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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 6 – Stories


The meeting with my GM lasted too long and by 1pm, I was glancing at my wristwatch every ten second.

“TJB are you in a hurry to be somewhere?” Mr. Kalu the Marketing GM asked me.
“Erm, not exactly sir but I have a client call for 2pm sir” I replied quickly.
“Company client or one of the women I hear you pursue relentlessly all over the place?” Mr. Kalu said with a bit of an envious smile.
“A client sir, one I wouldn’t want to keep waiting for too long” I struggled not to lie.
“In that case, I shouldn’t keep you for long. We can discuss these midterm goals tomorrow morning if you are not too tired from the client call” He replied with a huge grin.
“Thank you sir” I replied as I tried my best to look rueful.

I quickly swung my phone out of my pocket and called you – did you deliberately allow it to ring for so long before picking that day? Your voice was breathless when you said “Hello Tunji, how far?”
“Hi Omozele, you sound like a train has just been run on you” I couldn’t resist.
“Don’t mind me jare, I just managed to get out of a meeting and rushed down the stairs for our meeting – I wouldn’t like to keep my husband waiting. Which one is train though?”
“I mean like you ran alongside a train” I quickly did a double entendre.
“You’re funny” you replied, “It’s almost 2 sha so can we reschedule for 3pm please? I’m sure my husband would also be free”.
“Oh ok, 3pm is just fine for me” I replied “but where do we meet?”
“Sorry,” you apologised “I thought I told you Yusuf suggested we all do lunch at Eko Hotel?, Let me call him and reschedule so we can meet at 3pm but you can be on your way sha”.

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“Okay, no problem” I replied as we ended the call.

Every time you mentioned ‘Yusuf’ or ‘my husband’ in that phone call, I got jealous but strangely turned on. I’m a very possessive man as you would later realise but also a bit of a voyeur and I imagined ‘husband’ unleashing the Sl*t in you while I watched. Or I could make him a cuckold and let him watch me F**K his hotwife and unload my Pour inside her.
I was almost on the Third Mainland Bridge when you called back to say “my husband” (‘damn you and him’ I thought to myself) won’t be able to join us by 3pm and since you worked in Ikeja and I was on the mainland, we could meet instead at La Mango on Adekunle Fajuyi. This was fine by me as I quickly manoeuvred and headed past Ojota towards Oregun road enroute Ikeja GRA. Finer by me though was the knowledge that Yusuf wouldn’t be joining us. I immediately decided to dump the ‘corporate guy’ image – shrugged off my jacket in traffic, folded the sleeves of my shirt (wished I had worn my Kenneth Cole wristwatch instead) but left my tie intact to present the now popular Obama image of intact ties and folded sleeves. I wound up my window which had been wound down since I left my office because I wanted to smoke but now I needed the AC to cool my skin a bit. A spray of cologne and I was ready to meet you and ready to flirt with you as much as I could decently get away with.

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A quick call to you as I parked my car confirmed you were by the poolside. I’d only ever been here once so I didn’t know where it was. That was when I remembered how pricey La Mango could be and wondered who would pick the bills since Yusuf wasn’t going to join us – I’d initially assumed he would if he was with us. My salary plus other side gigs like this that I did was enough to carry me through each month but buying four plots in Mowe, looking good for the ladies and maintaining several S#xual/love affairs wasn’t helping me. I had intended to fill my tank and refill my gas cylinder so I had about 10k in my wallet which would surely cover our bills but mean I would have to withdraw again to fill my tank. I silently prayed you would be worth my spending 10k as I asked a waiter where the pool was and he pointed me to a door across the park.
The second time I saw you, I knew you were a Sl*t.

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