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Three weeks later…

*Adams’ P.O.V Continues*
I looked over at the form of a person
lying on the hospital bed.
I stood up off
the hard chair as I walked over to her but
as I looked down my eyes went wide. It
was Jane, but she was old.
Her hair was
white and her face was wrinkled; she was
still as beautiful as ever but she looked
nearly ninety years old.
I turned around
to look in the mirror behind me; I
reached up to my face as the mirrors
reflection mimicked my every move.
My hair was completely white as my face
slightly drooped down from years of
gravity and I looked nearly dead.
I coughed as I turned to look back down at
the sleeping women on the bed.
A doctor walked into the hospital room; a
doctor I had never seen before.
“Adams, we need to talk.” The doctor
said softly as he looked down at Jane
then back up at me.
“…About what?” I asked fearfully;
knowing exactly what he wanted to talk

“It’s been 75 years Adams; she has no
family left anymore…We need your
permission to pull the plug.”
“No, no…She’s going to wake up, she has
“Adams…” The doctor shook his head as
he glanced down at the old lady who
looked so similar to Jane and yet so
“She is nearly 92 years old…
Even if she were to wake up, her
heart is already beginning to fail her; she
won’t be strong enough to pull through.”
“No, no…She’ll wake up…She’ll be fine.
No, no, no.”
My voice echoed in my ears
as everything began to fade away.
“Adams…Adams, wake up.”
I sprang forward as my eyes flung open;
my heart was pounding inside my chest
and my body was drenched in sweat.

I looked around the white room as my
eyes fell on Jane’s motionless body.
She looked the exact same as she looked
last night, the night before and even
three weeks ago.

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Her eyes were closed
shut as her chest continued to grow
before sinking with each shallow breath.
Her hair was its regular deep brown
colour as it outlined her perfect face.

I sighed with relief as I realized it had only
been a dream.
I shuffled around on the hard chair that I
had been sleeping on.
My legs felt stiff and sore from the awkward sleeping
position I was beginning to grow use to

For the past three weeks I had been
sleeping on that exact chair every second
“Dorcas is on her way over here…She was
wondering if you wanted some coffee.”
I finally looked up to where the voice
was coming from.
My eyes locked with
my younger brother’s as I quickly turned
to look at the clock.
It read eight thirty in
the morning which meant I had only
gotten at the most two hours of sleep
last night.
I groaned loudly as I rested
my head on Jane’s bed. I couldn’t be
mad at Brandon for waking me up
because even if he hadn’t, my bad dream
surely would have.
“Why aren’t you guys at school?” My
voice came out a lot groggier than I had
expected; I tried to clear my throat as I
watched Brandon bite down on his lip.
“Umm, Adams…It’s Saturday.” He said
each word slowly as if he were talking to
a mental patient.

“Oh. Well, uh, sure…Coffee sounds
Brandon nodded as he began to head
towards the hallway while pulling his cell
phone out of his pocket. He hesitated at
the door way before slowly turning
around to look back over at me.
“You should, w-well, you should really go
home and try to get some rest.” He spoke softly.
“No!” I glared at him, “I’ll be fine…And
I’m not leaving until Dr. Moore kicks me
out again.”

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I watched Brandon sigh heavily before
giving up and heading out of the room.
I turned back towards Jane as I reached
my hand up and brushed her hair behind
her ear.

For the past three weeks Richard
and I had been trying to spend every
second of the day here with Jane but
apparently the Doctors didn’t agree so
much with the idea.
With the help of Derrek and his parents’ money,
we did manage to bribe them to let us visit her
after and before visiting hours but of
course there were conditions. Richard and I
both had to take turns staying the night
with her; with me staying every second
night and Richard every other.

Apparently the idea of us sleeping on a
hard hospital chair every night was
completely out of the question.
They also had gone so far as to kick us out during
school hours; though in my opinion it was
a pointless effort. Even when I did
attempt to go to school; I couldn’t pay
attention to what the teachers said.
Almost everything people said to me
lately would go in one ear and out the

There was only one thought stuck
in my mind, one unanswered question
that haunted me both awake and
sleeping; will she ever wake up?
Jane still hadn’t shown any signs of
awakening but I knew I would never give
up on her.

I would stay at her bed side for all of eternity if I had to.
The only people that were really there for her was
Richard, Derrek, Dorcas, Brandon and of
course me. Sure, Jane’s parents had
obviously come home when they finally
found out the news but they didn’t stay
very long.

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They were here for the first
week but had to leave again for work. It
honestly didn’t surprise very many of us;
both Jane’s parents and mine were a
lot alike.

They were the type of people
who cared more about working and
making money than they did about their
They figured as long as they
paid the medical bill; they were doing a
good job.
I sighed heavily as I placed my folded
arms on top Jane’s bed and rested
head down against them. I peered
outside through the hospital window. The
weather seemed to mimic my mood; it
was pouring rain and had been like this
for the past week.
Water smeared across
the windows making it almost impossible
to see past the flooded glass.
seemed to slowly creep by; I would stare
up at the clock as each second ticked to
the next.

I had probably missed more school in
the past three weeks than I had within
the whole year.
But a lot of things at High school had changed since the accident; one being Derrek and Richard
going public with their intimate
Apparently after everything
that had happened they realized that life
was too short and ended up kissing in the
middle of the hallways during the
morning rush. With Derrek and Richard
going public with their Sekxual
preferences, Liam admitting that he had
shot Jane, Tabitha being humiliated in
front of the entire student body and me
becoming a complete loner who barely
showed up for school; the whole ‘A class’
senior crowd had crumbled to the

Kelvin being completely homophobic began hanging out with some of the less known football players;
acting as if his ten year friendship with Richard never happened.


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