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“I don’t care whether you guys kicked his butt0ckz or
not, she’s my little sister so this problem is
to deal with!”
I woke up to the sound of my brother yelling
his bedroom into what I’m guessing was a
seeing as I couldn’t hear anyone reply. I
my eyes against the bright morning light
through my bedroom window. My head
began to pound hard as my stomach rumbled
angrily inside me. My mouth was dry as I ached
for some water to drink, I felt drowsy and
This must be what a hangover feels like, I
to myself as I pulled the blanket off me and
tossed it to the ground.
“Where is he?!” Richard’s loud voice reached my
ears, “Is he at your house? He is, isn’t he! I’m
coming over.”
I looked around my empty bedroom trying
hard to
ignore my brother’s hollering that was only
adding to the excruciating pain my head was
causing me.
“No? No! What do you mean no?!” Richard
to scream as his voice echoed through the

I didn’t know exactly who my brother was
to but I definitely knew what they were talking
about. The memory of last night began to
in my head like a terrifying horror movie. It
was all
just a drunken blur as if I was watching a movie
on a video projector with multiple clips
missing. I
was just beginning to crawl out of bed when I
saw a small note left on my bedside table. I
picked it up and began to read.
I’m sorry I had to leave. I really wish I could have
stayed with you… but I did wait until you were
safely sleeping. I will be with my parents all
morning but I plan to head to school at around
lunch time. I’m not sure if you are even
on going to school or not, but I just thought I’d
let you know. I dressed you up in some
wear last night, your dress was…well…ripped. I
took the dress with me, I’m going to get my
Mom’s tailor to fix it up for you.
If I don’t see you at lunch I’ll check up on you
after school.
I hope you’re alright…
I looked down at myself and saw that I was
wearing blue and red striped pyjama p@nts with
green t-shirt with black pot a dots on it. Out of
the clothes Adams could have put on me, out
all the matching clothes he had decided to go
with the most ‘clashiest’ outfit I had ever seen.

Instantly a small smile of amusement appeared
my face as I rolled my eyes and shook my
“Fine! Fork you Derrek, don’t even bother
to talk to me, you backstabbing prick!”
I turned my head in the direction of Trent’s
my eyes widening in shock. I knew he was just
trying to protect me and that the horrible news
last night’s events had obviously pushed him
over the edge but honestly I wished the yelling
would just stop. I wanted to get the memory of
last night out of my head though it seemed
impossible with him constantly yelling about it.
“I am not being immature!”
I dragged myself out of bed and began to head
towards my mirror, fearing what I see in the
would echo how I was feeling. At first I stood
there with my eyes closed, taking slow deep
breaths trying hard to gain enough courage to
just open them up and look at my reflection.
“Derrek…I told you not to invite her to the
and what did you do? You invited her anyways!”

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I peeled my eyes open as I began to adjust to
sight in front of me. My hair was a scrambled
mess on top my head as dried up blood matted
my hair together in dark clumps. I reached up
feel the slight gash on top the goose egg, which
had emerged out of my head. An instant replay
being tossed to the ground and smashing my
head made me to tremble. My left cheek was
swollen and discoloured as the memory of
smacking me across the face flashed through
mind. I could see the skin on my neck
into the shape of his chubby little hand as the
feeling of not being able to breathe came back
“You’re sorry?! That’s it? Okay where is he,
Derrek? Where is Liam?!….Fine! I’ll find him
myself, you good for nothing piece of Shtt!”
The sound of something smashing against the
wall in my brothers room instantly reminded
me of
Adams smashing against the door urgently
to get in as I was being dragged across the
by my hair. In that exact second the tears
to gush out as I fell to the floor. All of last
flashback memories were becoming too much
bear and my body marked with reminders of
events that occurred.

