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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 20


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We have been arranging for an end of year get
together party and Friday was the date we
fixed. All arrangement went according to plan,
drinks, asun and all necessary things were in
place as at 2pm..we are expected to start
around 4pm and end it late in the night. Just
a parlour thing with friends and their
girlfriends coming around. It was a mini thing
until crowd started pulling in…..I felt lonely as
I was the only one among my friends without
any babe…..It was around 6pm when shade
came in with some of her coursemate (A guy)
..we hugged each other on sighting oursef…
Me:What are you doing here

Bola:Just say, lemme come and look at what
you guys are doing before going home…..i
came for my final clearance as I told you now
Me:and have you concluded it
Bola:Yes of course
Music was blasting and everybody were
dancing to different songs..i acted as the DJ
as I brought in my system which I use for
downloading, it was connected to a woofer
and was mixing so many songs as Bola sat
beside me…I offer her pepper soup and drink
and we took it in the same place
Bola:so, which babe is yours
Me:babe ke? So fast
Bola:you need to start acting fast ooo… Shade
is gone, another babe should be on the floor
Me:its not easy jare
Bola: I no its not easy but you have to
try…….Lets go and dance a bit jhoor
Me:I no dey dance abeg, I prefer to stay here
Bola: stand up jhoor…..

She dragged me up and we eventually started
dancing to some naija hip hop mix courtesy of
virtual Dj software. It was already after seven
Me: When will you be going home?
Bola: soon, lemme enjoy myself to the fullest
sef, when was the last time I did this
Me:Ohk ooooooo..just looking at time ni
Bola:lemme even call mumsy sef…where is my
Me: here (handed it over to her from my
We stepped out to a place where the sound of
the music was totally low….
Bola: Hello mummy, am sorry, my phone was
in my bag..ohk ma….pls I wont be coming
home today, I will sleep in my friends place
but I promise to be home tomorrow… Thank u

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Me: where will u sleep?
Bola: wherever you will stay now or the party
not till day break
Me:yeah it is but its not necessary now….
Bola:I know but u need it..everyone here is not
alone, I cant leave you alone too except u
don’t want me around
Me:Oh, am your lordship pleases.
We went back inside and it was groove all
through…..We stopped playing music around
after 11 and it was gist all through, boys dey
shayo and all sort, Bola was forced to take
Smirnoff and mixture of vodka and sprite, boys
don dey on high level already……All our
visitors had gone and it was just remaining all
of my guys and their girlfriends, everybody
was just busy doing different
. I don’t drink on a normal day but I couldn’t
help myself but tasted some liquor on this day
“once no dey kill now”……Bola was sitting by
the tip of the chair I was sitting at………after so
much talk, she whispered to my ear “can we
go somewhere that we will be alone”……No
problem dear, I responded. I dragged her up
as I led her into one of the room……..My guys
were just staring at us as we walked in
between them as they continue drinking.
We entered the room, I put on the blue light,
shade jammed the door behind us
immediately….pushed me to the bed and
started kissing me, I responded back and
kissed her in return. She was kissing me
passionately just like have never done
Me: Stop Bola..stop Stop pls…
Bola: (paused)…what happened…
Me:You are high..i think we need to stop
Bola: Olodo, who is high……..shut up jhoor


Before saying A, she started kissing me all
over again, the kissing was lasting longer as
she unbuckled my belt….within five minutes,
we were both unclad, we switched position as
I took charge of the scene, the bweast was
firm as I started sucking them intermittently, I
moved down to the k—y catt and started
serious finger bleeping..she responded with a
soft moan….uhmmmm….romance didn’t last
long before I located cd under the bed and
started bleeping her..(konji na b—–d,
3months no be beans at all…me wey dey bleep
steadily before)……I was bleeping hard as she
was moaning saying so many things but the
one that got my attention was when she
started saying, I love you baby, I love you so
much snakie, another thing I noticed was tears
was coming out from her eyes as I was
bleeping her…..She got tired after coming
twice but I was still eager to continue…………..
Bola: abeg, e don do…..u wan kill me ni?
Bola:Sincerely Shade is a biatch
Me:How do you mean………….
Bola:I cant imagine myself taking this hard
long rod and be interested in another guys
own….This is the biggest have ever seen in my

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Me:You are not serious……………
Bola:Am Serious olorun……….
Me:Ohk oooooo…….But are you for real with all
what you are said earlier
Bola: what was that?
Me: That you love me
Bola:forget that one abeg..thats slip of tongue
Me:lailai..i no dey forget, u no I tort u were
under the influence of alcohol when we started
but I later realized you were not and I no when
you are serious
Bola: uhmmmm….ohk, yes I do way back then
Me:what about now
Bola: I still love you just like before and I will
always love you but don’t get it twisted
Me:get it twisted as in?
Bola: Its late already cos we cant date
Me: I understand
Bola:what do u understand….
Me:that we cant date now………but it was all
my fault, I saw you before I chased a wild

Bola:You don’t need to blame yourself
snakie…that’s how God says things will
happen between us….U know what they say
about seeing the one you love follow another
person….I endured the pain for like a year, it
was always hard seeing you and shade
together………….I couldn’t take out the memory
of what happened during that night out of my
mind but I had to let go once I realized you
were so much in love with her and since I love
you dearly from my heart, the only thing I
could wish you then was best of luck but I
never knew it will come out this way between
you guys like this, I was still innocent,
untouched then and the way we started, I
already fantasized of doing it with you, I
dreamed of you being the one that will open
the veil of my k—y catt, I wanted it so bad
that night we were together but what do u do
to a man whose heart was in another
place…………(tears rolling down her eyes) I
totally wanted to stop talking to you then but
I later shrug it off, more reason I never dated
any guy in school cos nobody appeal to me
like you………….

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Me: (sober and didn’t know when tears started
rolling out of my eyes) Am so sorry bola, am
so sorry for all the emotional stress I put you
tru over the years, am so sorry for ignoring a
tru love
Bola:Nothing to be sorry about..Its gone
Me:but we can start all over again Bola
Bola: No..its late already
Bola: am traveling to UK on Monday for my
masters and I don’t know when I will be
Me:You don’t mean it
Bola: Am serious…………..Monday, all plans are
in place already
Me:Since when have you been planning this?
Bola: have you forgotten am a citizen and
popsy said I should come and meet him there
to continue my education…………

Me: Continuing your education doesn’t mean
we cant date now except there’s a tangible
guy out there
Bola: no Guy at all…I broke up with my guy
over seven month ago and have been alone
since then……You are not someone I can lie to,
I love you so dearly and I cant promise you it
will work out cos sincerely, am not a fan of
distance relationship…lets just continue to be
the best friends we have always been……Pls
snakie, I beg you in the name of almighty
God….In my mind, I want a relationship with
you but I know it cant work cos of
distance…………… so sorry dear
Me:Notyn to be sorry about, I understand as I
always want the best for you….i will always
cherish you and you will always occupy a
special place in my life…….
Our discussion ended with tears from both of
us…………we had two round of s-x before
morning and it was a memorable one. We
didn’t even know what was happening outside
until around 9am when we stepped out in the
morning…..All place littered with dirt and we
cleaned up. Bola left late in the evening that

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