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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 21


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

It was after a week Bola left for UK, it was so
hard getting shade out of my mind and life, I
so much tought about the wasted time I spent
with her, I felt lonely anytime my guys are
home with their babes. I realized a number
has been calling me and whenever I pick the
person will cut the phone, if I call back, the
person wont pick up my calls. I later decided
to send a message on the second day, the
person didn’t reply not until later in the
evening when a message came into my
phone..”Ifemi, I don’t know what to say, I
wanted to talk to you but I don’t know the
response I will get from you, am very sorry for
all what happened, pls forgive me baby, it was
as if I was under the influence of something
which I don’t know..pls am very sorry” I still
love you so much from my heart. Shade.

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I just smiled as I finish reading the
message….she called me later in the evening
and I picked
Me: Ehn…ehn…..kila tun rigbo ooooo (wetyn u
wan talk again)…..u wan abuse us again
Shade: Crying seriously………pls am so sorry
baby, I don’t know what came over me, it was
as if I was jazzed, I couldn’t believe I behaved
like that to you..pls forgive me baby..pls and
pls find a way in your heart to forgive me
Me:Am not angry with you now…y begging me
to forgive you, u didn’t offend me now
Shade: I know I offended you……….
Me:nah..poo happens in life…you only decided
what you want in life
Shade: Its not like that snakie, pls am very
Me:I said have heard you….what else do you
Shade: are u sure
Me:what do you want pls
Shade: can we see on Saturday?
Me:See for what? So that you can tell me am
an , fool, nuisance, shout on me and
embarrass me? No way need for us
to see again

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Shade:Pls now snakie, I need to explain some
things to you
Me:Things like what?
Shade: How it all happened, everything
without a lie
Me: Notyn to hear not even
interested in knowing how anytyn happened
Shade: Pls now snakie..pls and pls, just grant
me this wish even if it will be the last one you
will ever grant me..just hear me out pls
Me:Ohk..have heard you…Saturday, in the
Shade: Our hostel?
Me: the one you embarrassed me?
Nah……..where am staying now
Shade: Pls and pls…..i cant come there pls….I
beg of you, cover my shame pls
Me: Ohk..lets meet at the eatery close to the
bus stop but I wont have much time
Shade:No problem…..what time will you be

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Me:call me anytym you are coming, I should
be around.
Shade:thank you dear
I ended the call and I was looking forward to
Saturday as I was eager to know how everytyn
happened between them as it was still a
misery to me…………..I NEED TO KNOW HOW

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