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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 13


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We got back home and shade was crying
seriously, I tried to console her……..
Me:pls, its ohk baby… has happened
already, we need to think of the way forward
and tell our people
Shade:tell who… are not serious
Me:as in?
Shade:I cant even face my people to tell
them… brothers, my sisters, our family
that has been looking forward to my
downfall…no ooooooo
Me:so, what do we do?

Shade:I dont know ooo……all I know is that
we are not ready for this and I cant have this
baby now
Me:dont tell me you are already thinking of
Shade:what else do u want me to think of? I
cant have this for now
Me:am sorry shade, have never done this
before and I dont think I can do it…..kill a
Shade:its not yet a baby, its still blood baby,
pls think about the outcome baby….pls and
pls, thats our only option…

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What a situation I found myself but sincerely I
was undecided either to go by my way or her
own way, it took us two days before we could
reach a compromise and I gave in to her
request after so much crying and pleading
from her but we promised ourselves that we
will never engage in that again if it happens
again….I called kay
Me:bro, hw far…….na d tyn wey u talk oooo
Kay:wetyn go come happen now?
Me:my brother, next thing na to find way
commot am ooo….we never ready now
Me:but I dont know anywhere oooooo
Kay:there’s one hospital at the nxt bus stop,
just meet the dr there, she will do it for you, I
guess its 3k she does it the last time I check
Me:ohk…but I hope there wont b any
Kay:notyn…..she knows the job very well……
Me:thankz bro….

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We ended the call, the following morning, we
located the hospital, I was a bit scared when
they started the process but it was a surprise
that we didnt even use up to 10mins before
the dr finish everytyn…shade was seriously
weak as we got home, she took malt and alot
of milk. She got hersef back the following day
and everytyn was back to normal. I vowed
never to have s-x again and even if I want to
have s-x it will never be without condon but
all na story as it was just a month before we
got back to our normal self and forgot about
what happened and all what we went through
over a month ago….s-x was just a normal
thing between us, it was like a routine…….we
do it atleast four times in a week, raw and
without any form of protection.

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