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Like I said, this is going to be in Adams POV
As in ‘point of view’
I sat on the hard plastic seats in the waiting
room of the Hospital. I watched as a small
family that consisted of two younger kids and
a mother sat in the corner carefully trying to
hide the tears in their eyes. Apparently the
mother’s father was on his death bed and the
doctors had come to the conclusion he may
not make it through the night.
On the other side of me there was a bouncy
mid-twenties lady; her excitement and
eagerness made everyone else feel a bit
awkward. She was soon to be an aunty; her
sister was only a few doors down from Jane
and was in the middle of giving birth to a baby
boy. Its crazy all the things you can find out
about people just by sitting near them.
But what’s even crazier is Hospitals in general.

A hospital can both hold the saddest moments
in your life and the happiest. It sees both
death and birth; at the same time an old man
is dying a new man is being born.
I myself was having problems trying to hold
myself together; since the moment Jane was
admitted into the hospital the doctors had her
in the surgery room under intensive care.
They wouldn’t allow me to go see her and neither
would they tell me how she is doing.
Apparently they needed to speak with a family
member but her parents are unreachable at
moment and Richard is outside the hospital
having a mental break down. Derrek’s outside
with him and trying to calm him down though I
hadn’t seen them in the past half hour.
Everything just seemed like a horrible
nightmare. I kept closing my eyes hoping when
I reopened them I would be back at my house
sitting in the living room next Jane.
It never
happened though; I’d open my eyes to see the
saddened faces of the small family across from

I had got to the point where I couldn’t even cry
anymore. Before this week my whole life had
been boring and pointless. I never had any
reason to live. I had friends who cared more
about what they looked like than they di
d about me.

I had parents who only came
around to talk about my future plan and never
once actually asking me how I was doing. But
then in one night my whole life had taken a
complete change for the better; or at least
that’s how it felt at the time.
I was laying on the couch in the living room at
Richard’s house. I couldn’t sleep so randomly I
went for a walk; I was just walking up the
stairs when I saw Jane leaving her bedroom
and heading towards the bathroom. It was like
it had been the first time I had ‘actually’ really
seen her.
She was wearing these cute little
pink pajama p@nts and a tight black tank top.
She looked completely breathtaking; even with
her bed hair and off balanced sleepy walk.

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Curiosity had gotten the best of me as I made
my way towards her bedroom. I walked into
room and began to look around; out of all my
years being friend with Richard I had never
actually ‘seen’ Jane’s room. I was a bit
surprised at what I found, I mean I never knew
anything about Jane but still when I saw all
her superhero comic books scattered across
her desk table I small smirk had appeared on
my face.

I had always been a little bit of a comic book
geek though it was a secret obsession I kept
hidden from all my ‘friends’ at school. I
continued to roam around her room until I
reached her large stack of C.D’s; being once
again surprised as I realized she had all my
favorite bands. Most of the kids at school, well at least the people I hung out with
listened to hip-hop.

Jane had C.D’s of Josh Radin, The Tragically Hip, Green Day, The Spill
Canvas and so much more.

I sat down on her bed and reach over for a
tattered little book on her night stand table, “A
Book of Scoundrels” but Charles Whibley. I
couldn’t believe my eyes, how could she
honestly have all my favourites from my most
cherished book to my most listened to bands.

It was barely a second later when she walked
into her room and saw me sitting there on her
I remember waking up the next morning; my
arms had been securely wrapped around her
petite body. I had almost instantly jumped out
of bed at I stared down at her; she was so
beautiful but she was Richard’s little sister. I
couldn’t believe what I had just done; I
couldn’t believe I had slept with one of my
best friends little sisters. I had rushed out of
the house without any explanation and
instantly regretted it.

All weekend Jane has been stuck in my head
and no matter what I did I couldn’t get her out.

I went to a party at Derrek’s house; where
Jessica and Tiffany pretty much stripped Unclad
for me but I still kept thinking of Jane.

I ended up leaving the party early and by myself.

I fell so hard for Jane but was in denial for
such a long time.

I had never liked anyone the
way I liked Jane and it completely scared me.

No one had ever had such a strong hold on me
and because of that I continue to run until I
finally realized I couldn’t live without her.

