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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 7 – Stories


You were wearing yet another short flared gown and lay lustily on one of the pool lounge chairs with your high-heeled shoes strewn with abandon beside you. You had a hat and sunshades on which made me wonder…….

“Over here” you called and waved an arm in the air. You’d spotted me and must have seen me watching you. I smiled and strolled over to you – deliberately strutting as though I owned the place.
“Hello Omozele, nice to see you again” as I dragged another chair as close to you as possible.
“TJB – TDB himself” you replied to my surprise, “how are you?”
“I’m fine” I said with a laugh, “who told you they call me TDB?” I asked you.
“Haha, I heard when Nne greeted you like that and I asked her about it later. And she told me the story…” you kept smiling naughtily at me while speaking.
“Hahahaha,” I laughed uneasily, “Nne can exaggerate.”
“I doubt she was, she said the born-again sister was screaming ‘Tunji Badmus, hold me till day break’”
“Erm…she didn’t say ‘hold’ actually” I couldn’t resist “she said…”
“Yes, I know…” you interrupted and we both said in unison with a small wicked laugh “Tunji Badmus F**K me till day break.”
“Would you like me to do that” I asked quietly searching for your eyes behind your shades.
If you were white, you would be blushing in that moment and I knew you had looked into my eyes and seen that I was serious because you looked away immediately and saw a waiter passing by…
“Would you like a drink Mr. Badmus? I don’t have lunch anymore these days because of the wedding gown I want” you struggled to return to formality and I replied affirmatively with the faint hint of a smile. Partly because I was happy I had rustled your confident self but also because I was going to be able to fill my tank and gas cylinder.

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“fresh orange juice would be nice”.
You waved the waiter over and I took the time to stare at your long legs…I was debating how best to touch them when your phone beeped and you frowned as you announced afterwards “Nneka just said she’s coming to join us here”.
I frowned too – “how did she know we were here?”
“She sent a text to ask how the meeting was going and whether I’d got to the Island so I text her back that we had had to reschedule this meeting because of my earlier team meeting and Yusuf wasn’t able to join us. Do you think she thinks you’re not safe with me?” you teased.
“I am sure you can find no safer hands madam” I responded trying to lure you into chasing me.
“I’m just joking TJ, you’re the one she doesn’t trust. She and I only became close when she transferred to my team for only two weeks before she asked to be transferred again.” You eyed me above your shades as you spoke your next words “she said my team leader was too domineering towards confident women and she didn’t like that.”
My mind was everywhere – were you giving me a hint about your persona? The waiter came back with drinks and I decided to change the subject briefly and see if you would lead me back to the hints you were giving me.

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“So tell me about your husband-to-be, Yusuf” I emphasised the ‘to-be’ part.
You smiled before answering “He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and we’ve been dating for two years now. He just got a job with Oando few months back and decided he was comfortable enough for us to get married”.
“Oh, that’s nice” I replied, wondering how I was going to measure up to a staff of Oando other than the receptionists.
“Can I ask you a question TJ?” You asked and I indicated positively with an encouraging nod as I sipped my drink.
“Okay. Do you think sexuality is important in any relationship?”
I almost honestly spilled my drink in that moment as I wondered who wouldn’t think sexuality is important “Of course it is – everybody knows it is. Your ability to connect on a S#xual level can often be the cement that will keep the relationship together. If I like a woman and she has low S#xual energy, I don’t think it can work for more than two weeks before I start Bleeping some other girl. For me, s*x is a consummation, a union of two bodies. Sometimes I just F**K because I need to F**K but mostly, I like to be united with a brilliant and intelligent woman. My ability to relax and be playful with a lady shows that my spirit flows with hers.our ability to engage mentally and interact is like the foreplay for me, it turns me on and once those two are there, s*x becomes more than just a ritual, it is like a seal, a gushing of erupting waters that cannot be explained.”

I had gone off on a tangent and when I refocused on you, you were positively glowing. Your shades were gone and in that instant when our eyeballs connected, I knew I was going to F**K you. It seemed as if your soul was begging me to F**K you. I knew I had you and you knew I knew I had you so you changed the subject…
“Do you enjoy your job as a pharmacist?”
“Yes” I replied taken a bit aback. “I’m not one of those one who studied Pharmacy because they couldn’t get into Medicine. I chose pharmacy because I was asthmatic as a child and I always wondered how each drug knew exactly what part of my anatomy to go to…really fascinating. My best moment was a while back when I noticed a young man always coming to buy Benylin with codeine at our former location every single day. I could tell he was addicted to codeine and if I asked the dispensers to stop selling to him, he would simply go and buy elsewhere. So I called him into my office one day and pointed out the implication of what he was doing to him with all my experience about drugs and resistance. He called me just last week to thank me for that talk a year ago and also said he had stopped taking codeine for five months now.” I ended.
“Awww….” you purred sweetly “I like a man who loves his job – You speak like…whats that new word now…sapiosexual or so, a mental lovemaking… do you always bring such passion into everything TJ?”
And I knew you were leading me down the road again…

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