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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 19


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

Bola called me later in the evening after so
much persistence based on my response and
mood, I broke the news to her..she was very
surprised and couldn’t hold back her emotions
for me.
Bola: are you coming to school tomorrow?
Me:Nah…….am still at home, till next week
Bola: Pls, I will be in school tomorrow and I
want you to come
Me:To come and do what? need jare
Bola:Pls and pls, do this for me snakie…
Me: Ohk….I will meet you in school tomorrow
Bola:Thank you dear
Mumsy also convince me to go back to the
hostel as being in the midst of my friend will
help me go over it, I agreed to go back. I met
Bola in school later in school the following
day and settle down at the canteen with bottle
of sprite…

Bola: na wah ooooo…so, u don reduce like dis
since on Saturday..see as u com lean
Me:Shut up jhoor…..No be you ladies
Bola:Abeg we are not the same jhoor….
Me:I hear you………
Bola:So, how come?how did it happen?
Me:Those were the questions have been
asking myself without answers oooo
Bola: na wah oooo
Me: All I can say is that if not for the text
message I saw on her phone which she sent to
Yomi that he was responsible for the
pregnancy, she already lied to me that it was
another guy and I agreed we terminate the
pregnancy..i later called her niece who told me
they are not even related to Yomi
Bola: Shade get mind oooo…..All those pple
wey dey look innocent sef, their way no dey
pure I swear
Me: Despite all have done for her…

Bola: U know the thing was, have noticed
some traces in her way back but I couldn’t tell
you cos u were totally in love and there was
notyn anybody can tell you then that you will
believe. I had to even keep my mouth shut so
that it wont be as if I was jealous or trying to
spoil your relationship
Me:Ehn..ehn…what did you notice
Bola: You know ever since she has been
following mary, I know her ways will definitely
not be pure….You know yomi used to come to
our school very well
Me:yes, I know and we do see sometimes
Bola: he was actually asking mary out
Me: I know but I don’t know if that one
accepted or not
Bola: She definitely accepted and he dated
mary for quite sometimes but their
relationship didn’t last long, you know Yomi
didn’t go to school now, he was just fortunate
to have money based on the government
ministry he’s working and I guess the gift and
money will definitely be what entice Shade.
Have always noticed the way he play around
him whenever he come to school and I always
thought on my mind that even if he was her
cousin, there must be limit to everytyn but I
couldn’t tell u then
Me: Money ke?

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Bola: or maybe you no dey do the thing very
well and Yomi better pass you
Me: I dey try my best now
Bola: Well your best might not be her own
Me:So, Yomi eventually bleeped mary and
Shade got pregnant for him too
Bola: dey there now and I guess they have
been dating for long sef, just that God says, it
was now their secret will come out…………
Me:na wah ooo…she played me for a fool
Bola: the geh get mind olorun, what if wetyn
happen that time carry u enter jail nko and
your career ended, I guess it wont even take
her much before jumping to another guy
Me: well, this is where I found myself oooo
Bola: Abeg, you just have to forget about her
please, the future is bright for you and another
lady will definitely come…you don’t have to be
moody over her issue pls and pls
Me:Thanks so much dear..thatz bygone

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We gist and talk about so many things, she
made a lot of jest about me and shade,
though expensive jokes but there was notyn I
could do to her……we departed and I left for
hostel, I met my guys in the sitting room
watching film……
Tunde: Guy, which kind character be that
now…u just disappeared since on Saturday not
until we call u on Sunday
Kay: Guy u eff up, why u go just disappear like
Me:make una no vex abeg
Chorus: we don hear, wetyn u bring back from
Me:Notyn jhoor….kay, abeg make we see
outside jhoor…
Kay: ehn ehn…better dey? Make we go outside
now padi mi
We went outside as I explained all what
happened to him, the guy just keep quiet and
was smilling, after I finish talking, the next
thing that came out of his mouth was
Kay: (laughing)……House, make una come hear
oooo……e don happen ooo

Chorus: (all of them rush outside)..wetyn
Kay: na inside talk abeg, make we go inside
(they all rushed back inside and left me
outside, after shouting, they rushed back
outside to meet me)
Tunde: Ngbo, your wife don get belle?
Congratulations padi mi……daddy twins
Me: (eyes red)…..which kind play be this one
(they pushed me inside)
Kay: u know say I don dey talk am say that
shade geh way no pure…so, she dey bleep
another Dickson aside this snakie
Tunde: Olorun, if a lady chop this your tyn
and dig another Dickson, then the lady can
never be satisfied in life
Micheal: Olorun, me wey I dey always watch
my geh against snakie say make she no see
that tyn wey u carry cos if she see am, she fit
divorce me instantly..then shade get the mind
to go bleep anoda babe outside this…Woman
no get heaven ooo

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Me:Na wetyn I see b da too but make una
stop am abeg
Kay: Stop wetyn? If we no talk am like this e
no go good …this one go make u 4get am
Tunde: No worry, we go arrange one babe for
you wey go start to bleep u so that u go forget
dat Dam quickly
Micheal: Omo, na d tyn be dat ooo…thank God
my guy is free at last, free from the bondage of
shade and can enter any hole as he want
Kay: But truth be told, u over loyal to that
My phone started ringing and it was someone
from school that called me that they saw
shade and bola in school having serious
arguments with each other that almost led to
big brawl and crowd were just looking at them
until security came to separate them….I called
bola immediately after the call
Me:wetyn happen now babe, where u dey?
Bola:I dey road jhoor, I dey go house
Me:wetyn happen for school now….You no
need to create scene now
Bola: I need disgrace that Dam….i even think
say she go talk, make I beat am with the yeye

Me:You no need am abeg
Bola:the thing pain me pass you abeg..the
babe na geh wey dem dey take swear for babe
Me:but you are on your way home now sha
Bola:yes dear…
Me:we will talk later in the night pls
Bola:No problem..hope you are ohk sha
Me:yeah…am in the midst of my friends and
we are enjoying oursef
Bola:datz better…
We ended the call, talk about so many things
and at the end of it we laugh it off, though
some of them were painful deep inside my
mind but do I have options?

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