it was merely seconds. It
started with light butterfly kisses, our mouths
moved in sync with each other.
Time seemed to stop as the world around me
had been forgotten. It was just me and Adams
at that moment and that was all I cared about.
The house
could have been on fire and I would barely
have even acknowledged it. The sounds of cars
driving and party-goers laughing, drunken
yelling and boats honking and all other sounds
that normally filled the night air of McLasgidi
had all disappeared from existence.

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The only sound that seemed to reach my ears
were our individual heartbeats pounding
against our chests and our heavy breathing as
the kiss began to deepen. As Adams pressed
his lips
harder against mine, pleasure exploded inside
The tingles that had begun in my lips expanded
throughout my entire body. The last couple
days I had built up so much resentment toward
Adams and self-loathing for being so weak. Not
once though could I deny myself what I truly
wanted, which was this.

I hated Adams after everything he had done to
me and deep down there was an unreleased
anger toward him but no matter how much I
tried to unleash it there was something else
fighting against the anger, something stronger.
It was something I vaguely recognized from
movies I’d watched and books I’ve read except
it was a feeling I was completely new to. There
was no
other explanation as I just then realized I had
truly fallen completely in love with Adams.
Adams hand began drawing light circles on the
back of my neck which automatically made me
shutter with sheer pleasure. My arm joined my
other one around his waist as I pulled him
harder against me leaving no space between
us. We fit together perfectly, like we were
specifically made to fit into each other’s arms.

Even though, I could still hear a faint voice in
the depths of my mind, yelling at me to pull
That this was not safe and I was only setting
myself up for more pain, more hurt and more
misery. Nice self-talk going on inside my head,
I had to ignore the senile Bytch and go with the
pleasure principle instead!
Adams pulled away for only an instant and yet
that instant felt to me like an eternity. He
lowered his head as he began nibbling on my
ear sending
me into pure ecstasy. The pleasurable tickling
he was doing on my ear over powered the
voice in my head and silenced her. Stupid cow
getting in the way of my happiness! I could feel
my hands clenching onto his back and could
faintly hear my m0ans of pleasure though my
mind had become nothing more than a cloudy
haze as I sat knelt in the grass enjoying every
electrifying touch from Adams.
“Wait…” Adams pulled away breathing heavily,
“We need to talk first…”
“Hmmm?” I sat there in a daze barely even
realizing he was talking. I didn’t want to talk but
instead wanted to just feel his body heat
against mine and I didn’t want the addictive
feel good s£nsat!ons to stop.
“Jane,” He whispered as his breathing was
beginning to even out. He hesitated, debating
on whether or not to finish his thought. I really
didn’t care – I just wished he would stop talking
so we
could get back to what we were doing. “I need
to know, what has gotten into you today? I need
to know if this is a permanent thing.”
“What do you mean?” I spoke softly. I was still
too distracted by wanting him and his
pleasurable heat.
“The new clothes? New attitude? Flirting with
Derrek and coming to this party?” His eyes
were full of disappointment, “This isn’t you
Jane, you’re not like these people, you’re
better than this, than them.”
The absence of his touch cleared my head as
the dreamy haze disappeared and I was finally
able to make sense of what he was saying. I
can’t exactly
explain why but his accusation of actually
‘knowing me’ made me angry as my eyes
changed from loving to furious in an instant. I
know I might have been overreacting but the
fact that both Adams and continued to act as if
coming to this ‘party’ was like God hanging out
in Hell was infuriating! I was a teenager like
everyone else and even though most of my
sixteen years were completely isolated, I no
longer wanted it to be like that. I wanted to be
like a normal teenage girl!

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I quickly stood to my feet which released me
from Adams embrace, leaving me feeling alone
and incomplete. Every part of my body ached
and craved for his touch but somehow I
managed to
hold myself together and keep my composure.
“This…” I waved my hands up and down my
body, “isn’t me? How would you know what is
or isn’t me, Adams? You barely even know me!”
“Barely even know you?!” Adams asked in
disbelief. “We sat on the cliff for eight hours
Jane and did nothing but talk. If anything I
know you better than anyone else.”

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I couldn’t deny the fact that he was completely
right, which only made me that much angrier.
A guy I knew for barely even a week knew
more about me than my own parents did. We
hung out
for one night and I had trusted him with my
whole life story. He betrayed me the next
morning and as I stood there looking down at
him knelt in the grass those feelings of betrayal
from that
afternoon came rushing back.
“I don’t care!” I yelled immaturely, “Just leave
me alone, Adams!”

Adams got up to his feet as he tried to reach
out to me, instantly I backed away from him
knowing the second he touched me all would
be forgotten.
“Jane, what can I do to prove to you I won’t
ever hurt you again? I’m begging for your
His voice was full of sincerity as he looked
down at me with his soft brown eyes that were
lightly shimmering with unshed tears. I could
see the
wetness that glazed over his eyes except the
tears never seemed to fall as he tried to keep
himself together. My heart began to shatter
into pieces as
I watched Adams beg me – I had never seen
him look so exposed and vulnerable.


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