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As the orgasms subsided, you rested your head on my thigh and I looked at your face – your mascara was ruined with tears, your hair was a mess and you had your saliva mixed with my Pour around your mouth – absolutely beautiful. I stroked your hair and asked “Did you like that?”
“yes daddy” you replied, reminding me that you had told me you wanted to submit to me.
“You look like such a B***h…” I told you as I looked into your eyes
“Yes daddy, I am your B***h…please make me your B***h” you responded almost pleading, opening your mouth as you spoke again “I;m hungry for your Pour and I want to eat more please”.

I ran my fingers through your hair and snapped your head backwards with it, pulling hard enough to make you yelp at the suddenness of it then tilted your head so that you were looking up at me with your messy face and teary eyes. I bent down to kiss you fully in the mouth, running my fingers through your hair and scratching your scalp – the pain of the hair pulling must have set the nerves in your scalp on edge so every touch across it would be more keenly felt. I probed your mouth with my tongue as you opened it up to me, kissing me back with such fury and passion that my J0yst!ck started to rise again. The g-string tied around my J0yst!ck hadn’t let my J0yst!ck go down fully. I reached down and sq££zed your b0s0m, kneading it like dough, a little bit roughly all the while kissing you as you m0aned into my mouth. I pinched your Tips and felt you tense up but you didn’t withdraw like I had assumed, you pushed your chest out towards me and unlocked your lips from mine –
?“Will you please sU-Ck my b0s0m daddy? I love them being sU-Cked” you begged.
“I don’t care what you love you Sl*t, you’re only here to be used” I replied and grabbed more of your b0s0m with my hands and sq££zed hard – you seemed to enjoy that as you gasped in pleasure and touched your K!ttyC@t…

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“Stop.” I directed “Just look into my eyes” all the while squeezing and kneading your b0s0m.
There your were on your knees, with your legs apart and chest jutting forward, I continued the assault on your b0s0m with both hands while you looked into my eyes. In that very moment, yours was the soul of a true Sl*t – your body was quivering a bit, your eyes would appear sleepy from pleasure and I would sq££ze again harder to see you jerk forwards towards me all the while looking into your eyes and talking to you alternately
“you’re such a Sl*t, such a B***h for me, I want to do nasty things to you, F**K you crazy…”
Your response was a deep m0an as you bit your lips, looking at me as though you were in a daze.

“Look at my hands squeezing your b0s0m” I told you and you looked down to see the assault – the lewdness of the sight wasn’t lost on you even as I continued to tell you what you were – a Sl*t that was fit only to be used mercilessly. You shuddered slightly as I bent towards you and kissed you again – letting the spit drool from my mouth into yours. Suddenly I pulled back and lay back.

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“Come closer to my J0yst!ck” I ordered and you shuffled forward, making to grab my J0yst!ck with your hand.
“Stop.” I commanded. “tell me what you see, describe this J0yst!ck”
You looked and started “It’s swollen daddy, looking hard like a rock that my K!ttyC@t needs right now. The head is so big, I want it in my mouth, your balls look full of Pour for me, I want to be F***ed by this J0yst!ck please daddy”.
“Come and untie your underwear darling and admire my J0yst!ck with your eyes” I told you and you scooted closer. With shaky hands you untied your g-string and flung it aside as you grabbed my J0yst!ck at the base and sq££zed…I let you…

“Go on you Sl*t, tell me what you see – I want you to remember this J0yst!ck forever”
With your head titled to one side, you studied my J0yst!ck harder – “It’s looking so angry daddy, like it wants to F**K me so bad. I can see the and angry all over…”
“Trace your tongue along the veins now” I ordered and you eagerly stuck out your tongue and started taking small licks across the veins on my J0yst!ck – raising your head every second to see another vein and lick again, all the while talking to my J0yst!ck…
“You’re going to F**K me with this J0yst!ck daddy…I’m a slave for this J0yst!ck from now on…this J0yst!ck can have my K!ttyC@t anytime and anywhere…”
“Touch your K!ttyC@t…” I interrupted you and you complied immediately with so much relief.
“Put the head of my J0yst!ck in your mouth…only the head” I told you and there you were looking like the B***h you are – the head of my engorged J0yst!ck fixed obscenely in your mouth while you played with your K!ttyC@t with your eyes closed as though you were in a world of your own.
“This J0yst!ck owns your mouth and K!ttyC@t from now on Omoze” I told you. “Like you said just now, I will F**K you whenever I want to F**K you” You looked up into my eyes and and nodded your agreement – you were so desperate to be used that you would agree to anything I said.

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“I know you are Sl*t – I can see the Sl*t in you. I own that Sl*t now and I will use you as I please”
This must have sounded like music to your ears as you shuddered from the first throes of another orgasm building up from deep inside you, your hands moved faster as I spoke and observed you until…
“Stop” I ordered.
With a groan, you reluctantly stopped.
“Lie down on that centre rug with your face down” and you immediately complied, spreading your legs apart with the assumption that I was about to F**K you in that position.
“Put your legs together you Sl*t – I’m not ready to F**K you just yet”.

Actually, I was ready to F**K you but if I was going to own your K!ttyC@t, a regular F**K wouldn’t do. I had to tease your body mercilessly.
I knelt beside you and ran my fingers across your back a bit harshly…I wanted every nerve in your body to come alive for my touch.

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