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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 3


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

I realized I needed to buckle up and moreover
segun has been helping me with assignment,
how will I do it during exams and people are
already expecting more from me.
Me: How far sege
Segun: U get another assignment?
Segun: wey my recharge card first,
Me:c as u dey talk..who u dey call sef cos I no
even sure say u get girlfriend
Segun:Just bring am…..This one na 1k
oooo..wetyn happen
Me:wetyn happen b say, after you help me
with the assignment, you will explain everytyn
to me and make me understand
Segun: why nau…

Me:na wetyn I want b dat
Segun: Ohk…no problem
That was how I started receiving classes from
Segun too…he explained to me while I go to
school and teach people, I realized that was
what I could have done earlier in the semester
but it was already late as exam was fast
approaching……I sat for my exam, result came
out and my GPA was 1.35………….I realized
there was need for me to focus more in other
for me to achieve my goal of graduating with
a good grade.

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It was a Monday afternoon and I decided to
surprise Bola one day and told her to let us
visit a place before going home which she
agreed…We got to the place and opened the
door of a flat
Me: Welcome to my hostel Bola
Bola: Your what? You are not serious
Me:Am serious…..i moved in over the weekend,
u know have always been telling you now but I
never knew it will be this fast
Bola:But we talked over the weekend, why
didn’t u tell me
Me:I wanted to make it a surprise
Bola: Hmmmmm…so, you and who will be
staying here
Me:Alone except you want to move over
Bola:Me ke? If my boyfriend catche u ehn…
Me: And my own girlfriend go dey look u like
Bola:I know u wont allow her do anytyn to me
Me: And same here to your boy friend too
Bola:lolzzz…..Ile atura oooo
Me:Amin, lemme prepare something
for you to eat before going home atleast for
the first time

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Bola:Don’t worry, I have things to catch up
with, we can do this tomorrow, I only have one
faculty lecture for 9am after which I will be
free then we can come home together
Me:No problem, i have departmental course
for 10am and I believe we should be through
by 12am then we can leave for house then.
Bola:No problem, you can come and see me
That was how I saw her off and expecting to
see her the following day for a nice moments

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