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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 18 – Stories


“You bastard TJ, this is what you want? F**K me harder, F**K me, make me the Sl*t my man doesn’t know I am”
I kept on Bleeping furiously – tired but determined to F**K you into submission.

“Your man doesn’t know what a Sl*t you are…he doesn’t know I’m Bleeping his B***h wife know…”

“Yes, she is a B***h and he doesn’t know” you reply
“I’m going to be Bleeping the B***h everyday from now on…”
“Yes daddy, F**K me anytime you like…F**K me…F**K me like a B***h…spank me….please…spank me now”
And I responded with a resounding ‘crack’ that sent you into spasms immediately as your body writhed and twitched into climax. Still Bleeping you, I held the string of the anal beads and began to pull it out slowly – it was as though another wave of climax swept through your body as your spasms got more intense, your K!ttyC@t actually started to contract around my J0yst!ck as if chewing on it.

I withdrew immediately from your K!ttyC@t and started working your K!ttyC@t juice into your asshole – it looked cornholed and ready for my J0yst!ck but I wanted you well lubricated for the assault to come. I got the lubricant and sq££zed some on my J0yst!ck, stroked it a few times and started to push into you.
“F**K my butt0ckz now please daddy…I’m ready…just F**K me” you begged but I took my time to work the head of my J0yst!ck past your sphincter muscle. You’d never had a J0yst!ck in your butt0ckz before so I knew despite your urging that I had to go slowly so you won’t feel sore the following day.

“Sh*t….” you squealed as soon as my d!ckhead popped past your sphincter muscle. I held still, waiting for you to get used to the size of my J0yst!ck inside you. After some seconds, I pushed forward all the way in but slowly.

“Sh*t…Sh*t…Sh*t…daddy you are so big….my butt0ckz feels so full”
“Rub your Sl*t K!ttyC@t” I ordered.
“Ok….ok….ok…” you responded as if in an hypnotic haze as your hand went straight to your K!ttyC@t and you began to rub. I started Bleeping you slowly – the music was still on and the beat helped me to gain a steady rhythm that your body soon got used to.
“Ok daddy…give it to me now…give it to me…I can take it”
This was music to my ears and I began Bleeping your asshole mercilessly. It was tighter than your K!ttyC@t and hugged it like a second skin. You must have sensed I was about to Pour because as soon as I started to feel the orgasmic build-up, you shouted…

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“Don’t waste your Pour in my butt0ckz daddy…give me your man-juice…i want to eat it from your J0yst!ck”
“F**K you you dirty Sl*t” I m0aned loud as your slutty words drove me into orgasm and I had to force myself to pull out of your butt0ckz and start pumping my J0yst!ck. You scrambled to turn over but couldn’t position your mouth quickly enough so some of the Pour landed across your face, in your hair and on your b0s0m – your mouth quickly closed over my J0yst!ck as you sU-Cked the dribble of Pour still oozing out off. You stuck your tongue into my pee-hole and sq££zed my J0yst!ck from the base like a toothpaste to see if any was left. Satisfied, I collapsed backwards and watched as you lay down and started wiping the Pour from your face and b0s0m with one finger into your mouth.

“You are a Bleeping Sl*t Omozele” I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.
Over the next month – there was little we did not do sexually – I F***ed you in your car and mine, F***ed you outside a club and in the club toilet. The craziest was the day you picked up your wedding gown two weeks before the wedding and stopped over at my place. You were very happy to model the gown for me in my living room. You stripped out of your office clothes and also took off your underwear then wore the wedding gown.
“How do you think your Sl*t looks in this wedding gown sir?” you asked me
“Well” I responded “I think my Sl*t looks good enough to be F***ed for the first time in my bed.
I’d F***ed you almost all over my house by this time including the staircase and once at midnight on the bonnet of my car when I had to cover your mouth with my hand to prevent my neighbours from hearing. We went into the room kissing crazily and fondling each other – I stripped Unclad and bent you over the bed with the mirror to one side reflecting your butt0ckz and my J0yst!ck going into you. That day, I also ate your K!ttyC@t for the first time – sluts don’t deserve to be eaten and I marvelled at how beautiful your K!ttyC@t was.

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“Yummy” was my first word as I teased and nibbled all over your K!ttyC@t, driving you crazy and begging for a rough F**K. I put two of my fingers into your K!ttyC@t and brought out your K!ttyC@t juice for us to share together – we both licked those fingers like two greedy kids sharing a lollipop. I F***ed you looking at me before I F***ed you with your zip pulled down, massive b0s0m spilling out, dress bunched around your waist while you begged me not to ruin the dress. I turned you to face me and pushed my J0yst!ck into you – standing face to face and twisting to ensure my J0yst!ck was inside you. I held your butt0ckz to pull you closer and you did the same, whispering to each other all the time with me biting your earlobes softly and driving you wild. The angle made sure my J0yst!ck was putting direct pressure on your g-spot just at the entrance of your K!ttyC@t.
“Will you let me F**K you after your marriage Sl*t?”

“Yes I will daddy, nobody can F**K this K!ttyC@t like you can”
All the while kissing and rubbing each other all over – I sq££zed your b0s0m and you pinched my Tips – looking each other in the eye all the time.
“Will you remember my K!ttyC@t daddy even if I can’t make it available for you all the time?”
“Yes my Sl*t, I will never forget this K!ttyC@t. You are a true freak and I love you my dear Sl*t”
My words drove you into another orgasm that night – “Yes daddy, you love your Sl*t…you love my Sl*t K!ttyC@t…you accept me as a B***h….you make me proud to be your B***h….thank you…thank you for Bleeping me…thank you…put your Pour in my mouth daddy…your Sl*t’s mouth is ready to eat your Pour…”

I couldn’t help it as I was cumming when you said this – you knelt down immediately and opened your mouth over my J0yst!ck to make sure no drop was missed but I staggered and ended up with my Pour on your b0s0m. One hand of the wedding gown was still drawn up in a way and my Pour also spilled on it.

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You licked it off as much as you could and then inspected that part of the wedding gown then turned to me:
“Thank you daddy. Now I will walk down the aisle with your Pour on my chest as a proud badge of the honour of being your s*x-slave.” And then you kissed my J0yst!ck and I kissed your forehead.

We had s*x two more times after that but that last one is the one that I will always remember because in the moment you confessed your pride in being my s*x-slave, I realised that the words I had spoken earlier were very true. I had become obsessed with you as my Sl*t. I had wanted to put my imprint on your soul but you have also put yours on mine. I made you mine but also gave myself to you. No other K!ttyC@t can feel regular again.
I have to take a decision Omozele. That decision may affect your wedding a bit but not ruin it – I cannot attend your wedding. I am a possessive man and even though I never thought I could be this jealous, I am now. I cannot be your MC. I will be in Ghana as you read this letter. I will stay there for one month to break myself free of this chain I used to bind you to me and in the process bound myself to you also. I have a feeling in fact that you planned to F**K me, not the other way round. I remember the day we met at La Mango – you came prepared with your hat and your sunshades. You never expected your husband to join us at the meeting on the Island did you? You had your mind on La Mango poolside from the beginning. You wanted us to be alone and F**K each other mentally. You planned this well. I feel now like an accomplice. I hope you feel used enough – I hope you feel you used me well enough.

Your K!ttyC@t will always be mine – my J0yst!ck will always be yours. Whenever you Pour, think of me as I will be thinking of you too whenever I Pour.

Goodbye Omoze.

Yours sexually and erotically,
Tunji Badmus (TDB).


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