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Must Read: The Nurse (18+)- Season 1 Episode 3 – Stories


Embarrassment suffused my whole being.

The man looked at me like he knew what was going on here. I felt all my arousal from earlier, rush back at his suggestive and knowing looks. He carried himself with superb agility and grace that’s surprising for a man as huge as he.

I was held spell bound by pure magnetism.

I couldn’t break away from the Doctor’s office. I’ve never felt so much tension arch up my insides ever. Ever in my life.

The woman with him kept on throwing glances my way; I knew I’m supposed to leave, but I couldn’t help basking in the aura of him.

He’s black and huge.

His skin is bronzed. He epitomises a dark Greek god. Winding tattoos covered his arms and winded around his neck. His hair is full at the tops and buzzed at the sides. The ends of it curled at the nape.

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His eyes zinged me. He gave me heated looks that swept heat up my cunt. I cowered at the corner, spell bound. His eyes were grey. Electric grey. The grey had flecks of gold in it. Yes, I noticed even that.

His nose is flared like he caught my scent and I began to feel arousal build up in me at just a look! One look.. I didn’t know what to do.

He’s sitting right beside his girlfriend, i checked out their fingers- no rings.

He’s big and masculine, and he’s making me feel uncouth things just with his eyes.

I couldn’t bear it anymore and I snapped myself together.

I rushed out of the office and went back to my department. I entered the ladies room and went to the sink. I turned on the tap and splashed some water on my face. I need to cool down.

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For fu-Cks sake, he’s not the first hot man I’ve seen in my life. And he’s taken.

He’s taken! I chanted to myself. I gathered my composure and went back to work.

I felt his hands work up my spine.. He kneaded the exact point where the nerves knotted. I groaned in relief.. I was la!d flat on his thighs..

Tiny and feeling all feminine.

He rubbed my back in circles and i m0aned low.

His hands moved up to my neck and up up to my temples.. He gave them a slight rub that was just perfect. I felt my sight headache recede.

I squirmed and he gave me a kiss right on my butt0ckz. I giggled. His hands resumed the massage and he worked my back thoroughly.

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He gently carried me and placed me on the bed, I complained but he was quick to assure me; he’s going nowhere.

I was a mess of raging hormones. He poured massage oil onto his large hands and rubbed it together.. Then he went straight for the kill. He rubbed my butt0ckz cheeks slowly. I almost died of pleasure.

His hands framed the cheeks perfectly and sq££zed them in tandem. Then the pressure began to build. He started squeezing a bit more harder. I almost screamed. Then, I felt a stinging pain.

He slapped the other butt0ckz cheek too.

I screamed and let loose. He began squeezing me like a mad man. All the while, he was kneeling behind me, and I suddenly felt him pull my cunt lips apart.


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