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My heart rate began to accelerate faster
with each silent second until suddenly,
with a blinding feeling, a light flickered
on. I looked around the room curious as
to where I was. There was a bucket and
mop in the corner, shelves full of
cleaning supplies and a huge variety of
different sized brooms. All these objects
combined only proved my suspicions
correct. I had, in fact, been pulled into
the janitor’s closet.
‘ Well, now that I’ve figured out the
‘where,’ it’s
time for the ‘who’ and the ‘why?” I
thought to myself
as I began to look around.
I turned my attention to the shadowy
form in the corner of the closet. I
reached behind me picking up the first
object my hands closed around just in
case this mystery person’s plans were
unfriendly. The first thing my hands fell
upon was a bottle of Windex which I
decided to abandon because, honestly,
what was I going to do with Windex, clean
him to death?
The next thing my fingers wrapped
around was a duster in which I actually
decided to keep because it had a good-
sized wooden handle.
l “Who are you?” I demanded trying to
keep my voice even while attempting to
sound intimidating, however, failing
horribly. I watched as the shadowy figure
started walking toward me. I tightened
my grip on the duster,preparing to swing
mightily, but then the light shined down
on him, revealing who he was.
I felt my hands open up as the duster fell
to the ground; I stared at Adams in
disbelief. I heard the duster hit the floor 

and yet it sounded miles away, far off in
the distance. All my fear then
disappeared and was replaced by a state
of shock. I stood there unable to move,
completely bewildered as to why he was
here or, more importantly, why he had
pulled me into the closet?
“Look…Jane, I need to apologise.” He
spoke softly as he took another step
toward me with his hand held out.

The thought of him leaving me alone
Saturday morning finally snapped me out
of my startled daze.
Not to mention the fact that he had
never even attempted to call me all
weekend and how he left me hanging
with no explanation.

I raised my right hand and slapped him
as hard as I could across the face:

Three times in quick succession while
tears of rage and humiliation blinded

I watched in satisfaction as his eyes
bulged out of their sockets before he
used his left hand to rub the red welts on
his cheek.
“I guess I deserved that…” he replied.

Using my left hand this time, I raised it
and with every ounce of strength I could
summon, I smacked him hard on the
other cheek. I watched as his head
turned to the side from the force of my
I know I may have gone to crazy-town , I
mean it’s not like we were dating or had
any commitment towards each other,
much less a relationship. Either way, any
guy who is rude enough to take a girl’s
virginity and then skulk off into the night
while she’s sleeping, deserves what he
gets, if not more.

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I looked up at him, both his cheeks had
welts and the muscles in his jaw
pulsated. It almost looked as if he had
been stuck outside in the middle of
hammatan for an entire day.
“Why did you leave me like that?” I asked
angrily, “How could you do that to me?!”
My voice grew louder and angrier by the

He lowered his head in shame, staring at
the ground before he began to speak;
“I’m sorry Jane…”

He began, “It’s just, I’ve…Well, I’ve never
slept with anyone before.”
“That is such a lie! You’ve slept with lots
of girls!” I was so furious that he had the
nerve to stand there and lie straight to
my face.
“No, Jane I haven’t.” He repeated, “Sure
I’ve had S£x with a few girls but I’ve
never actually slept in a bed with them.

When I woke up in the morning with my
arms around you…I freaked, I got scared
and ran away. I didn’t know what else to
“Oh yah? And you didn’t even have the
decency to call me?”
“I figured you didn’t want to talk to me,”
He finally lifted his head and looked into
my eyes, “I couldn’t get you out of my
head all weekend…I just had to see you

He reached up with his hand as he placed
his fingers under my chin in an attempt
to lift my head up.

The second his fingers touched my skin,
tingles shot through my body as my
breathing began to quicken. I stared back
hard, trying to read his eyes and see
through his lies, yet all of his body
language screamed sincerity and

He took another step closer to me and I
could feel his breath against my face. His
hand left my chin as both of his arms
wrapped around my waist. My stomach
began to flip around as I felt my body
heating up.

I watched his face inch closer to mine
until I felt his lips lightly brush against
my own, tentatively, as if asking
permission. It was as if some S£x-crazed-
nymphomaniac had then taken over my
body. I wrapped my arms hastily around
his neck and forced his body hard against
mine as our kiss began to deepen. I felt
his arms tighten around my waist until
both our bodies were intertwined leaving
no space in between.

His hands began to roam up every inch
of my body which left no place
untouched. In that same moment I
buried my fingers under his shirt and
tugged on the back of his head. My body
was vibrating in the satisfaction of his
touch; never had I imagined something
that could feel so indefinably pleasing.

