Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 15 – Stories

“What can I do to you my little Sl*t?”
“Anything you want daddy…”
“Anything I want? Are you sure?” I asked…
“Yes daddy, I know you won’t hurt me. I am ready for anything..”
I smiled at your response and thought to myself ‘this is going to be interesting’.
‘Crack’ went the sound as my hands flew up and came down hard on your butt0ckz. I wasn’t in the range of your vision in that position so you had no idea what I was going to do and could not prepare your body on time. I imagined the sharp pain searing from your butt to your brain as you squirmed and turned round to face me but I was relentless.
“How many men in that restaurant were you willing to F**K you B***h?” the jealousy in my tone was barely concealed.
Your eyes flew wide open as you half-sat and half-lay looking at me while trying to soothe your butt0ckz cheek.
“How many?” I repeated and you must have figured out what I intended as you answered
“Only four of them sir”
I smiled at the new address you gave me – you were indeed a natural submissive, its in the blood. I suddenly felt thirst and stood up walking towards the fridge – “Get back into position” I told you as I opened the fridge and got a bottle of coke. I was about to close it when another idea flashed into my mind and I brought out the ice-tray. The clothes I had worn from work were strewn across a chair and I fished my black tie out and walked back towards you. As I opened the coke with my teeth and took a gulp, I admire you with your breasts sq££zed against the rug, jutting out by sides and your head lowered. I came close and asked you to move lower with your hand stretched up above your head.

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“These hands are interrupting me” I said as I straddled you and tied both your hands to the stand of the settee in front of you. I took an ice cube and ran it along your spine – the coolness of it made you shudder as I dragged it from just below your neck, lower and lower until I got to your butt crack. You butt0ckz wiggled a bit in anticipation of the assault that was sure to come – I kept going as the ice melted a bit and I left it just at the opening of your anus, letting the water flow whichever way it wanted.

“Excuse me” I said as I stood up to look for my DVD remote control. You were already babbling to yourself by this time.
I found the remote and switched it on. I wanted the perfect song to etch this moment permanently in your mind – I found Notorious BIG and R.Kelly’s ”Bleeping You Tonight” song and put it on replay – increasing the volume slightly then returning to you.
The ice had almost melted off – I straddled you again with my J0yst!ck close to your feet and you knew enough to push your feet and make contact with my J0yst!ck. I bent forward and used my tongue to push the ice away, flicking my tongue across your asshole briefly before I continued to kiss all over your smooth butt0ckz – not as fleshy as I am used to but sizeable enough to grab which was what I did – grabbing your butt0ckz cheek and prising them apart. I continued to trail my fingernails across the length of your legs downwards all the way to your feet then back up to your butt0ckz again. Your legs opened involuntarily, your [email protected] wanted so badly to be touched and in that moment again – ‘Crack’ came my hand on your butt cheeks making you squeal as the pain nerves stood at attention.
“You B***h!” I spat at you “You will only F**K with my permission from now on, you hear me?”

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‘Crack’ I went again
“yes daddy, I hear you daddy, this [email protected] is yours daddy”
‘Crack’ I went one more time and allowed my hand to caress and soothe the places where I had spanked you. From my knowledge of the human anatomy, I knew the blood had rushed to your groin area in response to the pain you had felt – your nerves here would be very alert for any more pain. Instead of pain however, I moved my fingers lightly across your [email protected]
“Oh god” was the response you gave me “touch me there please, touch me daddy, please, touch my [email protected], it’s for you…only you”

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I kept up the light touches across your [email protected] as you m0aned and writhed, hoping somehow that my fingers would get the message and invade your dripping you. Instead of doing that, I ran my fingers back to your hair and felt your body slump in S#xual disappointment. From your neck, I ran my finger down about six inches then back up again to your neck, down to about nine inches then back up to your neck – coming lower and lower, letting your body calculate the time it would take me to get to your [email protected] I had by this time arranged myself such that your [email protected] was within shooting range of my J0yst!ck. At one of the moments my hand was making it’s way upwards to your hair, I suddenly leaned forward and invaded your [email protected] with the full length of my engorged J0yst!ck. Your head jerked back as your body responded with such a quiver that I had never seen before – you were cumming very violently, shaking all over and m0an!ng delightfully “F**K…F**K..F**K…F**K…Sh*t…F**K…F**K…”

I did not move. I rested my J0yst!ck inside your wet [email protected], enjoying the moment until you suddenly started to grind yourself back and forth, side to side, trying to encourage my J0yst!ck to F**K you – I let you do this for about thirty seconds, dragging out your orgasm so deliciously then I moved back and out of your [email protected] leaving only the head of my J0yst!ck resting just inside your [email protected] lips.

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