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Must Read: The Nurse (18+)- Season 1 Episode 6 – Stories


a big explosion. It rocked my car and made me go deaf for moments. I felt horror fill me.

Vanessa. It came from her house! The front part went up in flames.

I didn’t know what filled my blood. I flew out form the car and raced down the remaining road. A crowd had started gathering and someone screamed “call 911!”

I got to the house, p@nting heavily..
Thick smokes bellowed into the sky. I felt my eyes sting. Vanessa. My vanessa. In that moment; all the slide show of my dreams with her ran a loop in my head. She’s my Bleeping life. I love her.

Our plans, our future girls and boys. Blond pigtails, grey eyes. I felt adrenaline fill me.

I ran into the house. Some people tried to hold me back, but I grunted and pushed them off. I broke away and leaped into the fire.

The front door was burnt down and I entered, while choking on a lungful of smoke.
Everywhere was cloudy and black. I felt heat slam into me. I didn’t care. I tore into the rooms, calling out her name. I heard nothing.

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I ran to the last room at the back and saw her huddling in a corner. The wave of relief that hit me brought tears to my eyes. She saw me and ran into my arms.. She cried in fear and I petted her..,”hush my Darling, hush.., we need to leave now..” This house will fall apart any moment soon. Haste filled me.

I wrapped the duvet around her and carried her out of the room. I stepped into the living room and shock filled me. The whole place was burning.. A live furnace. There was no way to navigate. The door was pure flames. The smoke was thick and choked me down. Nessa sobbed in my arms.

All I could think about was saving Vanessa.

I spied a way to circumvent the burning path..

A window was not on fire yet.. I ran to the window and dropped her. Then I hit it with my shoulders until the glass cracked. I used my fist on the rest and it broke apart; I felt tearing pain go through my hands, but i didn’t mind it.
“Baby, you’re hurt!” Nessa cried out. I didn’t even mind her and I pushed her out of the window. She landed safely on the grass. People gathered around to help her and screamed at me to jump out.

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I saw the fire truck coming in a distance with their siren wailing loudly and I felt relief fill me.

As i climbed onto the window ledge to pull myself out, something insanely hot fell on me; and everything went black.

Sophia Hitten
I was assigned to the Burn patient. It was a crazy day, he was rushed to the hospital; a burning beam had fallen on him from the burning house while saving his girlfriend..
He was a second too late… He looked hideous.

I didn’t recognize him at first. Never in this world. Ne’er. Until I saw his eyes. Those grey eyes. I felt pity fill me when I first set my eyes on the patient. Oh poor soul, I’d thought..

The beam fell on his face and burnt the right side down to the 3rd degree. The left part was untouched.

We were bothered about his eyes; hoping the beam hadn’t made it blind. The doctor pulled the lids back and I staggered in shock. It was my dream man.

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He had other slight burns on his arms and had a rib and thigh fracture. The beam knocked him out and blocks fell on him. All in all, it was gruesome.

He didn’t regain consciousnesses until after a month, and the first name he whispered was “Nessa”. I’d made sure to get myself assigned to him permanently. I took care of him and did his dressing on my shift.

His brothers also never left. They rotated the watching over him. I was shocked when I saw them. They were much more lightskinned and smaller; although, they had the signature grey eyes too. They looked to be in their late forties..

And yes, they are twins.

Due to his fitness and young age; he’s 30, he healed up faster than most.

Vanessa. That bitchy cunt. I heard from his brothers that she was the one he went into the fire to save.



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