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Finally, I pulled my arms back as I rested
them on his chest and, with all my
strength; I pushed him away forcefully,
nearly causing him to tumble over. He
caught his balance just in time to look up
at me as I reached down to the bottom
of my sweater and pulled it up over my
head. His eyes narrowed before
lightening up in excitement. He then
pulled off his shirt and revealed his
perfect rippling eight-pack.

He quickly came back to me as he began
ripping off my shirt and then my bra;
leaving both of our torsos completely
Unclad. He began to feel up my body
again, only this time, with his lips. An
unbearable s£nsat!on exploded through
my body as my patience seemed to be
holding on by barely a thread. I couldn’t
handle the foreplay for even one more
second as the ineffable memory of last
time continued to flash across my mind.

I was just in the process of unbuttoning
his jeans when he froze.
“What-are-you-” I tried to speak between
gasps but his hand covered my mouth
quickly forcing me into silence.

That’s when I heard the keys jingling on
the other side of the door. I pushed
Adams out of the way as I reached to the
floor in attempt to grab my clothes.

Adams did the same as we both
continued banging into each other and
the shelves; knocking over brooms and
mops and spilling bottles of cleaning
supplies. All in an attempt to quickly put
our clothes back on.
“Who’s in there?!” I heard an old,
scratchy voice yell through the door. The
sound of a dead bolt clicking open
reached my ears the same second I
pulled my sweater on and fell to my
bottom with a crash.

The door swung open exposing Mr.
Clinton the school janitor. He was tall
and bony and probably in his sixties. He
had a shag of white hair with a long
matching beard and kind of resembled a
really skinny Santa Claus.

He looked at Adams who was standing by
the shelves fully dressed with a little
smirk on his face.

Then, he turned his glance down to me
(who was sitting in a pool of spilled
cleaners, hair in a tangled mess on my
head and my sweater inside out!).
“Oh you kids!” Mr Clinton said, shooing
us out of the closet. “You crazy kids, with
all your hormones going nutty inside
you. You’re always running around
finding little hiding spots to smooch
together.” His voice was scratchy as if
he’d been smoking all his life.

I got up off the floor, instantly realizing
my butt was soaked from the cleaners
that had been knocked over.

We managed to walk out of the closet
with some dignity, both of us holding in
our laughter.
“This is my closet, if you want to
go…go…smooching each other, then go
find some other place.” He continued to
talk, “Out, Out!”
The second me and Adams were out of
the closet we began to run down the
deserted hallways.

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Everyone was either still in the cafeteria
or outside basking in the sun. I could
hear Mr. Clinton mumbling something
about kids these days and S£x before

Once Adams and I were out of Mr.
Clinton’s sight leaned against the wall and
began erupting in laughter. I slid down
the locker behind me and fell to the
floor as he did the same.
“D-did You-” Adams tried speaking
between his laughter. “Did you s-see Mr.
Clinton’s fa-face!”
My laughter rose higher as the image of
Mr. Clinton’s expression ran through my
mind. He looked completely shocked and
even a bit disgusted.
“Yah-” I tried talking this time. I was
laughing so hard that I had to put my
hand on Adams’ shoulder to try and keep
myself balanced. “Look a-at my bu-butt!”
I laughed, “I fe-fell in the pu-puddle!”
Adams’ laugh then roared louder, “and
m-my swe-sweater is on inside ou-out!”
“Ewww!” A girl’s voice interrupted our

I looked up and saw Tabitha glaring down
at us with Tiffany on her left side and on
her right was Jessica. The trio of Malibu
Barbies stared at me in disgust. Their
faces scrunched up, marring their
features and their perfectly applied

Tabitha continued speaking, “Adams,
what are you doing?”
Adams jumped up to his feet as his face
flushed red. It was almost as if he was
embarrassed to be seen with me.
I felt my heart sink.
“Nothing!” he said while not even
glancing my way, “Wow, its class time
already. I should probably go!” Without
so much as a peek over at me, he ran
down the hall and left me sitting there
all by myself.

The moment Adams had disappeared
around a corner, Tabitha crouched down
closer to me and began to speak again
with so much venom in her voice; “Look
girl, I don’t care if you’re Richard’s little
sister or not, Adams is mine so you’d
better stay away from him!”
“He’s not yours!” Both Tiffany and Jessica
in unison.
“Excuse me!” Tabitha said turning her
attention to them, “Did you not see the
way he completely ignored you two at the party?
Give it up already!”
With that, she tossed her mane in the air
began to walk down the hallway. Tiffany
and Jessica
stood there for a second, staring blankly
at the wall,
before turning around and running after

That left me sitting on the floor soaking
feeling completely embarrassed and
ashamed by my
stupidity and, once again, alone.

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