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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 17 – Stories


You sq££zed beside me in the small toilet and took my J0yst!ck from my hand to rinse the soap of it. Then you knelt down and bent your head under me to lick my perineum – the thick flesh between my balls and and my butt0ckz. It was an erotic sight but I could only manage half an erection.

“You haven’t F***ed my butt0ckz like you promised to do” you told me slowly.
“Let’s go back to the sitting room and let me watch you play with yourself for me”
We came out of the toilet and back to the sitting room where you sat again on the floor and opened up your K!ttyC@t with both hands for me to look at as I sat on the couch opposite you – your K!ttyC@t was splayed with my thick Pour, visible from the short distance I was from you. You dipped a finger inside and started to scoop the Pour out into your mouth. My J0yst!ck nodded in approval. You kept this up and had a crazy look on your face as though you were desperate to eat more and more of the Pour. One finger was soon not enough and ou began to use too, I could tell from the way your stomach tightened that you were trying to sq££ze more of it out. You then started rubbing your cl!t and squeezing your b0s0m, looking into my eyes and promising to be my Sl*t again and again.

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“Give me my toys” you told me and I pushed the bag towards you. Out came the anal beads which you put into your mouth and licked lustfully. I started stroking my J0yst!ck gradually with a smile of approval on my face – “Go on and show me how much of Sl*t you are”.
Still rubbing your K!ttyC@t, you opened the lubricant with another hand and put the opening at the entrance of your butthole, squeezing a generous amount around it. Soon you were Bleeping your asshole with one finger while rubbing your K!ttyC@t
“You didn’t meet me as a K!ttyC@t virgin TJ but I want you to take my butt0ckz virginity this night” you told me as you picked the first ball on the rubber string and forced it into your sphincter muscle. You were obviously used to doing this as you did not wince – I smiled at the thought of whether my J0yst!ck would make you wince when I started.

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Soon you had four of the balls in your asshole and you were rubbing your cl!t vigorously while fingerfu-Cking yourself with one leg raised in the air. You picked the dildo and turned over into doggy position to F**K yourself with it from under. Your head was turned onto the floor, looking back towards me. Just as I stepped forward, ready to F**K you, your phone rang and I fished it out from your purse in your bag to give to you. The time was almost 1am, and I checked who was calling – Yusuf Hubby it was – and I smiled. I handed the phone over to you and positioned myself to F**K you.

“Wait please TJ” you said to me, looking so serious all of a sudden as you answered the call.
“Hello honey” you answered sleepily as I rubbed my J0yst!ck on your dripping K!ttyC@t lips .
“I’m okay, got home several hours ago very tired.” I pushed a bit of my J0yst!ck into you and withdrew it.
“No honey, I tried calling you but your number wasn’t going through…” I repeated the motion over and over again, teasing you until you m0aned softly
“Uhmmmm….maybe it was …uhhmm…network…uhmmm” I kept on teasing then without warning pushed my J0yst!ck all the way into your K!ttyC@t…
“F**K” you screamed “F**K…no…nothing…i just saw a cockroach honey”. I was Bleeping you steadily now and making as much noise as I could with our thighs smacking against each other.
“Let me call you back honey, this cockroach…uhhmmm … is distracting me…ok…ok…tomorrow then honey…uhhmmm…okay, yes, yes, okay” you spoke into the phone, cut the call and flung the phone away.

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