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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 13 – Stories


“You’ve been a bad girl remember Omoze? I told you I would punish you” – the look of frustration on your face made me happy that I wasn’t the only one so ready and eager to Pour. “Stay here” I told you and strolled into the living room then turned back to face you, standing. You were trying to touch yourself – “Don’t do that unless I tell you to” and the submissive in you immediately withdrew her hands.
‘This should be fun’ I mused to myself.
“Remove your clothes for me” and you immediately began peeling of your slutty costume and stepped out of your shoes too.

“Look at your body Omoze…just begging to be F***ed.”I managed to say a bit spitefully
“Come towards me” and you did until you were right in front of me, still clothed except for my shirt that I had removed.
“Kneel” You did.
“Bring out my J0yst!ck” – you complied. Your g-string was still tied loosely around the base of my J0yst!ck.
“Kiss my J0yst!ck Omoze, kiss is 40 times. Just the tip, just kisses. Don’t sU-Ck it or you’ll only prolong this”
In your state of arousal, you looked like a pitiable mess – frustrated with how I was drawing this out for so long. We were both mentally counting I’m sure but I lost count at some point – I wanted desperately for you to just put the head of my J0yst!ck in your mouth and sU-Ck it – I was certainly ready to burst at that moment. I moved back with you holding on to my J0yst!ck and shuffling along on your knees. I felt the couch behind me and I sat down.
“Look into my eyes” and you did. I was happy to see your eagerness, your desperation so I gave the command “sU-Ck” and you fell on my J0yst!ck like a starved woman. I restrained myself and pulled back immediately, standing up again I removed my jeans and boxers then let you sU-Ck my J0yst!ck for a few seconds before reclaiming it from your mouth and bending down to kiss your wet slutty mouth. I stood upright and smacked you on the cheeks with my J0yst!ck

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“Are you sure you want to be my Sl*t Omo?”
“Yes daddy, I am” you replied with so much desperation that showed you really wanted to convince me and make me believe. I sat back down and carefully arranged my leg to be between your legs as you knelt between my two legs.
“Show me you want to be my Sl*t” and you fell hungrily once again on my J0yst!ck, trying to force the length into your mouth which I guessed you had never done before with the amount of saliva that drooped from your mouth and the tightness of your throat. I made a mental note to work on that as I focused on getting my big toe back into your K!ttyC@t in your kneeling position. When I made contact with your K!ttyC@t, you tried to gasp but with my J0yst!ck in your mouth all I heard was a slutty m0an and I pushed another inch upwards. With both hands I took your hair and held it up behind your head then forced your mouth further along. You started grinding your K!ttyC@t onto my toe, you reached between your legs to arrange my toe properly and you rubbed yourself against me, sitting on my extended big toe and Bleeping it like a little J0yst!ck.

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“You’re such an unbelievable Sl*t aren’t you? You want anything inside your K!ttyC@t right now. B***h…Lovepeddler…”
My words made you greedy as you continued to F**K my J0yst!ck with your mouth while dancing and grinding on my toe until without warning, I became more alive and felt my Pour erupting into your mouth just as my entire left foot felt warm at the same time. You tried to pull away from my J0yst!ck but I held your head down unconsciously as both our bodies shuddered and me repeating the word ‘F**K. F**K. F**K.’ Over and over with every spasm and jerk of my body, pumping my Pour with fury into your mouth as you swallowed furiously.

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