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The rest of my weekend had been
extremely boring
and mainly full of reading and re-reading
books that I
had taken out from the library. When I
wasn’t reading, I
was generally stalking my brother around
the house. I
would eaves drop on his conversations
over the phone
and spy on him hanging out with his
friends outside.

On more than one occasion I had asked
him where
Adams was and what he was up to.

Apparently, Richard hadn’t heard from
him since
he fled our house on Saturday morning.
It was now the
beginning of a new week, Monday,
meaning I had to go
to school today and also that I had to see

My heart was racing as I got ready for
pulling on a pair of black skinny jeans
and a big pink
sweater with snoopy on it. I reached for
my Batman
backpack and headed down stairs.
“Hurry up, Jane!” My brother called from
front door, “Or I’m leaving without you
and you’ll have to walk!”
I ran down the stairs and followed
Richard through the door and toward his
bright red ’72 Chevy
pick-up. Sure his truck was old, a classic,
but it was
completely rebuilt from its engine to its
body. It probably looked better today
than it did in 1972.

I jumped into the passenger seat as
Richard jumped into the driver’s seat
before starting up the
engine. He drove down the road and
headed toward Kevin’s house. He pulled
over to the side of the street
and parked. I scooted over into the
middle of the truck as Kevin jumped in beside me.

“Hey Dude!” He called over to Richard,
“You missed a pretty sweet party this
weekend. Rebecca went swimming
“Hey Kev,” Richard laughed, “Yah,
Michael was telling me about it, heard
there was quite a bit of sluts there.”
“Oh dude, you don’t even know!” Kevin
while slapping his knee in excitement.

I just sat there staring out the window as
my brother began to drive. This was my
life, always surrounded by people talking
about their oh-so exciting weekends,
whilst mine is always the exact

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Kevin continued, “Jessica and Tiffany
were all
over Adams again, I mean stripping for
him, making-out with each other and lap

At the mention of Adams’ name my head
snapped up and I looked toward Kevin,
my heart racing like crazy. Adams came
to my house Friday night, took
my virginity and then went out partying?!

I had this feeling that he, most likely, did
stuff with all those swanky girls and
completely forgot about me! I could
feel a knot begin to form inside my

“Did…Adams do anything with them?” I
asked with a shaky voice.

Kevin turned to look at me as his eyes
grew wide with shock. “Holy crap, she
talks?!” The blond-haired boy teased. He
reached over and rubbed the top
of my head like I was a fluffy little lap
dog, “Hey Richard’s little sister, barely
even noticed you there!”
It was so annoying how they never paid
attention to my existence. I mean Kevin
knew my
name, he had known me for ten years
and still he
referred to me as ‘Richard’s Little Sister’
‘I mean, just because you are good
looking, play
sports and have the girls falling all over
you does not
give you permission to be such a stuck up
prick!’ I
thought angrily to myself while wishing I
was actually
brave enough to say that to him.

Unfortunately though, that was just how
all my
brother’s friends were. They were the
popular kids-a part of the in-crowd and I
was a ghost. I had no label;
not a jock or a cheerleader, not a geek or
an emo, not a punk or a bad-butt0ckz. I was
nothing, a label-less loner
who walked around with no group to fit

“No actually,” he finally answered my
question before turning his attention
back to Richard, “Which is weird. Tiffany
and Jessica were pretty much begging
for him to notice them and yet, he
denied them. He’s been acting pretty
weird lately.”
“You’ve noticed that too?” Richard asked,
“He stayed at my place Friday night and
then ran off in the morning without even
so much as a ‘see ya later’ . He
walked right passed me and just took
“Well, whatever his problem is, he had
better get his head out of his butt0ckz before
the game against the Whiskers this
“No doubt.” Richard agreed.

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I reached for my batman backpack and
hugged it tightly against my chest. Even
though I knew nothing was going to
happen between Adams and me
and even though I knew he was a
dumbass, it was rather comforting
knowing that he didn’t do anything
with Jessica and Tiffany. Who, I might
add, are the
most popular girls at my school.
“Batman and Snoopy? What are you
Kevin teased me while pointing toward
my backpack and then at my sweater.
“Hey dude, leave my sis alone.” Richard
butted in.
“I was only teasing her.” Kevin smirked.
“Well don’t.” My brother’s face was
completely serious, in overprotective
mode as we pulled up to the
school and parked in our usual spot.
“Sorry man.”
“Don’t say sorry to me, say it to my little

Although my brother and I come from
totally different worlds at school and
hang with completely
different crowds (and by that I mean he
actually hung
out with a crowd) Richard has always
made it his job to watch over and protect
me. That was probably one of
the main reasons why all of the popular
people paid
no attention to me. I wasn’t cool enough
to hang out with them, though; they also
couldn’t tease or bully
me because of my brother. So, instead,
they choose to ignore me altogether.

“Sorry, Richard’s little sister.” He said.
I simply rolled my eyes and jumped out
of the truck after him.
“Whatever.” I muttered rudely. ‘ Talk
about the worst apology ever !’ I thought
to myself. I waved
good-bye to my brother and then headed
up toward
the school.

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The bell rang, indicating it was now lunch
time. I slowly began to pick up my books
from my
desk. I was eager to get out of history
class because,
honestly, history was by far the most
boring class
there was. But, what I hated more than
History was
lunch time.
“Don’t forget to read through pages
five to thirty tonight. Also, I’d like
everyone’s papers
on the Great Depression on my desk by
tomorrow morning!” Mr. Colney called
out to everyone as they
scurried out of class. I lingered back, not
in any hurry
to get to the library. I was almost a
hundred percent sure that everyone at
Crowns High, except me, looked
forward to lunch time.
Lunch was the time of day I hated the
most because I sat alone and read for
the entire hour. Every day, lunch time
reminded me of what a complete loner
I was.

I walked down the hallway and headed
the library. I still had to take back the
four books I had
taken out for the weekend.
I was about ten feet away from the
library when a door
suddenly opened up in my face. A hand
reached out
from the darkened room and grabbed
onto my arm. I
felt my body being pulled through the
doorway against
my will. I didn’t have a chance to even
think about
what was happening and once the door
everything went black. Someone had
pulled me into
what I figured was the janitor’s closet.

The lights were
off and I couldn’t manage to see who the
was. Fear was beginning to work its way
through my
body as my heart began to pound loudly
inside my
“H-He-Hello…?” I stuttered, speaking
into the

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