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You know I like to W@nk Omo – good old Palm-ela is the surest way for a horny pervert like me to get by in life without Molest. Bisola motioned me to come and I stepped forward reluctantly – her mouth was never good enough but I let her sU-Ck me as I watched Jumoke work that K!ttyC@t – she had by now positioned herself in such a way that while the fat thumb of her left hand (which was held out like one about to receive a handshake) was finger-Bleeping Bisola’s K!ttyC@t, the side of her outstretched forefinger was directly massaging Bisola’s cl!t. Her right leg was stretched and placed on the covered toilet seat as she also rubbed her own K!ttyC@t in time. I tried to get Bisola to take more of my J0yst!ck in her mouth but she could as usual only sU-Ck just half of it. Jumoke and I looked at each other with lust as she selfishly continued to rub her own K!ttyC@t more, oftentimes slowing down with rubbing Bisola’s K!ttyC@t. If Bisola was going to Pour at the same time Jumoke would, she needed help and I knew exactly what to do – I reached under her for her b0s0m, placed them in the centre of both palms and began to knead them, taking care to make sure that her average sized Tips were in the crook between my thumb and the rest of my fingers. Pulling with her b0s0m, I tried to drag her forward to take more of my J0yst!ck in her mouth but she was soon cumming from the pressure on her breasts and Jumoke’s fingering with Jumoke not too far behind. If she hadn’t let go my J0yst!ck from her mouth as she was cumming, I may have Pour with them too but I was to be denied. I left them to shower properly this time and I towelled my body in the cold room. As I reached for my Benson, I remembered you again and my J0yst!ck immediately started rising as I imagined what I would do with you.

Bisola came out first and smiled at me but all I could see was you at that point – she lay on the bed and spread her legs with a I-know-you-love-this-K!ttyC@t smile. I strolled towards her and started kissing her thick thighs all over then stroking my tongue from above her cl!t all the way back to her butt0ckz crack then back up again over and over as she held her legs upwards and apart for my tongue assault to continue.

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“Hmmmm” a voice that I realised was Jumoke’s said behind me as Bisola lifted her head to look at her “This your bobo sabi chop K!ttyC@t sha, see him taking his time, can I join you bros?”

I motioned to Jumoke that she was welcome and she brought her face next to mine on Bisola’s K!ttyC@t. As we licked here and there, our tongues would often collide and I would push some cunt juice into her mouth or her into mine. Bisola lifted her head again and looked at both of us snuggled in her K!ttyC@t and she begged not to Pour yet again until my J0yst!ck was in her. Jumoke and I laughed as we lifted our heads and kissed, Jumoke’s hand found my J0yst!ck and she sighed like it was all she ever needed. Bisola quickly turned over and went into doggy position. I asked Jumoke to hand me a condom that I took out and slipped on before I pushed my J0yst!ck into Bisola’s juicy K!ttyC@t from the back.
Omoze, you know I am a BBW lover but a sU-Cker for real freaks which was why I was attracted to you despite your moderate figure. Fleshy K!ttyC@t, juicy and wanting is how I like it and it was how Bisola’s K!ttyC@t felt as usual. With Jumoke rubbing my head, sU-Cking and pinching my Tips, occasionally spanking Bisola’s butt0ckz lightly and rubbing her own K!ttyC@t by my side, it wasn’t going to be long before I came. When she leaned in and started whispering encouragement into my ears “F**K her TJ….she told me you F**K like a maniac…F**K her like you will soon F**K me you motherfu-Cker” – I knew I couldn’t hold back my longer. She was whispering and somehow it felt so erotic or perhaps it was the hot breath so close to my ears – what triggered my Pour though was when she said “you know she’s a Sl*t TJ, F**K her like the Sl*t she is” – I swear to you Omo: in that moment, I saw your face as you licked the rim of the glass and I exploded with a shout of “Omooooo!” which I quickly managed to complete with a Yoruba intonation. It was only when I came down from my high that I realised Bisola had Pour and Jumoke was pushing her to one side so she could lie down on her back so I could F**K her too but my recovery isn’t always so swift. I collapsed to Jumoke’s right while Bisola collapsed to her left.

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“Oya, both of you – sU-Ck mummy’s bobby” Jumoke said as she pulled our heads towards her big b0s0m and we laughingly complied. Jumoke turned out to be a dirty talker and like I suspected: a babe who knew what her body wanted and didn’t mind voicing out her needs.
“Yes, yes, sU-Ck my Tips both of you, sU-Ck it like you need milk, yes, touch my K!ttyC@tBisola, you know how I like to be touched…” and she was grabbing my J0yst!ck to see if it was hard yet but it wasn’t so she stroked it until it was and then she asked Bisola to go and get a condom. As Bisola brought it to me, Jumoke said “No, let Bisola wear it on your J0yst!ck for you”.
I thought this was just one of her quirks as Bisola rolled the condom on my J0yst!ck but when I tried to put my J0yst!ck in her K!ttyC@t as she lay spread on the bed, she again asked Bisola to put my J0yst!ck inside her, specifying “just the tip”.

So with my J0yst!ck in Bisola’s hand and the tip just inside Jumoke’s K!ttyC@t which Bisola opened with two fingers of her other hand, Jumoke told Bisola lustily “Put his J0yst!ck inside me Bisexy if you really want me to F**K your man. Putting it inside means I can F**K him anytime I want, whether you are there or not and you and I will still be friends”. Bisola who seemed used to this lusty and erotic ritual nodded her head and smiled without looking at me as she pulled my J0yst!ck into Jumoke’s steaming K!ttyC@t. What she did next made me begin to F**K Jumoke harder – Bisola bent forward and sealed the union of preeq and K!ttyC@t with a kiss before focusing on Jumoke’s cl!t from an awkward position until Jumoke climaxed with a slew of dirty words thrown at me and Bisola. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she started raising her hips to meet my thrusts until I climaxed too. With pent up S#xual energy released in bursts of ecstasy, I spewed my Pour into the condom around my J0yst!ck and collapsed again towards her right hand. Bisola meanwhile had become turned on and Jumoke suggested she put on a show for us. More eagerly than with me, Bisola walked over to the single sofa across the bed, bent over it with her legs spread apart and her two hands spreading her butt0ckz and K!ttyC@t for us to watch. Soon enough, she sat on the chair and lay back, masturbating selfishly as Jumoke encouraged her and stroked my J0yst!ck lazily with her right hand. I was never going to do a third round but I was slightly aroused with the roleplay as shown in how Jumoke spoke to and related with Bisola. Drifting in and out of sleep, I heard Bisola Pour as Jumoke squirmed beside me obviously touching herself and continually speaking brusquely to Bisola. The last though on my mind as I slept off around 5:30 that Saturday morning was inspired by the dynamics of Bisola and Jumoke’s relationship to each other…I wondered if you would be my submissive s*x-slave.

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