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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 23


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We left the restaurant together and she told
me her elder brother was sick and she has
been the one staying with him in the hospital
for like a week and she will be going back
there…On my way home, so many thought was
just coming through my mind, one part said I
should just free her while the other said I
should give her another chance. At the end of
so many though I decided that I will watch
and see how event unfold, I will give her
chance again but the commitment can never
be as it was before.
But how will I tell my friends without
becoming a laughing stock? How will I explain
to my mum and most especially Bola, they
must not know or else the abuse I will get will
be be even my padi wey no how
to make jest of someone…Its better I just keep
it a secret for now and look for a way to fill
people in and try to lie to them in one way or
the other….

Over the next two days, the less shade will call
me in a day was five times, calls here and
there just for me to forget about all what
happened. Things were coming up little by
little, I became worried when I didn’t receive
her calls for like two days but I decided not to
call her or anything…it was later in the night
on following Friday that she called me
Me:whats up
Shade:You didn’t even try to call me for the
past two days
Me:am sorry, have been very busy ni……
Shade:ohk things change…how are
Me:am fine..what about you? What happened
to your voice, u don’t seems to be alright in the hospital
Me:Yeah..u told me..have dey discharged your

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Me:so, what are you still doing in the hospital
Shade:am on admission
Me:what happened to you?
Shade: I lost the pregnancy and my brother
get to know about it
Me:hey yah…how did it happened?
Shade:It was due to stress and thinking, I was
on my way to upstairs of the hospital
yesterday when I slipped and fell down and
blood started coming out…….i was rushed in,
clean up and they told my brother what
happened..he’s still very angry with me but
he’s not saying anything yet until we get
Me:All is well dear, when will they discharge
you now…
Shade:Tomorrow…we will be going home
Me:Ohk…maybe I will check you on Sunday
Shade:No problem but you cant come to our
house now cos I don’t know the response of
my brother yet…
Me:No problem ooo…we will see sha
Shade:yes dear..thanks for evrytyn baby, i love
you so much
Me: ohk dear
Shade:Na wah, u cant tell me you love
me again
Me:we will talk tomorrow abeg..
Shade:ohk oooooo

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We ended the call and I don’t know what
happened as it was a bit relief hearing that
the pregnancy came down on it
on…..fastforward to Monday afternoon, I called
shade to know where she was and she told me
she was at home (her brothers house). Told
her I will be in their area around 5pm. Got to
their street and asked to come out of the
house as I was beside their house, she came
out from the gate and we walked down and
settled at a joint..Sincerely, she was looking
so lively and different, it really shows she was
not having anytyn inside her stomach again,
her face has come down, she looks just like
the way she was before the pregnancy issue
started..i was happy for her and for us
Me:so, how has it been with you? You are
looking different and beautiful like before
Shade:thank You dear…Its been serious issue
at home jare
Shade:My brother is very angry at me and we
have been like cat and mouse at home
Me:Ehn ehn……did he ask about the

Me: what did you now tell him
Shade:Just some lies here and there but it has
become a serious issue with my sister now..he
said she was the one encouraging me
Me:You see what you caused for your sister
Shade: They will settle later I believe
Me:so, whats going to happen now
Shade: Notyn really you can see, am
fit and very ohk (smiling)…I appreciate you for
everytyn, your understanding and commitment
Shade:Thank God that what I wanted to do
actually came down on it own..that means
God didn’t want it to happen too
Shade:am glad we are back together and I
promise what happen will never happen again
Me:have heard you…, what next now
Shade:I don’t really know yet
brother has been transferred to PH and he was
saying we will be going together as he cant
leave me at the care of anybody again and
since have finish sef, I can be working in their
organization before my service.

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Me:Since when has he been planning that
Shade:they just said he will be heading the
south east and south south region of their
organization but I don’t think he wanted to
stay there sha
Me:oh oh….so, when is he leaving
Shade:I guess this week
Me:and you will be going with him? What if I
didn’t come here?
Shade:We have not finalize if I will be going
with him or not now…and I believe we will still
see and I will tell you before going
Me:Ohk oooooo

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