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Must Read: Lost Of Virginity- Season 1 Episode 22 – Stories


Derrek pulled up in his silver 2009
Lamborghini Gallardo; usually when people would see that car
they would stare with envy but I merely rolled
eyes with disgust. He looked over at me and
smirked before hooking the horn even though I
was already at the car. I opened up the
side door, gave him an evil glare before getting
“Nice bag.” He said sarcastically while looking
down at my batman backpack.
“Shut-up and go!” I snapped back.
“Someone’s P.M. Sing…” Derrek mumbled as he
pulled his car out of the driveway and sped
the street without even giving me the chance
to put my seatbelt on. I glared at him once again
before I pulled my seatbelt with much
and wrapped it around me angrily.
“Honestly Derrek, why is it you can be such a
complete J0yst!ck.”
“Ummm…Because I have money.”

I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not but either
way it still pissed me off. I looked over at the
overly muscular guy sitting in the drives seat;
had a snobbish grin plastered to his face.
Curiosity was beginning to get the best of me
as I finally asked the question that had been on my
mind for the pass 15 minutes.
“Derrek, why are you all of a sudden talking to
me and driving me to school? I’m not part of your
crowd so why are you even acknowledging me.”
“You can blame Richard for that one. He wanted
to keep an eye on you, make sure nothing
happens…” He laughed but continued. “I sure
Forked up last night, huh?”

I rolled my eyes at him. He was such an
inconsiderate bastard.

“I didn’t know you and Richard were such good
friends.” I finally said breaking the silence.
“There’s a lot you don’t know.”

Suddenly a memory from last night I had tried
completely erase from my mind appeared. It
right after I had chugged half a bottle of
and I was drunk…too drunk. The thought of my
lips pressed up against Derrek’s almost forced
to puke right then and there.
“Look Derrek…about last night-”
“What part?” He cut me off.
“The…umm…kiss.” I said as my cheeks flushed

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“Don’t worry about it.”
“It’s just I don’t…like you like that…” I
“What I mean is…That-”
He cut me off again before I could continue “I
don’t worry about it, I’m not attracted to you.”
“Oh right, your only attracted you older
women.” I snapped back.
I had no reason to be jealous but maybe my
insecurities were starting to take over and I
hoping for some reassurance from Derrek.
Which, apparently I was not going to get.
Derrek laughed his loud hearty laugh, “and
where did you hear that.”
“Hey, just because I never used to talk to
anyone doesn’t mean I didn’t hear all the rumours. Like for instants how you’ve never slept with any of the high school girls and that you only go for older
“Like you said, those are all rumours.” He said
“So what are you telling me you’re a virgin?”
“Fork no; I lost my virginity to Tiffany in 10th
grade(like SS2 here in Nigeria).”

“Oh, and she’s the only girl you’ve ever slept
with?” I said with disbelief.
“Yes actually, she is the only girl I’ve ever slept
with.” He replied truthfully. He turned his head
towards me while biting his lip as if he were
having a debate inside his head but then finally
continued. “I didn’t sleep with her because I
wanted to either. I slept with her because I
thought maybe if I had S£x with a girl, I’d start
being attracted to girls.”
“What are you taking abou-” I stopped mid
sentence as my mouth dropped to the floor.
are you saying…”
“Unfortunately, yes…I’m in the same boat as
Richard-Or should I say closet.”
“You know about Richard?” I said in surprise
realisation dawned on me. “Wait, are you

“It’s an on and off kind of relationship and I’m
guessing right now it’s off. He was pretty pissed
at me this morning.”
“Oh my god…” I managed to whisper in daze of
shock. “But you seem so-”
“Straight?” He finished my sentence. “It’s called
acting…I act like a big J0yst!ck head who’s too good
for all the girls in high school, that way they
don’t constantly try hitting on me. Well, aside
from the stupid ones like Jessica.”

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“Well, you’re sure good at it.” I said still
completely taken back.
“Are you saying I’d make it as an actor?” He
“Very good possibility.” I said while smiling
at him. “Does anyone know…Like about you?”
“No.” He said sternly while adding in the same
tone, “other than Richard and I’d like to keep it
that way.”
“No problem; My lips are sealed.” I wasn’t lying
either. Even though Derrek was a complete
asshole (whether it was all an act or not I still
wasn’t sure of) but I knew this secret was not
mine to tell. “So…If no one’s knows about you
but my brother…Why did you tell me.”

“I don’t know…I guess I feel like I can trust
He admitted; I smiled up at him in response. “I
can…Can’t I?”
“Of course, your dating my brother so your
practically family!”
This made him smile but just as quickly as the
smile appeared it faded. “Well, I don’t think
actually together right now…”
“He’ll get over it.”
“Hopefully…” He spoke softly as he stared out

The silence was starting to become
as I tried to change the subject. “So why don’t
you and Richard just tell everyone you’re dating.
Why do you have to hide, I mean it would be so
much easier for you two if you didn’t always
to pretend to be something your not.”
“Shtt.” He shook his head, “Not likely, we’re in
high school doll. If me and Richard let any of
little immature teens know our real sexuality,
we’d be teased more than the band geeks.”
I shook my head at him in annoyance. “You
are all the same.”

“What are you talking about now?”
“You, Richard, Adams… You guys care to much
what other people think; you are all so
embarrassed to just be yourselves.”
“Okay, Adams has NOTHING to be
about.” Derrek said while pulling into a parking
spot. I was so lost in the conversation I hadn’t
even realized we were all ready at school.

I turned to look at Derrek and said, “Neither do
you or Richard.”
With that I got out of the car and began to walk
towards the school, not once glancing back at
Derrek though I knew he was still watching me.
I watched the rain pouring outside threw my
classroom window as my nerves began to spike
up. Soon the lunch bell would ring and because
the weather the whole student body would be
the cafeteria for lunch. I didn’t know what to be
expecting; whether Adams would act how he
usually did around everyone else or if maybe
some chance he really was going to change.

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Either way I was scared for lunch to come and
every second ticked by my nerves continued to
I stared at the round clock that sat above the
chalk board at the front of the classroom as the
big hand joined the little one at the number
At that same instant the bell rang loud
in my ears as my body froze with nothing but
heart rapidly beating.
The whole classroom erupted with noise as
everyone piled out of the door hurrying away
their one hour of freedom. Both English and
History class had dragged by so slowly this
morning but now that it was actually lunch it
like it approached too soon.

I slowly picked myself up off my seat as I could
feel my palms begin to grow warmer. I made
way out of the empty classroom as slow as a
before heading to my locker. It felt like barely
seconds had gone by but I had already dropped
off my books and was standing in front of the
cafeteria doors.

I could hear loud laughter coming from within
room on the other side of the doors. Already I
knew the café was going to be unbelievably
packed and obviously Adams lied beyond these
doors as well.
“Okay stop being such a baby and open the
I muttered quietly to myself.

I inhaled a deep breath before pulling the door
open and entering inside the cafeteria, which
no surprise was completely packed.


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