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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 11 – Stories


The days before our Friday night date were blurry but we had regular conversations that made me know more of you. I discovered Yusuf was a born-again Christian who didn’t believe in pre-marital s*x. I discovered you had spent time schooling abroad where you had indulged in a life of recklessness before being brought home by your parents. You told me all about the booze, drugs, free s*x and wild life you had lived. Also about the dominant-submissive relationship you had had with your first boyfriend in UNIBEN. You told me how he abused you twice and how Yusuf was such a gentleman compared to him but you miss the intensity with which he F**K you. By Friday, I felt I knew enough about you to imprint my fingerprint on your soul.

The third time I saw you, I wanted you to be a Sl*t.
Our date was for 8pm that Friday and you turned up on time to find me waiting. You had dressed specifically for this moment and every eye in the restaurant turned to look at you including mine. You were dressed in a very short dark red skirt that made it obvious you were begging to be F***ed. Your top was a tank top tucked into the skirt. The chest area was low and your massive b0s0m threatened to spill out at any moment. You wore a large black belt to match your high heeled shoes. Everyone must have thought you were a LovePeddler but you were positively glowing with S#xual energy as soon as you saw me sitting in one corner. The eyes followed you to know who you were going to meet. ‘Lucky bastard’ they must have thought but they couldn’t see my face clearly because of the dim lighting of the restaurant which was supposed to be romantic but was going to help my plans for you. I’d only been here once so nobody would remember you or me – they would have remembered you of course but they probably wouldn’t recognise either of us if we ever met them again.

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I stood as you reached me and we hugged. We ordered food and bantered, our conversations had made our expectations clear and I knew how I would fulfil them.

“You’re such a Sl*t Omoze, every man in here wants to F**K you.”
“And I want to F**K all of them too” You responded airily “One of my fantasies is to be F***ed by many men, all waiting in line just to use my K!ttyC@t”

“What about your butt0ckz?” I ask “You told me you’ve only ever used a dildo in your butt0ckz with your Jand ex-boyfriend, would you like them to F**K it too?”
“I told you TJ, I am up for anything that doesn’t involve blood, injuries or danger. I like to push my limits and I’m yet to know my boundaries.”
As you spoke those words, I put my hand on your thighs under the table and stroked gently while reaching for my glass of water to make things appear normal…not that anyone could see us so clearly anyway.
I kept teasing you all evening: tweaking your Tips when no one was looking and at a point, squeezing your b0s0m harshly when I was sure I could get away with it without been seen.
“I’ll be right back please” you said suddenly at a point, picked your purse and left. The eyes followed your movement to the toilet which you must have noticed was at the other side. When you returned, you had a mischievous grin on your lips and I wondered if you had gone and masturbated again as you flipped your purse to my side of the table and took your seat across me again with our legs touching under the table.
“Please pass my phone” you said, indicating your purse and I made to shove the purse towards you but with a smile you said “Just my phone please” so I opened your purse and was surprised…

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A pair of red g-strings peaked back at me and I looked at your face again questioningly…’yes’ you nodded to my unasked question and I smiled to myself as I thought ‘I can play this game too’.

I kicked off my loafers and scooted my chair back just enough so that my leg could touch your chair and therefore your legs too. I rested my leg on your chair and you parted your thighs for me…like a true Sl*t. You shifted forward so that your K!ttyC@t was open to an invasion of my leg as I tried to find my way around. I’d told you I didn’t mind some hair and you hadn’t shaved since Wednesday night when I’d told you so my poking big toe found your pubic hair and rummaged around…in search of your cl!t. I wasn’t sure when last I cut my toenails but I didn’t care. I wanted to tease you. I felt your cl!t soon enough and manoeuvred to flick my toe against it – you shuddered a bit. I twisted my foot downwards to rub your opening and again you spread your legs more. I found it and started to F**K you with my toe. You brushed your hand over your b0s0m to tease your own Tips for me. ‘F**K’ I thought ‘she’s such a B***h’.

I kept the in and out assault of my toe on your K!ttyC@t up until I could sense an orgasm was building in you then I pulled it out and flicked my toenail upwards against your cl!t again and this time, you let out a soft m0an that made tables close to our look in our direction. From the way we were both slumped in our chairs, it was obvious to any discerning eye what we must be doing under the table. One man having his meal alone even smiled at me before looking away. Another man looked at us, turned away and whispered to the lady opposite him as I adjusted myself upwards. You were still in your slumped position when she looked at you and your eyes met hers as you looked around to see who had noticed you while you sat upright. I slipped my foot back into my loafers.
“I’ll be right back” I informed as I stood up and left in the direction of the toilet with your purse. When I reached there, I brought our your g-string, sniffed and kissed it all over – looking at myself in the mirror then whipped out my J0yst!ck and tied your underwear around the base of my J0yst!ck firmly. I wanted to pee but I knew it would be hard to pee while my J0yst!ck was rock hard. I adjusted myself and came out to see the man who had smiled at me standing at our table trying to talk to you.

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“Excuse me” I said when I reached our table and he shuffled away muttering an apology.

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