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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 16


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We all left, it was gist and yabbing all the way
as we were going to the exam hall. How I
escaped was that Tunde’s father was the one
that called the CSO and pleaded on my behalf.
His dad was the one that helped the CSO
secured the security job in our school due to
Tunde’s recommendation of him when he was
out of military service, it was like a good turns
deserve another.
We entered the exam hall around 3pm and all
eyes was on us..u can imagine 6-7 guys
coming into the exam hall an hour late, our
lecturers were just looking at us with pity..we
formed voltron and wrote the exam, I came
outside and met shade and bola together, her
face had swollen up from tears likewise Bola
too…..Bola hugged me and couldn’t hold back
her emotions…..we stayed till around 5pm
before we called the CSO who said we should
come and meet him at the staff club, we got
there and met the lecturer with the CSO
drinking Star.

They called me between their midst and we
started gisting and talking, we pleaded that he
should just forget about everytyn and at the
end of it, we declare for them with drinks,
pepper soup and assorted meat. We left
school around after seven, Bola couldn’t go
home and he had to stay with Shade while I
decided to go to my friends place.
Fast forward to a year later, my relationship
have grown more than five years and we still
remain strong, doesn’t mean that we don’t
have argument or quarrel but no third party
had ever meddle into our affairs before, we
always find a way to settle things our own
way and as for s-x, that was still a regular
thing and my loyalty to shade was never
questioned, cheating on her was never an
option even though I had so many advances
and all sort.

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Things started changing by the time we got to
400level, first it was on her birthday, during
the party later in the evening, she was called
outside to come and dance and we were both
dancing, I decided to kiss her but she used her
hand to block my lips..i was embarrassed and
left the scene. Kay walked up to me and said
he saw all what happened but I shouldn’t let
that spoil the fun of the day. Then later in the
night, shade begged me and started crying
that she was sorry for what happened, she
promised it will never happened again. We
settled the issue and the day ended with hot
s-x with a lot of promises and swearing with
the bible unclad that we will never cheat on
each other neither will another being see our
unclothedness talkless of having s-x with
another person (we were both drunk in love)

By the time we got to 400level second
semester, my house rent had already expired
and my cousin said he wanted to move to one
of his coursemate hostel, I found it
unnecessary to pay for another house rent as
we had less than six month to spend in
school, I moved some handy things to Shade’s
place while I gave all other things to my
cousin and some other peeps. I shuttle
between our hostel and My friends place as
exam was fast approaching and my friends
pleaded that I should come and stay with
them fully for the time being as that was the
last lap and we cant risk any carry over but I
need to take care of my babe too………….


There was a mini strike before the exam and
during this time shade do tell me she want to
go and spend sometimes in her cousin’s place
as his mom have been disturbing her on
phone over a while now to be coming to her
place…The deal here was now she will leave on
Friday and come back on Monday, I make sure
she goes with nothing less than 5k for
transport and feeding anytime she’s going.
It was becoming worrisome when I noticed
that the moment shade leave on Friday her
phone will be off or not reachable until
Monday when she will be coming back. I
questioned her so many times but she always
give excuse that network was not good in
Yomi’s area and I had no cause to worry as I
do call Yomi and he will confirm to me that
my shade was in their place even though he
will tell me he was not at home anytime I

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This continue till we started our final exam
when shade said she will prefer coming from
home to write her exams since I will be
staying with my friends for our final exam. I
never felt the distance between us like that
since we started dating, there was always
break in communication over the weekend and
when we see during the week, it was in the
school and not at home, so there was nothing
like s-x between us for more than 2months, I
endured so far I was able to stay without s-x
for more than a year before, then what’s two
I thought things will change after our exam
but shade decided not to resume back to the
hostel, we just locked our room as I stayed in
my friends place. There comes a day when one
of our neighbour we were close to was doing
house warming and shade decided to come
from house, we met at the venue of the party
and I noticed something which made me
accuse her, firstly she didn’t hug me when she
arrived and she didn’t even behave as if we
have seen each other for long…..
Me:whats wrong with you shade
Shade: As in?
Me:a lot of things….i need we need to sit
down and talk about so many things
Shade:Things like what?
Me:Firstly, the way you are walking right now
Shade: Whats it with it…………..

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Me:It says a lot cos this is the exact way you
use to walk anytime we have s-x and I can bet
it that you have had s-x today (my instinct
doesn’t lie as have known my shade for over
5years, we have been living together for over
four years under the same roof and when I
said she was walking the way she use to walk
whenever we finish having s-x I definitely
know what am saying)
Shade: What kind of allegation is that? S-x
with who? You or an angel
Me: I know what am saying and am sure of
what am saying…………
Shade:you are sure of what you are saying?
Are you trying to accuse me? We have been
together for over five years, have never
cheated on you and you are accusing me
now…what sort of thing is that? Where did u
put our trust?

Me:ohk…am sorry baby, can we talk about this
after the party? Atleast we will be going home
Shade: No oooo…am going back home from
Me:that means we wont have time to see
Shade:We will see during the week?
Me:baby, pls we need to see and talk….
Shade:Don’t worry, we will see and talk
She walked away from where we were and left
me standing, I was amazed as if it was not
the same shade have known for the past five

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