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My heart stopped as I slowly looked up at the
house that we were now parked in front of.

Everything looked so normal; it was just your
regular house in which wasn’t too big nor too
small. It was a perfect little cozy house with
blue stucco sidings with black roofing. Three
steps led up to the small porch which a cute
little swing chair sat beside the white front

I took a deep breath before looking up to
Adams, “so…I guess we’d better go find Trent
and Derrek?” I whispered quietly; still fearing
what it is we would find.
Adams nodded his head as he turned off the
engine. I reached a shaky hand over to the
door handle and opened up the truck door;
slowly climbing out of the truck, being careful
not to fall.
“Hang up the phone!”
Instantly my body froze as Richard’s yelling voice
reached my ears; he was inside the house. My
stomach turned inside me; there was
something about his voice that honestly scared
me. Suddenly my heart began to race as I
quickly ran towards the house not wasting
another second. I could vaguely hear Adams
running after me though I completely ignored
him as I ran up the stairs and reached the
door. I didn’t even bother knocking as I
grabbed the door knob and pushed against the
door; fumbling into the house.

Once I caught my balance I turned my head to
look over at Richard. My eyes went wide with
complete horror. The whole living room was a
disaster; the glass coffee table was smashed
into tiny pieces, framed picture scattered


across the floor, the space rug was crunch up
and lying in a corner
of the room and most of the cushions from the
couch were thrown around randomly. The
whole living room looked as if a small tornado
had blown through and destroyed everything.

I looked back up at Richard. He was standing
there with his arm securely wrapped around
the neck of a chubby little red head; Liam.
Blood smeared across Richard’s face, starting at
his nose in which honestly looked broken. His
hair was a complete mess on top of his head
and as my eye’s trailed over to Liam he looked
just as bad. His lip looked as if it had been cut
right open and there was a small black bruise
already forming under his eye.
But that was definitely not the worst of it. I
looked back up at Richard as something finally
caught my eye…Something I hadn’t seen at
first. In his free hand he was holding a hand
gun; the gun directly pointed at Liam’s head.
Tears ran down Liam’s face as he barely even
acknowledged my presence. He stood there
squirming against Richard’s hold as he continued
to beg for his life in quiet almost silent sobs.
“R-Richard…” I barely whispered.

Adams suddenly was standing right beside me
as he began to take in the whole scene.
“Richard! What are you doing?” Adams’ stern
voice echoed through the room.
I began to scan the room in search of Derrek.
Finally I saw him on the other side of the room
standing again the wall holding his hands up
in the air as if he were surrendering. He looked
over at me with slight relief as he mouthed the
words ‘Thank God.’
Richard shook his head obviously trying to get
over the shock of Adams and I barging into the
house. “He can’t get away with what he tried to do to
you Jane!” He said staring at me and only me
as he slightly loosened his grip on Liam.
“Okay, that may be true but still Richard, this will
not solve anything!” I finally replied once I
found my voice. I slowly took a step forward so
I was once again standing next to Adams.

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“St-Stay back!” Richard stuttered as he nudged
the gun against Liam’s head which forced me
to freeze. My whole body was not vibrating in
fear and worry; I couldn’t believe my own eyes,
it was almost as if Richard had passed the point
of sanity. But I guess this was normal behaviour
for a brother who would risk his own life for
the safety of his little sister; he is my big
brother and pretty much my both my parents
in one. He feels the need to protect me and
would obviously go to any extent to do
so…even if it were morally wrong and
completely out of character for him.
“Richard, Please. The police are on their
way…You can’t do this!” Derrek finally spoke
up though he didn’t dare move an inch as he
did so.
The Police? I thought to myself as I began to
panic. The thought of my brother being sent to
jail forced tears to emerge in my eyes. I
couldn’t live without Richard, he couldn’t go to
jail…He just couldn’t.
Anger quickly masked Richard’s face, “Derrek, I
told you to shut up!” Richard barked back at him.
“Why are you protecting Liam? Do you have a
‘thing’ for him or something?” My brother
hissed jealously.

“No! I just don’t want to lose YOU!” Derrek
cried back.
Richard stared at Derrek for a few my moments
as frustration and sadness began to take over his
face as he kept his eyes locked with Derrek’s.
Instantly, I could just see the passion and love
they felt for each other; just by looking
between the two of them anybody could tell
how much they truly cared for one another.

Even Derrek; big tough, asshole Derrek was
standing there tears rolling down his cheeks in
fear of losing Richard. He stood there knowing
that moving would only anger Richard further;
staying still, he looked at Richard with pleading
eyes. I could just tell by his face expression
that he was feeling the same emotions I wa
s feeling. Not fear for Liam but fear of losing
the one person he cared about most in the
world; Richard.
“The Police?…W-who called the police?” I
finally butted in.

The second the words left my lips I regretted
saying it. Richard’s teeth grind together furiously
as complete hatred grew in his eyes. “Liam
did…” He growled in a low voice as his eyes
looked down at the floor.
I then followed his gaze down to the ground as
my eyes fell on a small cell phone that was
now broken into two separate pieces.
“Oh Richard…” I whispered quietly.
I felt Adams’ hand reach towards mine and
intertwines between my fingers; lightly he
sq££zed my hand encouragingly. It was such
a small gesture but even so it was all I needed
to keep myself from falling apart.

