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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 12 – Stories


“What did he want?” I asked you
“He asked for my number but I think he wanted to fondle my b0s0m” you responded teasingly
I glanced at your b0s0m and could see your Tips pointing at me.
“Would you have given him?” I tried to tease
“Which one?” you asked back
“Your number…” I responded
“No,” you said “I’m not looking for complications in my life right now”
“What if he had asked to fondle your b0s0m though?” I continued trying to tease you
“I’ll have told him to meet me outside and let him lead me to his car so he could sq££ze them all he wants.” As you said this, you reached and sq££zed your b0s0m together while bending forward. The lady who had seen you adjusting yourself earlier had been looking constantly in your direction and she almost gasped when she was you do this. I decided it was time to leave and called for the bill. While the waiter brought it, you adjusted yourself properly.
You’d parked your car in the dark parking lot of behind the restaurant while I was parked outside. I followed you to your car to make sure you okay and stood by your window which you wound down.
“Just drive behind me, I will stop at an aboki’s place to buy cigarettes not far from here. It shouldn’t be more than I ten minutes drive” I told you.

“Okay daddy” you responded with your eyes dancing “Are you jealous that all those men in there wanted to F**K me daddy and that I wanted to F**K them too?” you were teasing, your left hand was outside your window now as you pulled me closer with the waistbands of my jeans. You stroked my J0yst!ck through my jeans and pulled down my zip while talking to me and calling me ‘daddy’.[contact-form][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”true” /][contact-field label=”Website” type=”url” /][contact-field label=”Message” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]

“Would you have been angry daddy if that man had fondled my big slutty b0s0m?” and you sq££zed your b0s0m with your right hand, making my J0yst!ck twitch so you pulled it out and saw your g-string hanging from my J0yst!ck.
“F**K” you gasped “You are such a perv daddy” you pushed your head and shoulder out of the window and took my J0yst!ck in your mouth. I looked round to make sure no one was with us or watching then pushed your head further onto my J0yst!ck. You sU-Cked for a minute or two then leaned back and threw your right leg on the dashboard to give you access to your K!ttyC@t so you could play with it. Your left hand hung just outside the window jerking my J0yst!ck.
“Will you F**K this K!ttyC@t hard tonight daddy? Will you make my K!ttyC@t cream for this black J0yst!ck daddy? Will you F**K me TJ like one of your bitches and make this slutty B***h scream? All those men must know that I am a Sl*t and that you will F**K me this night and use me. Do you think they know I will eat your Pour daddy” your own words, soaked with such neediness turned you own so much as you jerked your head back into the headrest and kept massaging your K!ttyC@t and cl!t. I watched you intently.

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“That’s enough” I suddenly shouted and pulled my J0yst!ck out of your reach, tucked it firmly in my boxers and zipped up.
“F**K” you whispered. “What is it?” you jerked upright.
“Nothing” I smiled “Let’s go home”.
“Sh*t” You swore “I was about to Pour” but you adjusted yourself and your chair and started your engine. I walked the short distance to my car while you waited at the gate and I drove off ahead of you.
I was surprised when you called me some minutes later and I checked the rearview mirror as I had been doing since we drove to see your car coming behind me. Maybe you forgot something…
“Wassup” I said as I picked your call
“Nothing much” you replied “I just wanted to know if you are angry with me”
I didn’t reply because I had a feeling you’d been trying to get me angry for the past few minutes.
“I’ve been a bad girl tonight TJ, I shouldn’t have wanted to F**K that man and those other men but I can’t help it. You promised to let me be a Sl*t daddy…I’ve repressed this part of me for a while now and I am happy to unleash it tonight. I feel so excited that those people will be thinking of me while they F**K their wives tonight or their girlfriends or while they’re wanking their d!cks. They don’t know me as Omozele Lili-Whyte, they know me as I am – a Sl*t who enjoys Bleeping and being used. So yes daddy, I have been a bad girl and need to be punished…will you punish me with your J0yst!ck daddy?”

And I smiled at this because I had thought of one million ways to punish you already.
“No wahala my dear Sl*t. I will see to it that you get all you want. I’m going to slow down here and buy cigarette. Clear well off the road or put on your double pointer so that other drivers can see you”.

