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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 24


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We talk about so many things, I try to
question her on how Yomi bleeped her but she
dodge the question, I also use style to press
her stomach on our way, she caught me and
opened her stomach for me pressing it hersef
and showing me so many things to signify
that she was not pregnant again….i was a bit
happy inside me.
I got home late in the night and she called me
Shade:hello baby
Me:yes dear…..
Shade: My brother just came back from work
an hour ago and said we will be leaving for
PH on Wednesday
Me:that’s serious, so what are you going to

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Shade: I don’t even know..have been crying
since he told me and he is not even listening
to anybody
Me:na wah oooo…then we will see tomorrow
Shade:am going to the VI with him tomorrow
morning, he said we need to go and do some
shopping, buy office wears for me
Me:na wah oo..dat means we cant even see
before you go
Shade:I don’t even know, lets see what
tomorrow look like
Me:No problem, we will see tomorrow…
I didn’t know the kind of thought that came
through my mind after receiving the call “well,
I think I don’t need to put my mind in this
relationship again, person wey we no far to
each other b4, she go bleep another person
and got pregnant, so now that there is a long
distance, whats the tendency she wont do that
again”…….i assume the relationship to be a
50-50 chance……

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We never had the opportunity to see each
other before she eventually left for PH. It was
as if she just found a new love, The calls were
always from her, but one thing I noticed is
that she doesn’t call me at night nor early in
the morning and if I call, she hardly pick calls
if I call at night and the excuse was always
that her brother police her up and down and
receiving guys call has always been something

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