The past sixteen years of my life have been
boring and completely safe and predictable. No
real happiness or sadness, it was merely a life
neutral nothingness. I barely remember ever
actually crying although the past week it
that’s all I had been doing. I never thought
the time finally came that I made friends that I
would want everything to go back to the way it
was. But I did – I missed the non-dramatic,
boring life I lived only a mere week ago.
I la!d on my bedroom floor my hands covering
face crying from my very soul. My cries grew
louder and louder as every second passed. I

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Suddenly my bedroom door flung open as I
to look at my brother standing in the door way.
his hand he held the handset of his telephone,
the cord hanging loosely from where it had
pulled out of the base. At first I continued to
though as my eyes settled on Richard longer, I
couldn’t help but cough out a laugh.

He looked down at me with such a worried
expression, as if there were something wrong
me and yet he was the one standing there with
broken phone in his hand and a red hot face. In
some twisted way it amused me that he and I
were such a train wreck. My brother was
so in control of his emotions, calm and steady
able to cope with practically anything. I just had
no reasons to feel any emotions before. Ever
since I decided to break out of my shell of
loneliness and join the real world I have turned
Richard into an overly protective brother, while I
seemed to be nothing more than bipolar and
“Are you okay?” Richard whispered as he walked
into my room. I nodded my head trying to
the large lump in my throat. “I’m going to kill
Jane.” His voice was full of animosity.

“No…Richard, just leave it be…please.” I pleaded
I began to get to my feet.
“But look at you; he can’t just get away with
“But that’s the thing Richard, he can.” I walked
to my closet trying to ignore him. “Just drop it
“But Jane-”
“Richard, please!”
He finally gave up but not without storming out
my bedroom angrily and slamming the door
behind him. I sighed heavily before going to
bathroom and jumping into the shower
to once again forget all of last night’s events.

I decided to wear something a little more
today, not the little kid-baggy outfits I used to
wear but neither was it anything like my
yesterdays outfit. I choose a nice pair of blue
jeans with a perfectly fitted yellow t-shirt.
was no extra skin showing but the outfit did
outline all my curves giving me a more natural
beauty rather than a forced one. My hair was
pulled back into a messy pony tail with strands
hair falling out and I decided to boycott
wanting to embrace a more natural look.
I looked in the mirror as a smile appeared on
face. Ignoring the fact that my cheek and neck
were bruised I actually looked good. It was a
in-between look and evidently I liked it. I
overly trying but I definitely was trying a little
more than I used to – giving me a more
natural beauty.

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The sound of a vehicle peeling out of my
forced me to run to the spare bedroom across
hall to look out the window. I saw my brother’s
Chevy zooming down the street as my heart
began to accelerate. I knew where he was going
and I knew it couldn’t be good.
I ran back to my room and grabbed my phone
quickly dialing Richard’s cell phone number. It
and continued to ring unanswered finally going
voice mail.

Thinking quickly I looked through our caller
display to find Derrek’s number. I knew that’s
where Richard would be heading.
“I thought you never wanted to talk to me
Derrek’s voice answered the phone sounding
“I think Richard’s going to kill Liam!” I almost
into the phone.
It was at that moment that I realized that I
blame Liam for what he did to me, I blamed
myself. If I hadn’t decided to change my
appearance and try to look like Tiffany and the
Crew then maybe Liam wouldn’t have forced
himself on me. I had got so caught up with
to pay Adams back that I had stooped so low as
to dress up like a Sluut.

The girls in McLasgidi that dress the way I did
yesterday are the type to give themselves
to any guy. Liam was far past drunk last night
and though what he did was wrong, I still
myself for it. He did deserve to be beaten up
hitting me but honestly I did not wish death

“Did you hear me?!” I said panicked, “Richard is
going to your house to kill Liam!”
Derrek laughed into the phone which made me
realize why Trent threw his phone against the
“This is serious!” I yelled angrily.
“Calm down ya’ grouch. No one’s at my house
right now, I’m on my way to school and Liam
gone on a much needed vacation.”

“What?!” I asked confused.
“Well, when Liam woke up this morning and
realized what he did, he decided to go visit with
his aunt in California until things…settle down a
bit. I think he knew your brother would be
after him.”
“So I’m guessing you need a ride to school?”
“What? Oh…I didn’t even think about-”
“I’ll be there in five minutes.” He cut me off
hanging up. Richard, please! Richard, please!

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