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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 8 – Stories


“Well, it depends on if the ‘everything’ is exciting enough for me” I said slyly…

“And what exactly excites TJB Till Day Break please?” you teased further
“Oh, you must mean sexually since you said ‘till day break’ – well, I like women like every other man but most times, what I really want is a woman who excites my mind like I said, an intelligent one who can hold a conversation for long without boring me – a woman who in the very act of s*x keeps Bleeping with my mind, opening up to me, showing me how much of a Sl*t she is and how much of it she is willing to give to me.”
“I am a bit of a conqueror” I continued “I have no apologies for seeing women as a conquest, not out of spite or disrespect but out of a certain desire that to see her well taken in every way by me. I want my J0yst!ck to be the one that erases the memory of other d!cks, the one that touches her in the places where others have never touched her – not necessarily physically, but in every part of her being. I want her to see me and get wet immediately. I don’t feel fulfilled with anything I do with a woman – I want to introduce new things to her and push her to the boundaries gradually – if she’s never been F***ed anally, I want to be the first. If she has never enjoyed being spanked, I want to make her enjoy it. And all the while I am taking her sexually, I am also leaving a huge imprint of myself on her soul that no man can replace – that is the ultimate for me – to F**K a woman so well and so thoroughly that she would never forget me even when I am no longer there. To make her my Sl*t, my Lovepeddler – that is the ultimate.” I ended. By this time, the bulge in my p@ntshad become quite obvious and it was obvious that you wanted to give yourself totally to me.

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“Well, will you give the woman that same satisfaction in her slutty glory without judging her during or post coitus and do I look like that woman?” you asked unhesitantly, almost begging me to say you were qualified to sU-Ck my J0yst!ck or have me inside you…
“Of course, I am serious about the question I asked earlier Omoze” as I took a sip of my juice trying to act cool.

“Oh, really? What did you ask?” you responded with a dazed smile that showed you knew what I meant and also that you were able to control yourself quickly.
“Would you like me to F**K you till day break Omoze?” I asked while watching your face. Half a smile broke out but you quickly erased it and turned your head fully to face me…
“Tunji Badmus you have to understand that I am less than eight weeks away from getting married to a man I love totally. I cannot be sleeping with another man especially one that I only just…”
“Even if you want to?” I interrupted you
“Yes, Tunji, even if I want to I just can’t…”
“But do you want to F**K me Omoze?” I decided to be bold.
“I won’t lie: my K!ttyC@t is already gushing with wetness…” you started to respond when a voice I had become so familiar with interrupted…
“There you are! They told me someone had just ordered soda water from beside the pool and I knew it was you Omo. TJ how you dey?” Nne said airily and I responded with a smile that covered any disappointment I felt at her showing up.
“Thank God you’re here Nneka” you said and I looked up strangely until you continued “I need to use the bathroom quickly and then rush off to check my wedding dress. Will you come with me to the tailor’s please?”
Nne replied that she would and took a sip of my juice as she’d sat beside me.

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“Okay, I’ll be right back then we can go” you told her as you slipped into your shoes and left in a hurry. I wondered for a moment if you were going to masturbate and I imagined you with one leg on the toilet seat as you rubbed your K!ttyC@t.
“Ashawo” Nneka half-shouted as she smacked my upper arm “see how you are staring at another man’s wife so lustily, you want to bury your preeq inside her K!ttyC@t abi?”
I smiled as guiltily as only Nne could make me feel but made no response.

“Just be careful TJ, don’t ruin her wedding and don’t ruin her life.”
“Oh, you don’t mind if I date her anymore?” I asked her.
“I thought about it” she responded “and feel both of you are adults. Besides, she looked really into you when I came in so…have fun, don’t date. Don’t let it affect her wedding or the marriage afterwards”.
“Don’t worry Nne, you know I’m a good guy” I was saying as you came back. I wanted to sniff your fingers but you’d washed them and applied some cream on them I could tell. Nne stood up and I did too. I walked behind both of you to the car and couldn’t help wondering why you were tugging the hem of your skirt down firmly and constantly too. I wondered to myself why girls wear short stuff and then pull them down. As you and Nne got into your car, we said goodbyes and I turned to go to my car, bringing out my phone to check and I saw a message from you, about five minutes earlier. I couldn’t believe what you had sent:
“I want to be your Sl*t TJ and yes, I want you to F**K me till daybreak. I left something for you under the sink in the ladies’. Enjoy.”
“What could you have left there for me?” I wondered as I detoured into the bar and asked for direction to the restrooms. I was excited but managed to stay outside just in case a lady was inside and I had to explain what I was doing in the ladies’ room. After what couldn’t have been more than two minutes but felt like two hours, I opened the door of the female toilet and entered. Four sinks confronted me and I quickly bent under the first one to check then the second…I refused to believe what I saw and I stuck my hand between the wastepipe and the wall to retrieve a black coloured lace p@nties that could only have belonged to you. My J0yst!ck became hard immediately as I put the p@nties to my nose. A sound behind me made me squish the p@nties in my hand to hide it and turned round to see two ladies coming into the toilet.

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