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The lunch bell rang, awakening me from
my dreamless sleep. I was never one for
sleeping in class, even as much as I
disliked history I would never take
advantage of a chance to learn something
new.Though, as hard and uncomfortable as
my seat and desk were, I couldn’t
manage to keep my eyes open or
my head off the desk as I slept all the
way through Mathematics class. I guess I
have nobody to blame, but myself, it
wasn’t exactly smart of me to stay up all
night with Adams on the cliff and then go
to school without the tiniest bit of sleep.

I probably could have faked sick and
slept half the day away, but I was far
too excited to go back to school and see

The only problem was that it was nearly
lunch time and I still hadn’t seen him
once. Although that is understandable,
seeing as he is a senior and none of
our classes are remotely the same. I
pulled myself out of my desk before
stretching my arms up high in the
air and yawning. I grabbed my books off
my desk as I headed for the door; trying
to make a quick exit.

Obviously, I wasn’t fast enough as Mr.
Ogazie came to stand in front of me and
blocked my path.
“Miss Blaze” he folded his arms across
his chest, looking at me with impatience.
“Did my class bore you?”
“Oh, no Mr. Ogazie. Not at all.” I lied, “I
just, well, I’m just a little bit tired today
and I apologize for that. I promise it
won’t happen again.”
“Very well,” he replied. “Don’t let it
happen again because I will not tolerate

that kind of behaviour in my
class. You are excused.” He waved his
hand dismissively.

I ran out the door before he could
change his mind and send me to
detention. I went to my locker to drop
my books. I decided I was going to do a
little tour around the school in search of
Adams. It took awhile, but I finally found
him standing outside the front
entrance of the school. He was standing
under a tree talking to Kevin and Tabitha.

Tiffany and Jessica were lying on the
grass, soaking up the sun.

The butterflies in my stomach fluttered
as my eyes fell on him; his perfect lean
body was standing up with such straight
posture. His dark brown hair was a
perfect mess on top of his head and his
dark brown eyes looked almost black
from so far away. He also wore that Sekxy
half smirk on his face. The kind that
made a person look stuck up and yet it
could melt any girl’s heart; this girl’s
All morning I couldn’t stop thinking about
how extraordinarily flawless my night
had been. Every little detail about the
night was beyond perfect. It was like a
little fairy tale coming true in my own
life. The handsome prince and the poor
lonely girl, finally breaking out of her
shell, as their love for each other
continuously grew stronger. I couldn’t
wait to picture my happily ever after!
I looked back up at Adams as my smile
grew wider. I had never felt so happy in
my life, actually feeling like I belonged
somewhere and that someone cared
about me. I began to wave at Adams as I
continued to walk toward him while
wondering how he hadn’t noticed me

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I narrowed my eyes as I watched Adams’
pearl-white smile vanish from his face as
his eyes fell upon me.

Right away he turned his gaze away,
looking back at his friends and trying to
pretend like he hadn’t seen

I was only a few feet away from them
when I froze on the spot, staring at
Adams in utter disbelief.
‘After everything that happened last
night, after me forgiving him for the
second time, he was doing this
again?’ I tried to comprehend the
illogicality of the situation, ‘He was
honestly going to act as if nothing
I felt a sharp pain in the bottom of my
gut as my whole body began to heat up, I
could honestly feel sweat begin to rise
out of my pores. I stood there, staring at
them while holding my breath. Well, not
exactly holding my breath, it was more
like I couldn’t breathe altogether.
“Hey Dude…Why is Richard’s little sister
smiling and waving at you?” I heard Kevin
ask Adams. I was still
frozen motionless; watching and listening
to them.
“Dude, she has some mad crush on me
or something…It’s kind of cute…” Adams
lied, trying to laugh it off.
“More like creepy!” Tabitha cut in and
turned toward me, shooting darts at me
with her eyes. “I mean look at her,
staring at us like that…Creepy!” She said
as she wrapped her arms around Adams’
neck and pulled him closer to her. “Too
bad for her though…you’re mine!” She
exclaimed as she pressed her lips against

That’s when I finally turned my head
away. I couldn’t bear to see any more of
this lewd display! It was weird
how one second you could be the
happiest person in the world and then in
that exact second you could feel
the complete opposite. I felt like a
crashing ball had came flying down at
me, smashing me into tiny bits
and pieces. I always thought physical pain
was bad; like it hurt, it really did…But
physical pain was nothing compared to
this. I couldn’t breathe, my chest was
burning and my stomach was clenching
and causing me so much pain.

