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We sat down, started talking about diference but unimportant things. Cause my mind was on other thing. But she didn’t even give the chances in made mention of anything related to my concept which could escalate issue of bleeping between us. But I didn’t give up, as I continued to answer her various questions which begin to annoy me like hell. Questions like: who are you dating? Do you have a girl in this school? What of home, you must be dating somebody before you came school now….? Are you telling me you don’t have any? It is possible? Guys can’t stay without chicks nah… Do you think I can believe you by just saying no. Yet, I was deliberately provide the propfesional answers to her questions. So simple and practicalism. Such as: I have no girl. I was being monitor at home, my mum won’t allow me do such. I am looking to find my taste.
this time around, I became uncomfortable, but nothing for me to do but who ever thought that, by asking me all these questions. Uju has Already died for body too. And which same goes to me. In fact, to touch a girl on a first date takes grace and women do appreciate it tooo.

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Though, God never leaves his people alone. “As it is popularly saying in holy book that God love a sinner, only his sin is what he denounces and forsake. But how man liveth without a sin, cause when looking at his right face, if full of deceit and his left face is to cajole”. After a moment of burning inside with a way to taste uju kitty-cat.

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A call came in on her phone. She excused me and picked the call. But the conversation on phone with the guy she was talking-to shows that it is her guy from her home town too. I was like; so you have pounded yam at home come dey disturb semovita outside here dey asking various spy questions wey feel make guy loss confidence game plan abi? No wahala…..!!!!

******a child that says in mother no go sleep no, in never no go feel dose off*****

I was expecting the conversation to last for a particular period until when the guy refused to drop and continue talk for like 5 minutes. I wasn’t myself again. I them came up with techniques and another game plan difference from my usual oral method. I place my hand on uju laps. She acted as if she never notice something going on. As I com see say she never provoke for my movement. I proceeded to next level by moving my hand upward to her tummy.

By doing this, she raised her face up to me. I ignore, and begin to cares the tummy upward to bossom. I knew she didn’t want to make any funny statement which could make the guy on phone to suspicious of thing. Yet, I was ready to play along and see how she will deny such movement till when the call last.

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The atmosphere was too much couple with no resistance from her. I begin to smooching the Bossom. When I begin to handling it at first, It was soft and after like 1 minute, I notice a little hard on it as it responding to my hand’s movement.

I have already become hard to the extent that My moses rod wanted to explode at that particular time. Immediately the guy drop the call, the words that came from uju mouth was:
She: j-tee why are you doing this?

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I quickly think over that expression. It shows to me that, such words can only come from a woman who has just met her own Waterloo through her multiple kitty-cat organism vulnerability.

Before she could add another word to what she just said. I place my mouth on her mouth and as well as her left hand on my J0yst!ck which she was using to give little resistance when I was handling the bossom before.

Lo and behold; the words I later here form uju was:
She: this place is not safe, you know?
Chai, As a sharp guy, I offer her a beter answer to that question.
Me: can we move to that side?

She looked at me for a while, also look at my hardcore d!ckson inside my boxer. She nodded to give me go ahead.

As soon as we sat on the bench, I quickly grab her bossom and begin to sU-Ck it. Without wasting time, she also find her way into my trouser, unzip it and brought out my d!ckson. Rubbing it, jacking it and as well as rimming the tip. I let out a mouan: hoooooon. Once she see me in that way, she continue to put effort. Without wasting time, I have lower my trouser to kneels and place my back against the wall. She discovered my vulnerability in playing with my rod. She then continue to put much eFfort by rubbing it so hard.

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I have never seen a girl hold my J0yst!ck like that, in the sense that I forgot to wrk on her anymore, rather she begin to be an active in the game. I don’t know how the ;”groan and m0an” words take escape from my mouth no more”…
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All of sudden, I change the m0an tone to: huuuuuu, huuuuuu huuuuu… As I was holding her head.
A thought just came to my mind: concern the way she was working on my, she ought to be a pro I then said; make me Pour, sU-Ck me babe. She looked at me and said:
Uju: I don’t like doing it.
Me: why?
Uju: it makes me suffocating
Me: this is a clean J0yst!ck, try it again this time. You gota like this. I winked!!!!!

*****a devil smile came to my check****
****** uju look like a gentle girl outside but wild like lion inside, to ba sa e, wa yo eje____<<<she be like spatarcus>>> ***”spatarcus****

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