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When she finally forgave me and came to my
house earlier today I felt like my whole life had
been complete. Like this void inside me was
filled and I finally had a reason to live. But now
that reason to live was on the verge of leaving
me forever.

Like I said before; I couldn’t cry. I didn’t know
what was going on in the surgery room but the
worse case scenario was beginning to haunt
The family across from me had been told
the worse news; a loved was not going to
make it. While the lady beside me had been
told the best news; her sister conceived a baby

I sat there in the same room with two of
the most opposite emotions surrounding me
while awaiting my news; whether it is the
worst news or the best news was the
unanswered question that froze my body
“No…No, not my Liam.” I heard a soft voice
crying from the hallways.

I looked
up with curiosity as I got up off the hard chair;
slowly I crept over to the doorway of the
waiting room and peaked down the hall.

Alicia Smitten, a curly haired red head nurse was
standing a few feet away talking to one of the
Police officers that had walked in on the earlier
scene. The rather pretty lady who was also
Liam’s mother had tears rolling down her
cheeks as she continued to shake her head in
The officer placed his hand gently onto the
nurse’s shoulder in attempt to comfort her.
“I’m sorry Mrs. Smitten but he already
admitted to it.” The policeman said softly.
“B-but L-Liam would never sh-sh-shoot
someone.” Alicia cried. “Aren’t you going to do
more investigating?”
The Officer sighed lightly, “There is no need
too. We caught him red handed aiming your
Husbands hand gun at young Mr. Richard. When
he was questioned; he admitted to shooting
Miss. Jane without hesitation.”
“No! Oh, please…No. Liam…Not my Liam.”
I turned around; not being able to watch
anymore. I felt both shocked and guilty;
shocked because I couldn’t understand why
Liam had admitted to shooting Jane when it
was in fact Richard who had accidentally shot her
and guilty because I already knew I was going
to go along with that story; Liam being the
shooter. I didn’t so much feel bad for Liam; he
deserved to go to jail for what he did to Jane
but I did feel bad for Alicia.

She had always
been an amazing Mother and far better than
most the mothers in McLasgidi.
I couldn’t even imagine what this was going to do to the poor lady emotionally.
I had just sat back down on the hard chair
when a tall dark haired doctor walked into the
waiting room. He had been one of the many
doctors that had been going in and out of
Jane’s room since she got here.
“Richard Raine?” He called out while looking
around the room. I jumped up to my feet as I
felt the quick hammering of my chest.
“He’s outside…It is Jane? How is she?
Please, tell me she’s alright?” I began to ramble
as I quietly raced over to him.

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He looked at me skeptically at first, “I should
Only speak to a family member pls.”
“Richard’s not exactly sane enough to talk right
now. Please, just tell me! She’s going be
okay…please tell me she’s going to be okay.” I
could already feel pools of water filling my
He cleared his throat before motioning towards
the hallway with his head. I followed him out
into the hallways as everything around me
began to fade away and all I could hear or see
was the Doctor.
Once we were away from any
nosy ears he stopped and looked towards me.
“She lost a lot of blood.” He began; instantly
the tears in my eyes broke free as they fell
down my face.
“But she’s okay!?” I managed to yell out.
“For now. We have stabilised her and lucky the
bullet missed all major organs and arteries.
The bullet pierced right through the side of her
stomach and came out at her side. It was only
a flesh wound but as I said before; she did lose
a lot of blood.”
I wasn’t exactly sure what the Doctor was
saying; did that mean she was going to be
okay? She lost a lot of blood, what did that

I just stood there staring at the Doctor as
the tears slowed down for the moment.
“At the moment she is unconscious and
due to the amount of blood loss her
body went into shock; we’ve done
everything we could but we can’t say
whether or not she will wake up.”
“What?! What do you mean?” I cried out,
“what do you mean?!”
“Her body reached a high level of shock
called Hemorrhagic shock; it prevented
her cells from getting enough oxygen
which forced her organs to begin to fail.
Her body has gone into a coma. It is now
a waiting game; there is nothing more
we can do. I’m sorry Sir, it’s in God’s
hands now.” Doctor said quietly, “but you
may go visit her.”


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