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The sun was setting as I stared out my
window. The sky was a breathtakingly
beautiful shade
of pink as the sun faded out of sight on
the horizon. I
let a loud sigh escape my lips as I
thought about my
day at school. I still couldn’t decipher the
signals Adams had been sending me.

Maybe there was
a man code to crack to understand this
type of
After the little incident in the janitor’s
closet and the
verbal warning from the Bytch squad, I
hadn’t seen
Adams for the rest of the day. He tried
to tell me he
liked me and denied Tiffany and Jessica’s
advances; indicating I was more than just
a conquest.

But then, just when I thought maybe
something could
happen between us, he turned around
and proved me wrong once again.
I walked over to my bed and flopped
down with frustration. Ever since Friday
night, I couldn’t seem to get this stupid
boy out of my head. I mean, sure, he
took my virginity away, but that still did
not reserve him a spot in my heart! Any
guy who could treat a girl with such
disrespect deserves nothing more than
to be punched right in the face.

The sound of something hard hitting
glass interrupted my thoughts as I rolled
my head to the side and
looked at nothing but the night sky
through my window. Must of just been
my imagination, I thought to myself as I
went back to staring up at the ceiling;
willing the answers to be written there
or praying for a divine intervention.


The sound came again, causing me to
spring up into a sitting position. I stared
out my window as if expecting to see
something. But, frankly, I was on the
second floor so what was I intending to
see? A blind woodpecker, who couldn’t
tell the difference between glass and
wood, perched on my window sill
chipping away at the glass? Yah, I highly
doubt it!

At that precise moment, the sound came
again for a third time.


Only this time, I had managed to see
what was causing
it as I watched a little pebble hit my
window before gravity had taken over
and forced it back down to the ground. I
sat on my bed completely dumbfounded,
staring outside with narrowed eyes. It
took a forth pebble to tap against the
glass; jarring me from my
confused trance.

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I jumped to my feet and ran toward the
window, not exactly sure what I was
looking for. At first, for no particular
reason, I looked up to the dark night sky
which was covered in bright stars.

Eventually, my eyes found their way to
the ground, deciding pebbles’
falling from the sky was maybe a little
too far-fetched.

It took a couple of seconds for my eyes
to adjust to
the darkness, while slowly I began to see
the outlines of everything in the yard. I
could see every tree, bush, vehicle,
person, flower-Wait! Back it up a second!

I thought to myself, A person?! What is a
person doing in my backyard?

I looked down again, Oh. My. God!

They’re staring up at me!

I forced myself to calm down while
trying to convince myself it was probably
one of my brother’s friends.

They, most likely, didn’t know that
Richard and I had switched rooms a few
weeks ago. I concentrated harder on the
outline of the tall, wide being before
realizing right away who it was.

Adams? I stared down at him with a
wide-eyed gaze.

My heart skipped a beat as I gazed down
at him lustfully. Although I wanted so
badly to hate him and wished so deeply
that he didn’t have this power over
me, it was impossible. No matter what I
wanted, or what I wished, every time I
saw him he always managed to leave me
breathless and wanting him.

I shook that feeling off as I considered
my options. My first thought was to shut
my bedroom light off and go hide in my
bed, under the covers until he gave up
and left. I would have done it too if it
weren’t for the fact that he had already
seen me and was waving fiercely
like a caffeine-crazed crack head. Plus, I
had a few not-so-nice words I wanted to
confront him with.

I opened my bedroom window and stuck
my head out as I began to whisper loudly
down to him.
“What do you want?!”
“Come down here!” He whispered back.
“Because I need to talk to you!”
“Well what if I don’t want to talk to you?”
“Please just let me explain!” He was
looking up at me with pleading eyes.

If it had been any other guy, or if the
past couple days hadn’t happened, I
probably wouldn’t have even went to my
window in the first place. And I definitely
never even think about doing what I was
just about to do. Except it wasn’t just any
other guy, it was Adams.

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And the past couple days had happened.

Plus, as much as I hated to admit, I
couldn’t say no because Adams already
had me wrapped around his finger;
ready to pursue any wish he
commanded. I rolled my eyes before
sticking my hand out and
pointing my index finger at him in such a
way of saying, ‘one second’. I looked up
at the large tree which towered over our
house. I wondered how my
brother managed to scale it in order to
sneak out on countless occasions. This
tree was actually the reason as to why
Richard and I were forced to switch
rooms in the first place.

My brother repeatedly snuck out of the
house using the tree and ran off to
parties and other forbidden places,
according to my parents. They had
decided that the room with the latter-
like-tree would be better suited for me,
seeing as I was a loner anyways.

Where was I going to run off to, the
library? Or out for a midnight slurpe?
I saw a branch that was only inches away
from the left side of my window and
decided that would probably be
the easiest escape route. I climbed out
my window and crawled onto the branch,
finding my way to the bottom
of the tree with ease. I was about three
feet from the ground when I felt Adams’
arms grasp my waist. My stomach
fluttered the same way it always did
when he touched me and my heart sped
up. He lifted me up in the air and then
placed me gently on my feet. I still
stumbled a little bit, but that was
because my knees had gone weak and
rubbery from being near him.

The second I caught my balance I turned
around to face him, anger from this
afternoon still lingering inside me.

Suddenly, without any second thoughts, I
pushed him hard in the chest with every
ounce of strength that I had. He must
have been expecting it because, even
with all the strength I had in me, he had
barely even flinched.

I tried again and again, and then one
more time. Each time I got the same
result, which was nothing! A half smirk
had taken over Adams’ face as he
watched me in amusement. I huffed
loudly as I finally gave up. I folded my
arms against my chest and glared at him.

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The smirk finally faded from his face as
he took a step closer to me.
“Look Jane-”
I cut him off before he could go any
“Stop Adams!
“Just stop.”
“But-” he tried again.
“But nothing!” To my surprise my voice
was stern,
“You did it to me again! You just left me
sitting there; you left me with those
“I know…and I’m-”
“Sorry?” I asked. “You’re always sorry,
well guess what Adams!
“Sorry is mean nothing if you don’t
actually mean them!”
I watched his eyes lower from looking at
me to staring at the ground. He occupied
his hands by playing with
the hem of his shirt. I had so many other
things I wanted to say to him. I wanted to
keep yelling at him and telling him
exactly how all of that made me feel.

wanted to so badly, but as I stood there
watching him a knot had formed in my
stomach and all I wanted to do was
comfort him.
Wait! I shook my head, confused by my
own thoughts.
Comfort him?
He was the one who was supposed to be
comforting me and yet there I was, near
seconds away from apologizing to him.
Seriously, how did he manage to
turn all this around on me and make me
feel like the bad guy?
I walked up to him and placed my hand
on his shoulder as I watched his head
slightly lift up. We both just stood there;
staring into each other’s eyes.

We stayed like that for a while until
Adams finally broke the silence.
“Look Jane, I know I messed up…” he
said before adding, “Again. But I want to
make it up to you and that’s why I came
“Oh yah?” I removed my hand from his
shoulder, once again folding my arms.
“And how do you plan on doing that?”
“It’s a surprise…”

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