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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 2


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

My mind was like a tabula rasa when I
resumed school, I knew I was a brilliant
student way back in my secondary school
days but after waiting over four years for
admission, everytyn has
disappeared. ….school started smoothly and I
was coming from home to school as my
school had no hostel way back then, I mingled
with so many people in school just because
all freshers received faculty course in the
same hall while departmental courses were
taken once in a while.


As time goes on, I started getting to know
people from my facaulty and eeoartment but
not so close to any1 aside Bola who we
always go home together in the same bus
even though we don’t leave in the same
area….didnt take long b4 I got use to bola.
From going home together, we started
mingling in school, keeping seat for each other
during lectures, hanging around all the time.
I was trying to cope with school activities and
assignments were coming in without having
idea of how to go about it but thanks to
segun who was my helping hand. Segun has
been a friend since my primary school days
and he was the headboy in our secondary
school…he was already in 300level studing
elect/elect in another university in the state.
Every night, I come home with my assignment,
dashed to segun’s house in the get
assignments solved, take it to school the
following day and bola will b the first to copy
assignment from me before any other person. I
tend to always sort segun out every weekend
with recharge cards.

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Like play like play, people started noticing me
as the first person to solve any assignment
relating to calculations and some tend to
always come and ask me for my assignment. I
became a bit popular among girls and some
guys. This made them to start challenging me
to explain solutions to them including Bola.
Only if they knew the person that has been
helping me out was Segun, Bola always make
shakara as her close pal was the one
everybody always wanted to learn from……I
don enter am as I no fit derep nor belittle

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