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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 11


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

Bola came back later in the afternoon, I was
not inside, I met her at the corridor with her
Me:what happened? where are u going to?
Bola:am going home jare, I will com for my
last paper on Thursday from house
Me:why change of decision, we never talk abt
dat b4 u left 4 skool in d morning
Bola:well I just change my mind
Me:whats it cos of what happened
Bola:pls, lets 4get abt that and assume it
never happened
Me:hmmmm…..did u eventually tell shade
Bola:y will I say such tyn now….I just said dat
to scare u ni…..
Me:thank you……

Bola:what are u thanking me 4?…..dont worry
jare, its normal, things like dat happens but I
just had a little chat with shade
Me:ehn ehn…..wat did u tell her
Bola:normal ladies talk abi wetyn u wan hear,
but I didnt tell her anytyn sha….
Me:ohk…..I trust u now..but pls dont go
Bola:I have to go, 4 both of us pls…………
Me:ohk……if u said so, but can we go inside
and talk abt this
Bola:no… late already, we will see in
school on thursday
Dropped her bag and hugged me……that didnt
end without another passionate kiss as she
held me closer to her heart
Bola:if shade love u, remember I love u more
and I will always cherish u snakie
Me:thankz so much dear?………lemme c u off
Bola:dont worry pls, lemme go on my
I understand her feelings as I had to let

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I was in my house barely a week after our
exam when mary called me that shade has
been having running stomach since morning
and also running temperature, I dashed out to
her hostel immediately and met my girlfriend
on bed, she hasnt taken anytyn since morning,
we went to a nearby hospital around their
hostel, they treated her and gave us some
drug, I convinced her to let us go to my hostel
but she declined and I couldnt leave her alone,
mary also suggest that I stay behind since she
didnt want to go…..we were together around
after 10 in the night when some guys burst
into the room, they took all what I had, wrist
watch, money, gold chain, and also pick
somethings in the house, the highest of it was
that I was beaten like a thief to the extent that
I had a dislocation on my arm and was rushed
to the hospital by neighbour late in the night,
it was a bitter experience. …
Mary concluded that it was enough as she
cant be staying in that place again, she left
with her things the second day while shade
also left with some of her belongings too and
we moved to my place till we figure things
out. They talk to their landlord about their
situation but the man said he cant give dem
refund as he was not the one that ask them to
pack out of the house……that was how me
and shade started staying together for the
time being.

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We resumed 200level and my cousin gained
admission into our school, no place to stay
other than my house which means that I had
to find a solution to our accommodation as it
wont be proper for shade to be staying with us
in the room..before my cousin moved over
fully, I secured an accommodation for shade
close to my hostel, just like 10mins workable
distance to my house, I furnished it to the
fullest even beyond what I have in my own
house, I could even said 80% of my savings
went into the apartment but who am I to
complain, its definitely for both of us.

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We barely stayed in our new house for a
month before ASUU begins, what we thought
will be a brief strike continued for a month
and a month turned to six month. I didnt go
home likwise shade too during this time, my
schedule was from our hostel to ikeja and
back to the hostel, we started living like a fully
married couple. Before I come back 4rm work,
shade would have cooked for me, we do so
many things together, bath together, go to
many places together…..its good to be a
married man. I make the money while she
does all the house chores and other stuff like
washing my cloth and taking care of the
house. Notyn to worry about as her sisters
knows we were together too….

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