“Ok sir” you replied and I hung up.
We continued the short journey and I turned towards my gate then came down to open the gate before driving in and letting you park behind me. I snuffed out my cigarette and walked towards you. Your inner light was on as you tried to gather your stuff together into a bag you had brought along with you. I smiled as I thought of what I had in mind to do with you…
I stood beside your window as before and you wound down.
“Did you bring all your toys like I asked you to?”
“Yes I did” you smiled up at me and indicated the direction of your bag. I reached in and stretched my hand into the bag, looking for something – I saw your vibrator, your lube, your anal beads but I reached for your dildo and brought it out, examining it in the inner light of your car.

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“This looks sizeable” I said and placed it in my back pocket. I then reached in with my left hand and caressed your thighs softly, muttering almost to myself “You turned me on so much Omoze”.
You spread your legs a little for me, wanting me to touch you but I keep playing with your inner thighs, lightly like a feather, knowing your nerves would strain to sense the touches more. I approached your K!ttyC@t, I feal the heat coming out and know you want me to touch you. You spread your legs a little bit more and reach up with your right hand to switch off the inner light but I pull your hand back with my free right hand then let my right hand rest on your b0s0m.

“This is what you want isn’t it? For everyone to know what a Sl*t you are. I have only two neighbours and one one them is a nocturnal animal – I’m sure he must be seeing us and wondering what a B***h you are.” Your soft m0an gives me the feedback I need and I swoop in with my hands on your K!ttyC@t, you part your legs more to give me access. I grab your cl!t with the upper flesh of your K!ttyC@t lips and sq££ze them gently together then rub them between my thumb and forefinger.

“TJ…you’re killing me” you m0an and I smile. My hands fondle your b0s0m more vigourously, trying to pull them out but only your right b0s0m spills out readily and I grab it and roll your Tips between my thumb and forefinger – in rhythm with what I’m doing to your K!ttyC@t. I stop the assault on your breasts and reach between your door and your seat for a specific lever which I find and pull up to make your seat recline.
Back to your K!ttyC@t: I touch it from the bottom upwards and down again several times, feeling your wetness with the back of my fingers – after doing this a few times, you’re pulling my hand and whispering “F**K me with your fingers TJ” so I oblige you and shove two fingers immediately inside your K!ttyC@t…
“Sh*t” you gasp and I realise you are actually about to Pour and I withdraw them immediately. I had been hoping you would last till I could use the dildo on you but you were such a Sl*t like that. You looked disappointed as I stood up and straightened out. I opened your door and asked you to come down so we could go upstairs. I reached in and pulled out your car keys, picked up the bag and turned back to you.
You looked like such a Sl*t right there and then with one of your b0s0m dangling halfway out, your skirt so high I could see traces of your moist K!ttyC@t lips and your eyes in a state of delirium.

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I opened the door to my apartment and flicked on the switch behind the door for the light to come on – bright white lights flooded the room and I stood to one side of the narrow short passageway to allow you in so I could shut the door. As soon as you stepped in, you saw the mirror and turned to it. I stepped behind you and kicked the door shut. Cocking my head to one side, so that it was almost resting on your left shoulder, I looked into your eyes in the mirror and whispered into your ears haltingly as I bit your earlobes “I’m. Going. To. F**K. You. Like. The. Sl*t. You. Are. Tonight.” With each syllable, I would pause and bite your earlobe softly and the pauses let each of my words sink in.
“Oh shiiiit” you m0an as I pull your skirt back around your waist and open your K!ttyC@tinto the view of the mirror with both of my hands. You generously pushed your legs apart and I prised your s*x open further so that your cl!t was staring out from under its hood obscenely. Putting my left forefinger into your wet K!ttyC@t for lubrication, I touch your sensitive cl!t ias though stroking it a bit, all the while telling you what a Sl*t you are. You could see what I was doing to you and it was a very erotic sight to behold. I stuck my finger in your K!ttyC@t and allowed my other hand free to sq££ze your breasts “TJ you will kill me” was the verbal response you gave and you turned your head away, trying to turn your lips to me for a kiss but noticing you are about to Pour, I stopped fingerfu-Cking you and with my free right hand, I jerked your hair back suddenly.

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