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Must Read: Lost Of Virginity- Season 1 Episode 27 – Stories


Tiffany and Sammy finally ditched
Jessica and decided to follow their own
dreams rather than being Tabitha’s little
Jessica still roamed the school
with her head held up high; thinking she
was the hottest thing since Megan Fox.
The good news was; people seemed to
envy her a lot less now.
Even with all of Kersha High completely
changing for the better; I still couldn’t
manage to fake a smile.

I mean, sure, I was happy that everyone was beginning to be true to themselves. Also, me
finally stepping up and not letting the
judgmental teens of today’s society
control my life had started some kind of
But I still couldn’t gain the
strength to smile, not when the women
the love was caught between life and
death, in the dreamless state that
consumed her unconscious body relying
on nothing more than the Hospital’s
computers and technology to keep her
“How is she doing today…?”
The sound of Richard’s voice brought me out of my
thoughts as I turned to watch him walk
into the room and take the seat on the
other side of Jane.

I shrugged as I rested my head back
down on the bed. My hand snaked its way
towards Jane’s motionless body as I
covered her cold hand with the warmth
of mine. I glanced up at Richard; he looked
horrible and yet very similar to me.
He had big dark circles underlining his eyes,
his hair looked as if it hadn’t been
touched in days, he wore the same
wrinkled clothes from the day before
and even his body language showed signs
of complete exhaustion.

“So…Uh,” my barely used voice came out
scratchy, “did you go to Liam’s trial?”
Richard nodded slowly as his eyes stayed
locked on Jane. He cleared his throat,
“yah…The lawyer was a bit angry you
didn’t show up.”
I rolled my eyes, “Liam admitted to
it…They didn’t need my statement
“Well, apparently they did.” Richard’s voice
grew angrier as he finally looked up at
“I guess Liam finally started thinking
properly because now he’s pleading
“What?!” I felt my heart skip a beat.
“Not that it really got him anywhere…
He had already admitted to it, so he was
charged as an adult with assault with a
deadly weapon, attempted murder and
unlawful discharge of a firearm.
He’s been sentenced to ten years in prison
and depending on how Jane does;
years may be added on.”
Richard finally finished and as I looked up at him; I
could still see the shame and guilt the
masked his face.
As much as Liam deserved to be
punished for he had previously done to
Jane, the fact that it had actually been
Richard who accidentally pulled the trigger
had been haunting him since the
moment it happened.

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Every time he looked down at his little sister; tears of
regret would fill his eyes. Many nights I
had watched Richard waking up screaming
such things like ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I didn’t
mean to’.
Countless times, Derrek and I had tried
to convince Richard it was not his fault, that
it was an accident and Jane would
never want Richard to be putting himself
through all this.
We could tell him a thousand times but it would never do anything; he needed Jane to wake up
and to forgive him herself, otherwise
he’d never be able to let it go.
“Coffee anyone?” Dorcas’ soft voice
reached my ears as I left my head up off
the bed.
I turned towards the doorway as
Brandon, Dorcas and Derrek walked into
the room.
I tried to force a polite smile onto my
face but I could just tell by Dorcas’
sympathetic look that I had definitely
She passed me over one of the
two coffees in her hands before grabbing
a chair and pulling it up to the end of
Jane’s bed.

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Brandon followed her as he
too grabbed one of the chairs from
against the wall and placed it beside Dorcas.
Derrek walked around the bed and sat
down on the arm rest of Richard’s chair.
I watched him as he wrapped his arm
around Richard’s neck and tilted his head
against him.
I then turned to look at
Dorcas and Brandon as my eyes fell down
to their interlocked hands. I couldn’t help
be feeling envious of the two couples,
they both managed to find comfort in
each other during such tragic times while
I sat at the bedside of the only person
who could have given me that comfort.

We all sat there in silence as we
continued to watch Jane’s still body as
her chest grew and sank with each deep
Whenever I was alone with
Jane, I would usually read or sing to
her and even sometimes talk to her but
when all of us were with her; we would
sort of just sit there and watch her.
Small conversations sometimes would fill the
silence but with both Richard and I never
really joining in on them; they would
quickly die down.
I took a small sip of Coffee; though it
didn’t seem to be helping very much
because my eye lids still felt overly
I struggled to stay awake but as
soon as I rested my head against the side
of the hospital bed; sleep had consumed
“Jane, please, please wake up. I love
you and I can’t lose you…I’m so sorry,
this is all my fault and I just…don’t know
what to do.
If you don’t wake up…I-I just
don’t know how I will manage to go on.
Please, Jane, Please. You are my baby
sister; my everything…and I’m so sorry.”

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Richard’s whispering cries forced me to
open my eyes. I didn’t lift my head up or
really show any sign of being awake as I
glanced around the empty room.
My eyes finally fell on Richard; he was still
sitting across from me but Derrek and
everyone else was gone. It was only me,
Jane and Richard in the room now.
Richard was looking down at his sister as
tears rolled down his cheeks, his bottom
lip was slightly quivering as he reached
up and brushed Jane’s hair gently.
“J-Jane…Can you hear me? Please, you
need to be strong…You need to pull
through, I need you, we all need you.”
He coughed out through his silent sobs.
“Please, you have to wake up.”
I heard soft foot steps behind me.
“Richard…?” Derrek’s quiet voice forced
Richard to quickly wipe the tears off his
face. “I’m going down to the Hospital
“O-okay.” Richard mumbled back.
“Come with me, please.”
“I’m not hungry…”
Silence filled the room for a second
before the sound of Derrek’s footsteps
grew closer.

I was starting to wish I was
still sleeping because it felt like I was
invading their privacy. Derrek reached
for Richard hand and I finally decided to
close my eyes.
“Your never hungry, Richard…But you still
have to eat.” Derrek spoke softly.
“But, Jane…”
“Adams’ here.”
“Yah, but…”
“Please, come eat with me.”
Richard hesitated for a long moment
before replying. “Fine.”
I waited until they both left the room
before I opened my eyes and sat up

I looked back down at the
beautiful girl sleeping on the hospital
bed. I bent forward as I lightly brushed
my lips against her forehead.
“You have to wake up…” I repeated
Richard’s words as a single tear fell down
my face.


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