I looked up at Adams as I watched his eyes
trail towards Richard; he held his head up high
as he shook his head slowly. I had to admire
him; he was probably the only one of all of us
who was able to stay completely calm in such
a hellish situation.
“Richard” He spoke softly but sternly, “you have
to put the gun down and let go of Liam. I know
how much you want to make him suffer but
killing him is only going to hurt Jane more.”
“Yah!?” Richard fought back, “and how would
YOU know how much I want to make him
“Because I want to make him suffer for what
he did to her!” He said as I watch his control
began to slip. “There is nothing I would like
more than too force him to lay on the ground
and beg for his life as I rip his head…” He
trailed off as he realized his voice was growing
louder and louder with anger.

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Richard chuckled, a laugh that honestly forced
the hair on my arms to stand up. He sounded
completely different and psychotic; nothing
like my big brother.
“Yes, because you CARE for my sister so
much…Huh, Adams? If you actually did care
for her you wouldn’t have treated her like
complete rubbish…Your almost as BAD as Liam!”
Richard spat.
“Richard…Don’t.” Derrek said as he finally
lowered his arms.

Richard’s words forced Adams to lower his head
in what I’m guessing was shame. I could see
the sadness on his face as he lightly bit down
on his lip. He slightly lifted his head as he
began to speak though his voice was not
nearly as firm as before, “Derrek, it’s
okay…He’s right.” He whispered quietly as he
looked towards me as if he were trying to
explain himself to me rather than Trent. “I
a mistake…A few mistakes. I honestly had, still
have, strong feelings for you Jane, but I
don’t know. I was being thick headed; a jerk,
an butt0ckz, a prick…There are so many words to
describe what a complete idiot I was and I’m
so sorry.”
“Adams, it’s okay. I know…” I then sq££zed
his hand this time.
“No, Jane just let me finish.”
I nodded my head as silence filled the room.
Well, almost everyone was silent aside Liam
who was still sobbing and now hiccupping as
he muttered something along the lines of ‘Let
me go, please, please, please, don’t, don’t,
don’t.’ Honestly, I don’t even think he knew
what was happening anymore.

Adams reached towards me as his cupped my
face in his free hand. “I know I was stupid and
immature, letting the stupid judgmental kids at
school rule my life. It took me a while but I
finally realized it doesn’t matter what they
think…They don’t matter to me. I could live
without them but I can’t live without you.”
He stared me straight in the eyes as he spoke so
sincerely; honestly, for the few seconds he was
speaking I had completely forgotten where we
were and what was happening.
“I was so worried about my reputation which was
completely stupid. I don’t even understand
how I could have even remotely been
embarrassed of you. You are the most amazing
girl I have ever met. That night I brought you
up onto the cliff? I have
never in my life sat up all night long and just
talked; we talked about everything and even
pointless things like who would win in a
fight—“–Batman or Superman…” I finished his
sentence as I felt my lips begin to form a small smile.
“Yes.” He slightly smiled back, “from dusk until
dawn; we just talked and yet that was probably
one of the best nights of my life. Also Stasee,
your real and you don’t try to be someone
you’re not.”
“Aside from yesterday…” I said quietly which
made him smile again.
“That doesn’t even matter…You’re still the
best thing that has ever happened to me
Jane and I’m sorry it took me so long
to realize that.”

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It felt as if my heart had melted inside me as I
looked into Adams’ chocolate brown eyes.
Butterflies had taken over my stomach as the
urge to jump into Adams’ arms grew

I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him
and never let him go but I knew that would
have to wait for later. I then looked back over
towards my brother; his grip on Liam seemed
to have loosen a little once again.

“Let me go!” Liam’s voice cried out as he
nudged into Richard. Everything seemed to go
into slow motion as Richard began to stumble
backwards. I even watched as his fists
clenched; his index finger slipped against the
trigger as a loud BANG echoed throughout the
whole house.

Everyone began screaming from
the loud noise as an invisible force shot me to
the ground. I groaned as I fell to my knees and
hands as my head instantly began to spin.
“J-Jane…I’m sorry. Oh my god, Jane!!

I-I didn’t mean to!” Richard cried out as tears began
to gush out of his eyes. He dropped the gun
and ran towards my but merely stood up
staring down at me in shock.

I looked up at his a little confused. What was
he talking about, why was he apologizing. I felt
something wet on my hand as I looked down a
saw a small pool of blood underneath me.

Who’s blood was that? I thought to myself, but
as soon as the thought came to my mind
unbearable pain pierced through my entire
body as I screamed out in utter agony. I fell to
the floor on my side as my hand reached up to
my stomach where it felt like my whole body
had been ripped in half. My entire shirt was
covered in thick liquid as my screams
continued to pierce the air.

I opened my eyes as I saw Adams kneel down
beside me; he was pulling his sweater off.
“You’ll be okay, Jane. Stay with me, keep
your eyes open.” He managed to say though
the tears that covered his entire face. He was
breathing heavily obviously not getting enough
air in his lungs as he began to full outcry.

I could vaguely here the sound of sirens in the
background but wasn’t sure if it was just in my
head. “I-I-I…” I tried to talk but was cut off as I
began to cough.
“Shhhh.” Even Adams’ shaky voice seemed
distant. I struggled to keep my eyes open as I
watched Adams crunch up his sweater. He
moved my hand of my stomach and pressed his
sweater against what I guess was the bullet

I screamed loudly as he put pressure
onto the wound; it hurt so badly but I knew he
was just trying to slow down the bleeding.
“Jane, I’m sorry! I’m Sorry. What have I done!”

Richard cried out before instantly turning around
to glare at Liam. “This is all YOUR fault!”
“R-Richard don’t.” Derrek pleaded as I watched
Richard begin to advance on the chubby red

Then everything got dark…


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