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I began to repeat the same five words in
my head,
‘I’m Not going to cry…’
‘I’m Not going to cry…’
‘I’m Not Going……….’

But, I failed as I watched all my
surroundings begin to grow blurry while
my eyes filled up with water. I heard
Tabitha, Tiffany and Jessica’s laughter
behind me as I began to run away.

Waterfalls of hot angry tears rolled
down my cheeks, making it impossible to
see anything. I felt like I was going to
pass out from the lack of oxygen. I
couldn’t breathe, but I continued to
run anyway. I was just about to reach the
steps that headed up to the school as I
clenched my jaw shut, trying to force my
cries down. I knew I couldn’t stop
the tears from flowing but I wasn’t going
to let the loud sobs escape my lips; not
yet at least. Not until I was hidden
somewhere away from everyone else.

I felt my left foot hit the back of my right
heel as I tumble to the ground; my
knee’s sliding across the
hard concrete walkway. I could feel the
concrete ripping through my jeans
before pealing the skin off of
my knees. At that moment, I shouted a
loud cry of pain from the fall, the
embarrassment, the betrayal and,
ultimately, the heartache.

I felt someone’s arms wrap around my
waist before pulling me up to my feet.
“Are you okay, Jane?” A deep, Sekxy voice
came from the person behind me. A
voice I had never heard before and yet it
made me forget all of my problems for
that millisecond. I turned around to face
him and, even though he was just a
blurred image, I knew I didn’t recognize
him. My would-be saviour had short
brown curly hair with sensitive dark
brown eyes. He had a
square set jaw and his face was
completely clean cut.

He wasn’t anywhere near as muscular as
Adams; I could tell he wasn’t really into
sports and just one of
those naturally skinny guys with a little
muscle tone.

Tears were still flowing out of my eyes,
which only made me that much more
embarrassed. I could feel
blood oozing out of my knees as I turned
quickly away from the boy. I finished
running up the stairs and into the school.

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I sprinted through the hallways, pushing
anyone out of my way as I did so. I heard
a few rude
comments about how weird I was and
how me and Richard were so different,
which only caused me to cry harder.

Finally, I made it to the girl’s bathroom! I
swung the door open and ran into a stall,
slamming the door shut and locking it.

There were a few girls in the bathroom
doing their make-up in front of the
“Oh…my…God…” I could hear a girl
whisper to her friends, “Did you see her
p@nts, all full of blood? Poor
girl, maturing a little late, ain’t she?”
“Eww!” One of her friends yelled as they
all erupted into laughter.
‘Oh Great!’ I thought to myself, ‘Things
couldn’t get any worse.’
I stared at the stall door as the
overwhelming feeling of depression
began to set in. Not only did I have to
deal with rumours going around school
about me being ‘Adams crazy stalker.’

But, now everyone would be going
around; saying that I got my period
and that it leaked through!
‘Honestly the blood is on my knees and
legs, how would that be possible!’ I just
wanted to yell out, but I didn’t.
Just last week I was a ‘nobody’ and no
one ever noticed me. No one talked
behind my back and everything was fine!

Now, I was pretty much in love with
Adams and yet I meant nothing to him.

Soon, there would be horrible rumours
going around the entire school about me
and I couldn’t prevent it.
‘I just wish everything would go back to
normal!’ I thought to myself as I put the
toilet seat down and sat on top of it.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and
wrapped my arms around them. I rested
my head on top of my bloody knees as
my tears continued to flow down my
face. Finally, I allowed my bitter sobs to
escape my throat as I tried gulping down
air between each cry.

My tears leaked down my cheeks and I
could taste the saltiness of them as they
slipped into my mouth.

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