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Must Read: Lost Of Virginity- Season 1 Episode 4 – Stories


The next morning, I had woken up to the
morning breeze hitting my Unclad body.


I began to force
my eyes open as I soon came to realize I was lying on
my bed completely Unclad. The sun was
brightly through my bedroom window,
which forced me
to squint. Instantly an image of Adams
flashed through
my mind.


I hurriedly glanced at the other side of
my bed,
only to find that the spot he had fallen
asleep in was
now cold and empty. His clothes that
were once
strewn on the floor were now gone,
erasing all
physical evidence that he was in my
bedroom last


For a second I thought that maybe last
had just been a figment of my overactive


I stood up to my feet and pain shot
through my body. A
tenderness which began at my…down
stairs area,
confirming that I did indeed lose my
virginity last


I reached down and picked up my
bottoms off the floor and quickly pulled
them on.


I then
reached for my black tank top that was
lying on my
bed and pulled it on over my head. I
knew that my
memory of last night couldn’t have been
a dream. But
the mystery regarding Adams’
disappearance forced
me to abandon the comfort of my bed.
My first thought was that he would be
downstairs in the kitchen, possibly
getting some
breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee.
Following the
only explain able possibility there was, I left my
bedroom and headed toward the stairs.

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Once I reached
the bottom stair, I continued to walk

through the foyer
and into the kitchen. Relief washed over
me when I noticed the refrigerator was open and
that there was a
tall figure standing on the other side of
the door.
All I could see was their brown hair.
Relief and excitement had taken full
reign over
my body.
Though, it disappeared just as
quickly as the
door closed revealing my brother, Trent.
In his hands
was a jug of orange juice, a plate with
pancakes, a
bowl of cereal and a bacon and egg
sandwich. My
brother was one of those lucky people
with a
metabolism that would allow him to
constantly eat and
not gain a pound. I hated him for it!
“Where’s Adams?” I asked, walking over
to him
and grabbing the orange juice. He tried
to grab it
back, almost dropping all of his food in
the process.
Finally, he decided it was probably best
to put his arm
full of food down first.
“He went home,” Richard said casually as
placed all his food down on the kitchen
table. “Why?”
He questioned me.
I could feel panic begin to set in as I took
lid off the orange juice and began to
chug it right out
of the jug.
It took a couple of seconds before I could
my voice. “I don’t know, just didn’t see
him this morning,” I lied. My stomach
began to twist and turn
causing a sharp pain to emerge deep
inside my gut. I
had to concentrate hard on not allowing
the tears in my eyes to fall.

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All I could think about was how he used

How he came to my bedroom, had S£x
with me and left me alone. How he took
my virginity from me like it was
nothing important. He didn’t even have
the decency to wait until I woke up
before he left. No, he didn’t do
any of these things, instead he crept
away in the
middle of the night or whenever he left,
like I was
some one night stand. Like I was some
Sluut he picked
up at a party!
“Yah, he seemed to be in some kind of
this morning,” Trent said, interrupting
my thoughts. I
looked up at him just as he started
inhaling his food.
“Orange juice,” he mumbled between
mouthfuls while
pointing to the jug.

I passed it over to him while watching in
disgust as he then took a couple of swigs
out of the
jug. I couldn’t help but think about the
amount of food
that was probably being spat back into
the juice jug.
“Yah, he looked like he saw a ghost or
something. He looked pretty freaked out
this morning.”

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Trent finally managed to say once he
swallowed his
“Oh,” I barely whispered out. I felt like
had just ripped my heart out and was
now stomping
on it, jumping up and down.

But honestly, what did I expect? Adams
was one of the most popular guys at my
school. Every girl wants him, has had
him, has been used by him or will
never have him. I’m only in grade ten, a

He’s a senior and not just any senior, but
a very popular one. Obviously, he
realized the mistake he had
made and had no choice but to run away.

I was definitely not the prettiest girl in
school or even the
prettiest in my grade. I was nothing, a no

I was Richard’s annoying little sister and
was all I’d ever be. It was stupid and
naive of me to
think anything was going to happen
between me and
Adams. But, even so, the fact that I had
given up my
virginity so easily forced me to run to my
bedroom, fall
on my bed and bawl my eyes out in
disappointment and shame.

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